So I bought a camel...

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So I bought a camel. It was interesting being able to double move at 18 squares got me to an npc that was in danger that was interesting. I was also able to jump a stream with it! I had to use two of my move actions to clear the stream because we did not know how to handle the back end of the camel landing in the stream for the athletics challenge and it helped with pacing not to argue or analize the rules at that point. I did find out another interesting thing about the beasts if you get tripped while on a mount, the mount falls prone and you dismount on your feet next to it which is nice. The camel was attacked 3 times over the mod and that brave beast took two mean barbed spears intened for my genasi swordmage without even becoming bloody. I used my dimensional warp at one point and my DM ruled that the mount did not teleport with me and that my Paladin at the table had to make an nature roll to stay on the sadle when he was popped into it. He failed and fell off! Later in the mod my Dm ruled he would not be allowed into a cramped portion of said mod. I mentioned squeezing rules and after the teleportation debacle seemed to want the camel out of the picture so we let that slide. Any who I highly recommend picking up one of these sturdy beasts they are fun, cheep, good damage soakers and fast. Just stop by Thomas' Camel Emporium in Calimshan and he will be happy to pick one up for you saddle and barding extra of course!

Christopher M O'Neill

player of Thomas lvl 5 wind genasi swordmage