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Is anyone aware of any items in the Adventurer's Vault that reduce the costs (material components, alchemical reagents, etc.) of the various creation abilities? I've heard mention of such items, and I've skimmed AV, but haven't found anything in particular that does so...
I don't recall anything like that in AV, but then I don't particularly care about rituals to begin with (None of my current LFR characters even have Alchemy/Ritual Casting)

I believe the cost-saving stuff you're looking for can be found in the Elven High Mage epic destiny from last month's Dragon (#377?) It has a bunch of stuff that lets you do rituals for less!

Although IIRC right now you don't have access to any Alchemy recipes, you can just take the feat and sit there. They probably need to jump on that at some point in the next CCG or so.
Ritualist's Ring, AV162. Its daily reduces the time needed for a ritual by half and, if you have reached a milestone that day, also cuts the component cost in half.

The silver lining is that you will not have buy 1 get 1 free sales with enchant magic item until lv 24. Of course, you might also have 4 for 1 sales with Elven High Mages (each ability utilizes different wording to achieve half price so whether they stack or not needs to be clarified).
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