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Ok, I have a question regarding the DCI tracking system.

What happens if a PC has the wrong game attributed to them? A freind of mine has had the same character tracked twice for the one game, which is bad enough as it is, but it has also levelled the PC out of range of the Core Special he wants to play in a couple of weeks.

How do we fix this? Is there a DCI contact email, or a standard process?
The process is, I believe, to file an appeal. There is a link allowing you to do that in the RPGA members' area. The language of the form might be designed more for non-RPGA problems, but it should be possible to get all the required information on the form.

If that doesn't resolve things within a three-week time-frame or thereabouts, I'd probably drop a note to customer service ( asking what the delay is.

While the request is being processed, he can ignore the online database (he can ignore it anyway) - and while this might cause reporting problems, that's not really his problem - and he should later be able to file another appeal to get the core special added, if he wants the database to be accurate.

At least that's how I understand it (in fact, I don't know if the database enforces the level restrictions. If it doesn't, there's even less of a problem.)

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