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So, based on some helpful responses to earlier questions on reporting, my understanding is that I will report my session when we finish. However, if I order an event for say, Sept 1, but it takes us 3 sessions to complete (held online - weekly), I wouldnt report until September 15 at the earliest. Will the delay in reporting create any problems for me as the organizer? I understand I might not be able to order additional adventures until I report this one...but is that the extent of the "penalty"...any way to avoid this?
The old system did not let you create any events if you had an event you had not reported eight-days after it was scheduled for. I do not know if the new system does this.

The new system is the DCI system and its documentation says that events not reported after eight-days become 'delinquent', and can no longer be automatically reported. You are told to contact the DCI - presumably to explain why the event is delinquent - before you can report it. I do not know if this applies to RPGA events in the system.

My advice is that if you're running an event without any character-tracked adventures (so if you're not running LFR or Xen'drik Expeditions) you can report the event as soon as you've played the first session - as the system only needs to know the RPGA numbers of the players, rather than any information which is generated from actually playing.

If you're running tracked adventures online, I'd probably order and report them as 'Home' events - so they don't turn up on the events calendar - and now that the system allows this, I'd order and report once you've finished, though this might well mean creating an event which you then cancel in order to get the adventure before you start. That's not ideal - the reporting system is still set up for an event played on a single day, rather than one spread out over three weeks.

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