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I noticed that the monsters in LFR have an experience value on them. Regrarding experience points, will LFR work the same way Xendrik Expeditions did, or will we be assigning experience as DMs?
The module will have a reward summary at the end. The DM will determine how much xp you gained and tell the players who then record it on their adventure log.
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So will there be an online record of how much XP each character has? Or how many magic items?

Or will all this be done on paper?
So will there be an online record of how much XP each character has? Or how many magic items?

Or will all this be done on paper?

The tracking forms have a listing for XP, GP, and what (if any) treasure bundle you chose to receive at then end of your module. There's also a spot to check off any story certs you may have received.

This DOES mean you'll need to stick around at the end of any games you play to see what you're getting. Experience can vary based on if you succeed/fail/miss encounters. Gold can vary for those reasons, or if you choose not to take a treasure bundle. It might not hurt to remind your GM to fill out that tracking form either, to make sure you get proper credit.

If you're an XE/D&D Campaigns veteran this shouldn't be that new to you. If you've only done Living campaigns before well, count on a little extra time.
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What I am used to is having a character for XE and checking the website after each adventure to see what my Equipment Value is and checking to see if I gained a level.

I like it better this way.

At the end of an LFR adventure, the following happens:

1) Players fill out one section of the adventure log (found at the back of the CCG here: http://www.wizards.com/rpga/downloads/rpga4_character-creation_v1-6.zip
2) The DM tells the players how much XP their characters get. This is clearly spelled out in the adventure, based on whether the PCs defeated (full xp), were defeated by (half xp), or did not attempt (no xp) each encounter. Players write this on the log.
3) The DM tells the players what treasure is available. See many other threads for discussion of the treasure system. In short, each PC receives a chunk of gold (in the region of 75gp for tier 1-4 adventure played at low level) plus an item or a chunk of extra gold. The player writes this on their log and tells the DM what has been chosen.
4) The DM tells the players what story awards they receive and hands out certificates for those story awards.
5) The DM checks the character number of each player's character.
6) The DM records each player's RPGA number, character number, XP increase, GP change, treasure gained (if the PC took a magic item), and story award codes on the RPGA tracking sheet
7) The DM gives that tracking sheet to the Senior GM, or enters the information from it into the system (like in XE)
8) Players now have an online backup to their record sheets in case they lose certs or other paperwork.

Everything is spelled out reasonably clearly in the adventures - just do what it says, and you should be fine!

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hi guys

does any body know if there's an edible version of the adventure log out on the net some where could you let me know

regards john:

does any body know if there's an edible version of the adventure log out on the net some where could you let me know

strictly speaking, i don't think there's anything stopping you from eating a printout of any version of the adventure log, though the ink may or may not cause some problems.

now, if you're looking for an editable adventure log, i personally prefer the journal function on the character builder. there are also a number of different versions floating around online in different formats. one of the best places to find a number of these is the Living Forgotten Realms Yahoo! group.
I use a custom excel 2007 file for my logs, It adds up the XP and gold for you automatically and even calculates level for you, if you print it double sided you can fit 20 adventures per sheet of paper, my level 11 rogue is only on the first side of the second sheet still.

I'll post a link to it in case anyone wants it (feel free to distribute or host it or whatever you want with it, I really don't care, just don't claim you created it)

You have to manually type in the starting xp and gold for the second page and beyond, other than that I'm quite happy with the sheet for my personal use.

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In answer to the OP, the XP value of each monster is listed so DMs can see how the encounter is built. The encounter also provides a total per PC XP amount so that DMs can see the amount that is awarded by successful completion. Seeing the math helps experienced DMs gauge the encounter both during the encounter and when preparing the mod.

When it comes to tracking your PC's progress, you will want to use your tracking sheet, recording the amount of gold, XP, and any bundle you choose after each adventure. While there is an online system, it depends on DMs reporting correctly and the system reporting correctly. No one I know would recommend that you rely solely on the online system - in fact, most people would recommend you completely ignore and never consider the online system. For LFR, per the CCG, your paper records are the official records.

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