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I don't know if anything has been said about this or not but is there going to be LFR region specific boards? I know that each region has yahoo groups set up but those are unofficial so it would make sense to me that each region would have it's own part of the messege boards to post official announcements and what not.
As we understand the plan, each region will have some official board/website features, but the scope of what all that includes is not yet clear to us. Certainly maintaining those forums was described as part of the regional POC duties in the original applications.

Keith Hoffman LFR Writing Director for Waterdeep
So then, can you tell me who is the Asian Pacific POC? Thanks!
Bruce Paris is POC for Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Asia. I haven't seen any contact information for him on LFR sites yet, but the region does have an unofficial Yahoo! Group at so you might be able to contact him through that.

One useful (if unofficial!) site which is compiling all publicly available LFR information is the LFR Oxford site at - it is the successor to the Tassek site which compiled much LG information.

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Thanks for the Oxford link pedr! That's a great site.
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