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All right then, seeing what the new rules are for the RPGA I think we've got a very obvious solution as to how we’re all going to be allowed to play a mighty and noble kobold character in this new Living Campaign.

It’s going to take a little work though, because it means someone is going to have to write up a submission for a "Playing Kobolds" article and get it submitted to in Dragon Magazine in the same way that Chris Sims made that Playing Warforge article.

Anyone want to get on the ball for this one? The Playing Warforge article was good, but I don’t think I could put together that much on Kobolds in general or how they’d be in the Realms after the spellplague. Though that would be awesome to know what they did. Probably conquered something and made some cool feudal society.
If you'd like to play a kobold, again, you can always write the article yourself. :D
Curses, I think your right and I'll have to get to work on it. Now to figure out how to submit it!
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