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Has there been any word as to what the Genasi will have to offer by way of stat bonuses? Really hoping that Earth Genasi will provide a +2 STR/+2 WIS. As is, the only race with such a bonus are the Longtooth Shifters, and it would be nice if a FR race has the makings of a good OA fighter.
From what we know from the developer blogs (I wish I knew where they were or I would link it), Gensai are one race that you can choose two soul parts to. The article that was linked in another thread on the subject had a character who had the Fire and Storm souls, which I would imagine created something along the lines of a Fire/Air gensai.

Given that, I hope that each 'soul' type has a different bonus. Fire could be Str, Storm could be Dex, Earth could be Con.. etc. Just examples. It wasn't talked about in that thread.

As for OA fighters, I like the dwarf race for that. They don't get the str bonus, but their wisdom is great.