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The follwing describes a family created for use as a basis to make PCs for play in LFR. the idea is that you can make a PC that is a member of that family, and as such have a bais on which you can interact with other PCs outside the context of a game session (and make any interaction in-game more fun).
I encourage everyone to make similar efforts for families or organizations in other regions or for other races.

The Huruafair family consists of a strange mix of humans, drow, elves (note that most, but not all, of Huruafair's drow became dark-elves), eladrin, and half-elves (most crinti - drow-descended half-elves). The family fled prosecution in Drambrath decades ago, when the alliance of some members to 'hostile' forces came known. The family allied themselves with the dwarves in East Rift. Not convinced of the true motivations of a family from a hostile border nation, the family was placed under a powerful geas, which ties their loyalty to that of the dwarves and compels all members of the family to protect the Rift community.
Over the years, the family has displayed loyalty and zeal in their duty, and have grown to become respected and even (up to a point) trusted. They are known as effective, though ruthless, mercenaries. Favorite deities among the Huruafair are Tempus (for his neutral stance) and Selune (who many see as a replacement for the originally worshipped Eilistraee).
Rumors hold that the geas only applies to the first seven generations, and that the family's most recent generation of children is free from the geas.
The Huruafair are intended as a mostly PC-driven family of mercenaries. Popular classes are fighter, rogue, warlord, and warlock.
Races include human, half-elf and drow (some refugees adopted in the family). Alignment is mostly unaligned.
Thesluin (Tesh) Huruafair
unaligned half-elf paladin, player: Pierre van Rooden

Tesh is a half-elf woman in her early twenties, a young crinti, whose heritage shines through in her darker skin,and golden hair and eyes. Early in life, Tesh was trained to one day fight in the mercenary forces that protect the Rift gates and underdark. Most of her life, she hardly saw her parents, busy as she was with her training.
She grew detached form her parents, but closer to other family members, especially the ones that taught her and served in the same forces she was sent to join.
Tesh has a violent nature, and early in her training she became captivated by the teachings of one of her uncles, a cleric of Tempus. It helped much to get her through a life in a family who is, by nature, competitive and where one earns respect through results rather than effort. Her uncle managed to steer her clear from becoming a bully (mostly), and to channel her violent tendencies into service to the Lord of Battles, making her one of the most loyal and reliable soldiers in the field.
When still a relatively unexperienced soldier, Tesh was orginally stationed near the hind guards of the Rift's defenses. She is eager to prove herself so she can be stationed near the front.
She recently was adorned a paladin on the church of Tempus, and was promptly saddled with a lot of extra duties. One of these was the assignment to the family's House Guard, who take care of the safety of the family's members and are occasionally sent out to perform tasks in the field. These vary from courier tasks, armed escort service, or specific assignments to aid allied forces - sometimes as far away as Aglarond - or to investigate dangerous areas for reasons only the family's matron mother knows.
Tesh parents have already selected a suitable 'spouse' for her. Tesh hasn't yet seem who it is, as her current duties keep her too busy.
While she relcutantly accepts that the family may arrange a marriage and one day expect her to bear children, she isn't ready to give up her carreer yet. It appears that the matron mother agrees, as Tesh is increasingly more often sent out on missions that take her away from the rift.
Nice idea - I'm stealing that for tabletop one day.
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