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I havent been keeping up on the 4e FR stuff. Dave C. said LFR PC information should be released in July. In perpartation does anyone know what gods are being dropped? I cant find the general FR boards.

I signed up for a few LFR events at GenCon and was thinking about making a cleric.



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The general FR boards on Gleemax are at:

So far, I think between the Grand History of the Realms and the books, and a few comments by Rich Baker, I think they have said:
Mystra is dead, Helm is dead, Tyr has disappeared, and many/most of the drow gods have been killed (other than Lloth).

From Rich Baker's posts: Lathander and Amaunator is the same being, Eilistraee is dead, Sune and Selune are still present, and most of the post-Avatar pantheon is still present.

The Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide will be published in August, in time for Gencon, I think. That book should have the complete, accurate list.

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