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So as a few of you noticed our tickets went on sale Sunday and they kinda disappeared fast. As in 4,518 LFR tickets gone in less then 24 hours (that's every last one of them). So we need judges.

Judge Sign-up page

Instructions from the Senior GM (that's me)

A lot of new judges are scared to start judging at Gencon but we make it about as easy as it can be. Everybody has to start somewhere (heck my first RPGA game judged ever was at Gencon 2000 for the 3rd edition kickoff). So if you're an RPGA member in good standing and have passed the Herald Level judge test (which is also about as easy as falling off a cliff regardless of edition) then take a look at the links and see if you can help out.

Dave C
Gencon Indy RPGA Senior GM Person

Dave C

The Baldman

Baldman Games

I've already emailed and heard back from William and I can say he's very nice to deal with...

Now where did I put the address for mailing the bribe check to so I can run at Gencon..... {j/k}
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