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One thing that I liked in LG was the ability to Retrain. It was very nice to be able to redo something when new options were made available. Hopefully, as books come out, we will be able to integrate new features into our characters.

Lary Wesley
Some retraining appears to be part of the basic levelling procedure. I see know reson it wouldn't be carried over into LFR.
Yep, there're rules for retraining right in the PHB. Can't retrain class, but Skills/Feats/Powers/etc are all fair game.
I am 99% that you will retrain just like what is represented in the 4th edition PHB; mostly due to the argument that I use over and over again that WOTC will not allow the orgs of the new Living FR to change their (wotc) published material.
I for one welcome our core-rules compliant LFR overlords!
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