GenCon DMs from St. Louis?

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I was wondering whether or not anyone else from the St. Louis area was considering DMing for GenCon. I have to weigh a few things before I can decide whether or not I'm going to do it. The ability to carpool with others and to Slot 0 the modules so I will be prepared will definitely help sway the decision, so I'm trying to find out what the likelihood of that would be. Thank you.
I am considering GMing at GenCon AND am from the St. Louis area!

I am considering GMing at GenCon AND am from the St. Louis area!


Do you think we would be able to get Slot 0's off? On a completely unrelated topic, first thing I noticed in the PHB today was your name. That led me to try and put together who the group was you played with. So far I have 5 names (including yours). Not entirely sure why I wasted a good 15 minutes doing that in retrospect, it just seemed like a good idea at the time....
The first thing you noticed was my name? I'm flattered! I played with a group in Springfield, IL who are all regular LGers so you probably sussed us out real quick.

I guess we should ask Dave how many GenCom DMs we would need to justify getting our own slot zero table(s) in St. Louis.

Ian, this is Josh Stigall. You know, Meriyc? It's not really that big of a surprise I noticed your name, it was near the top and in the middle. Other than Vincent, Suter, Haskell, Merwin and you though, I can't quite figure out who the other players were. Too many names to dig through I guess. Apparently we need 3 judges to run a slot 0. I figure worst case scenario, we could start drafting Adam Freund again. I'm not sure if he's even seen the 4ed rules though, so that would greatly limit his usefulness. I guess I could always see if I could find out. However without a 3rd judge this is a meaningless pursuit.
Well then we need to get to recruiting! I am sure there are some GenCon going brethren and sisteren who weren't able to get tickets for LFR. We could use the enticement of judging at GenCon (and thereby getting into those events) to help David, GenCon, LFR, RPGA, AND ourselves...mwhahahahahahahaha!