Shadar-Kai Stats?

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Forgive the redundancy if this has been asked before.

I managed to earn a Shadar-Kai card by way of play testing (Boy oh boy, do you taking a beating as a Paladin! ) and now have access to the race in LFR. I'm looking forward to playing a character of this race but want to know what its stat bumps will be, feats, etc. will be. I'm guessing it'll get a +2 Dex but what will the second bump be? Just wondering.

Dex and Int. ENworld has a thread somewhere where they break down all the race stat bonuses and powers. I think the CharOp board might have it too.
Ah, thank you!
Information from a friend who's received their 4e MM early:
Shadar-Kai get +2 to Dex & Int, +2 to Acrobatics & Stealth, low-light vision, a +1 bonus to their Fortitude defence and Shadow Jaunt as an Encounter Power.
Much appreciated!
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