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for a large part much of the organized RPGA activity in my town has been dead for a few years (thanks to the few GM's with severe control issues who made every effort to force everything to go through them).

With the arrival of 4th ed and LFR, I'd like to try and get things going again here but I have no way of finding out who around my area might be registered with the RPGA.

Is there any way to find out, say a membership database or something... that is more than just posting here to the forums?

You don't need to find RPGA members, you need to find players. You can always turn them into RPGA members. I speak more or less from experience on this one.

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My hint:
Go to RPGA Event Calendar web page, use its "filters" and find any retail-store RPGA event. You could go there, and start playing... o you could contact the event organizer via email (the RPGA event registration process requires the organizer's email).

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Thanks for the advice and the hearty welcome.

Unfortunately, we don't have any stores running RPGA events, but we used to have a decent RPGA community playing sessions at stores. I'm hoping to not just recruit new players (all the players in my4th ed game are REQUIRED to be RPGA members so I can report it as an RPGA home campaign game), but also reach out to existing members and bring them back into the fold.

Of course, I'll just start scheduling events and see who shows up.

Again, thanks
One last thought. If you haven't already, I would set up a free little group website either through MSN, Google, or Yahoo. Make sure you put your location in the description of the group so that search engines can find you.

You can also do it the low-tech way and frequent coffee shops, books stores, and libraries, etc, and look or post messages on bulletin boards.

But, other than that, using the Calendar to schedule events, and find others' events to go to is the best way to make connections.
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I've joined a Yahoo! group that someone started for our LFR region (awaiting approval), started telling people in the store where I'm going to center the events etc. I'm still waiting to see the material and have been thinking about starting an elist.

And yeah, all the events will be on the calendar.
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