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erdana">I don't know if there is a Latin American Point of Contact. If not I want to know what we have to do to get or propose one.

We have a lot of experience running RPGA campaigns. We also used to organize RPGA events all over the country (in this case Argentina). Now we are looking forward for the Living Forgotten Realms Campaign and we want to help all the Latin American and Hispanic players around the world. We have a big community down here, and now we are just getting bigger. :D
The campaign staff for Baldur's Gate/Latin America and the Caribbean are:

Point of Contact: Virgilio Giron
Event Manager: Carlos Lourenço
Writing Director: Otávio Gonçalves

I have not yet seen any contact information for them, and there does not yet appear to be an unofficial Yahoo! Group for the region.

The region falls within the area of the world overseen by M. Sean Molley, Global Administrator for the south of the Western Hemisphere (Latin America/Caribbean, Pacific US, Southwest US, Southeast US.

Running D&D Adventurers League events in Sheffield, UK from August. Contact me for more details.

Thank you Pedr, I will try to contact this people. The group doesn't seem to be active, maybe we can boost that. Thank you again.
Hi, IceV2!!!

Welcome to the official LFR board!
I received your message, and I answered you yesterday morning.

However this will be the official communication channel for LFR, please, do not hesitate to post messages here, I promise to answer very quickly!

Have a nice day,

Virgilio Girón
Living Forgotten Realms Campaign
Baldur's Gate Region
Point of Contact
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