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To make things easier for people to get in touch this thread is for the various LFR Regional Points of Contact to post their details. Please everyone else refrain from posting in this thread to keep it as useful as possible.

To start things off:

Paul James / Kithran

LFR POC for Luruar (UK / Ireland / South Africa)

Email: luruar kithran org
Travis Wolcott

LFR POC Tymanther

Email: travis.wolcott gmail com
Message Removed.
Mike Lee

LFR POC Aglarond

Email: michaeljameslee gmail com
Peter Seckler

LFR POC Cormyr

Email: pseckler13 msn com
Ryan P. Kappler

POC for the North-Cental US Waterdeep Region.

lfrpoc @ gmail.com

Unofficial Waterdeep messageboard: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/lfrncusa/
Ryan P. Kappler Community Manager for Living Forgotten Realms.
Axel Sabitzer

POC for the southern europe/Turkey Region (Impiltur)

a.sabitzer yahoo com
HI !!

My name is

Virgilio GirĂ³n

and I am the

Point fo Contact for Latin America /Caribbean

Living Forgotten Realms Campaign
Baldur's Gate Region
Point of Contact
Hello everyone, Chris Wachal here. POC for Akanul(Canada).

I can be reached at cwachallg AT gmail DOT com
Because this information is duplicated on the LFR website (here) I'm going to have this unstickied.
WolfStar76 Community Advocate (SVCL) for D&D Organized Play, Avalon Hill, and the DCI/WPN LFR Community Manager DDi Guide

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Sounds reasonable - when I created the thread there wasn't any other source.

Luruar POC
Edit: found it and answered my question already.
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