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I see information flying around on other regions but very little on the UK/Ireland/South Africa=Luruar (Silverymoon) region.

Do we have any activity / organisation happening or is everything on hold until 4e is released?

Other than Kithran is anyone else involved in setting up the region?

I would imagine there is a fair amount of work that could be getting things ready for when LFR kicks of.
Well, as our writing director is Creighton Broadhurst who might be slightly busy with the end of LG, and our POC is Kithran, senior GM extraordinaire of UK organised play events, I imagine it'll take some time. I also imagine that they've got some pretty good ideas floating around - but remember that the FRCS isn't even finished yet, as far as I'm aware, so there's only so much they can do before they get their hands on it!

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I can't speak for them, but the Luruar (UK/Ireland/South Africa) staff are engaged in the LFR regional admin discussions. As their FR neighbors, we exchanged helloes and talked about the weather in the North/Savage Frontier. :D

Keith Hoffman LFR Writing Director for Waterdeep
One thing to consider when looking at what information is floating around - whilst LFR admins may have more information than they have given out about their region they can't necessarily share it. There have been articles released on the Wizards sites about some areas but nothing so far about Luruar. The only public source of information on the area is contained within The Orc King by R A Salvatore, the first chapter of which is available as a preview on the Wizards site.

LG Onnwal POC
LFR Luruar (UK / Ireland / South Africa) POC
OK, might have been misunderstood on this one a bit. I appreciate in terms of the campaign setting that not much can be done and we still have a while to wait until 4e comes out, but I am thinking more in terms of the community.

Where are the discussion groups that are going to generate interest? Is there going to be a website created to support the region? If so what input would the admin's like to have from the player community? Have they asked people if they would be interested in writing adventures/scenarios and getting people on board and prepared for the start?

I'm talking about laying the groundwork so that when more information about the realms and Luruar / Silverymoon is available the community can develop and enhance it rather than the admins then spending the time building the community and it taking longer to actually get things running. It just seems (and this is my perception, which may be wrong) that some of the other regions admins appear started building their communities and generating interest while they do not (as far as I am aware) have anything that the UK/Ireland/South Africa community do not.

Just thought we could be proactive this time rather than reactive.
Ah, well in the case of discussion groups and websites I think you will find the vast majority were setup by people other than Regional Admins or if they were setup by Regional admins they were setup before they became Regional Admins.

We are still waiting on what exact form the official avenues will have (e.g. will there be seperate official websites or will they be part of the existing Wizards site or Gleemax). I personally don't think it necessarily helps build a community if there are 'official' and 'unofficial' webisites, discussion groups etc. - people end up knowing about one and not the other, missing things etc.

Thing like the writers guidelines should be out soon and I very much expect once they are things will start moving - afterall its not much fun if you volunteer to help out write a module or whatever only to get told 'thats great but at the moment there is nothing for you to do'.

What Ho,

Just to let you know we are on the job. As others have said, some of us are busy finishing up LG, but have on fear! We have already submitted our first adventure proposal to HQ. Beyond that, until we get concrete direction from HQ about what we are or are not allowed to develop - websites, Yahoo Groups etc. we are in a holding pattern.

Hello there

just like to say im really looking forward to starting play/DM Living forgotten realms.
Though i know that you are waiting to see what sort of infrastructure that the RPGA will be providing i would like to offer my services as a web developer in case we need to develop out own external websites. also i would like to offer help in any other way that i can.
Hi there,

I am interested in LFR, although I have never played any Living games in the past, never found anyone else that was a member close enough to were I live. (Livingston in Scotland) Don't think I would DM anything until I at least play in a few games.
But hopefully I can find a few people locally.
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