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hi, im going to give you the lowdown on three of my decks, if your a new player you might want to try some, also some tips after i show u them, heres my first, i call it plauges
Douse in Gloom-x2
Hissing Miasma-x2
Haazda Exonerator-x3
Infantry Veteran-x2
Benediction of Moons-x2
Mending Hands-x2
Holy Day-x2
Sleeper Agent-x1
Seal of Doom-x1
Wit's End-x1
Plauge Wind-x1
Essence Drain-x1
Highway Robber-x1
Kithkin Greatheart-x1
Ballyrush Banneret-x1
Moaquito Gaurd-x1
Venerable Monk-x1
Blade of the Sixth Pride-x1
Peach Garden Oath-x1
Reviving Dose-x1
Warrior's Honor-x1
Ghostly Prison-x1
Scorched Rusalka-x1
Goblin Mountaineer-x1
Lightning Elemental-x1
Incendiary Command-x1
Guerrilla Tactics-x1
Taste for Mayhem-x1
Volcanic Hammer-x4
Seal of Fire-x2
Leyline of Lightning-x2
Lava Axe-x2




This deck works really fast, heres the break down, creatures are mostly for blocking, not attacking, red spells ( not creatures ) are for dealing damage directly to your opponent, cards like Lava Axe and Volcanic Hammer do this, white spells ( some creatures ) help heal you in the case of your being attacked, also cards like Mending Hands and Holy Day prevent combat damage during attacks. Dark, or black, cards do alot, some can heal you while doing damage to your opponents creatures, or the opponent him or herself, they also do hard damage to your enemy. Black cards like Wit's End and Plauge Wind destroy all of your opponents creatures, or make them discrad all of their cards. One of the best Multi Colored card is Brightflame, its a long story so just look it up on Gatherer.


Although it works fast you can also go on a mana drought, and when your creatures cant be player there is h*ll to be payed. If you've played an oppenent more than once with this deck, they will know the power of it, the trick is to work fast if your fighting these cards, show no mercy and attack every turn, even if this deck has monsters on the field, then this deck will do down quickly.

More Coming soon
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