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It's an unfortunate truth that depression is pretty common among those who don't fit into the traditional view of gender and/or sexuality.  By way of example, note that I am not fishing for sympathy, I can say that I have seriously contemplated suicide three times in the last fifteen years.  So, since we all get visited by the dark and gloomy clouds that sometimes seem to hang around forever, I thought it'd be nice to start a thread about what we all do to kick depression right in the butt.



My greatest resource for chasing away the stormclouds is comedy.  Nothing hits the spot quite like a hilarious movie or tv show, a good stand-up comedian, or a humorous manga.  Comedian-wise, I'm rather partial to Gabriel Iglesias.  I don't really have any comedy movies, though I've given serious though to buying the Ted dvd, but tv-wise I've got plenty of Big Bang Theory, Venture Brothers, and some Pinky & the Brain to keep me doubled over laughing instead of curled up in despair.  Manga-wise, Negima is always good for a laugh.



Another thing I find that usually helps is inspirational material.  I find the new run of the tv-show Cosmos is suaully good for some of this.  So is star-gazing.  Just about anything that reminds me that the elements that comprise us and our world were forged in the hearts of distant stars, and that we're all children of the universe tends to be sort of solemnly uplifting for me.



So, what about the rest of you?

There are a great many problems that can be circumvented by players and DMs having a mature discussion about what the game is going to be like before they ever sit down together to play.


The answer really does lie in more options, not in confining and segregating certain options.


You really shouldn't speak for others.  You can't hear what someone else is saying when you try to put your words in their mouth.


Fencing & Swashbuckling as Armor.

D20 Modern Toon PC Race.

Mecha Pilot's Skill Challenge Emporium.



Depression is... well, painfully common... among LGBT individuals, and not without reason. A lack of support structures, being required to hide one's true self, and mistreatment can all cause or make worse depression.


For me, I tend to engage in a creative pursuit. If my energy is too low for that, I blow stuff up in an extremely violent video game set to Easy. Also, time with my family of choice is a must.


Before meeting them, I often just shut off for weeks, doing the bare minimum needed to not starve.

My Setting - A New Mystara

LGBT Gamers Group

I think people in general are amazing. No, I think people are amazing. The very presence of people is a wonder among wonders. Why not treat each other as such?

For frame of reference (also not fishing for sympathy), I have been hospitlized twice for depression and anxiety and was on medication for a while.


I have found that my best method of coping is to do something I have given a flowery, pretentious name - "Embrace the Melancholy."


I taught myself to not hold back tears...for anything.  I cry at movies, tv shows, songs...everything.  I find that letting that out on a fairly regular basis allows me to not build up a lot of negative emotions.  So, when I'm feeling myself getting into a funk, I will listen to Nine Inch Nails, watch a sad movie, and cry my eyes out. - LGBT Gamers, A safe space for people like us.

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