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The College of Violent Happenings

-Motto -
Saving The World With Violence, One Savage Beating At A Time

- Concept -
The world is a violent place. Let's face it, there are horrible things out there that really just need killing. The College is a loose group of organized adventurers, all whom agree that violence is, in fact, the answer.

There are currently four different adventuring companies within the College, Local 14, Local 47, Local 710, and Local 1114. More may be added as needed. A player may have only one character in any given company. Clever people may see a pattern to the naming scheme of the companies.

- Symbols/Iconography -
The Great Seal of the College consists of an 8-pointed starburst, encircled with the College name in Common, and inside that the College motto in Elven. Some circles are involved.

- Membership Requirements -

Common to all companies:
- Not a Dirty Pacifist.
- Able to take a joke.
- Flexible Morality.
- Beer. It's a requirement.

There are many forms of violent behavior, from the sneaky covert operations guys to the berserking shock trooper. The College does not discriminate and welcomes all varieties of violence.

Company Specific Requirements:
Local 14 - Must be of levels 1 through 4
Local 47 - Must be of levels 4 through 7
Local 710 - Must be of levels 7 through 10
Local 1114 - Must be of levels 11 through 14

- Rules -
Don't be an ass to other members of the Society.

That's it. Seriously.

Springing practical jokes are not considered being an ass if they are funny.


The College is just an Adventuring Company for those folks that don't have one and would like to participate in extra action point goodness.

I'm going to be concentrating my efforts in the northeast US area, but feel free to open your own chapter anywhere.

Signups are on the YahooGroup, or will be as soon as the website stops being borked.

LFR Characters: Lady Tiana Elinden Kobori Silverwane - Drow Control Wizard Kro'tak Warscream - Orc Bard Fulcrum of Gond - Warforged Laser Cleric
Wayward Souls Adventuring Company

The Adventuring Company is based out of Silverymoon in Lurue, and tends to deal with matters in the northern parts of Faerun. It is comprised of like minded individuals who hope to bring back the old ideals of the Harpers and to maintain balance in Faerun.

(More to follow)
Sons of the Steel Fang

The Sons of the Steel Fang is an Adventuring company made up of an elite fighting order that follows the traditions of the Order of the Steel Fang within the church of Tempus, whose members are often assigned to the most hazardous duties. Steel Fang units are led by battle-hardened members of the clergy. Many mercenary companies and knightly fighting orders of crusaders also avail themselves of a connection to the Church. One badge of the god seen among his affiliated mercenaries is a rusty brown dagger brooch or pin, shown diagonally with its point to the upper right, dripping four drops of blood. The Sons of the Steel Fang are on a special mission secret even to themselves given to them by Tempus himself.

Church of Tempus, Order of the Steel Fang

Church of the Red Knight, Church of Uthgar, Church of Valkur, Goddess Beshaba

Enemy of:
Church of Bane

Membership Requirements:
Must worship Tempus
Neutral Alignment
Any character that dies in an adventure is added to the list of the fallen and can no longer be members of the company.
It is recommended to be proficient in at least one military melee weapon or one superior melee weapon but not required.

Be fearless
Never turn away from a fight
Obey the rules of war
Honor everyone who earns honor on the field of battle
Never retreat unless all not of the Order of the Steel Fang have retreated and only against overwhelming odds
Engage your foes in melee unless they try to avoid it

Checks us out!
The Champions of Thulbane
A Living Forgotten Realms Adventuring Company

To join the Champions of Thulbane, a PC must meet the following requirement:

• Prospective members must regale the current members of the Champions of Thulbane with a tale that illustrates their greatness. Membership will be awarded based on this criterion alone. Please email the POC for more details.

Active Status
The Champions of Thulbane are an active adventuring company, having more than four members.

Mount Thulbane in Chessenta was once famous for the Thulbanian competition that took place there every decade. Wars would be halted for no reason other than this sacred competition. The Thulbanian competition was the grandest of all tournaments in Faerun with the winners of each competition being hailed as heroes in their home cities. Now, Mount Thulbane is the volcanic lair of the vampiric green dragon Jaxanaedegor, who has allowed a Thayan embassy to be built permanently into the mountain.

The Champions of Thulbane began as a handful of heroes of past Thulbanian competitions that chose to extend their competitive spirit into adventuring for the pursuit of unrivaled greatness. The Champions seek to someday challenge Jaxanaedegor and its Thayan allies for their right to Mount Thulbane so that they may restore the legendary competition that was held there long ago. Over the years, the company has grown to induct any who have demonstrated individual greatness and an unquenchable desire to achieve greater glory as part of the team. The Champions of Thulbane recognize that although individual accomplishment is vital to one’s self-confidence, team synergy is necessary to accomplish the perfect victory.

Online RP and DME
The adventuring company encourages role-playing, both online and at the gaming table. Players are encouraged to role-play their competitive spirit with one another (always in good fun) as well as their overarching motivation of the pursuit of glory for the company. Ultimately, each member of the Champions yearns to someday stand up against Jaxanaedegor and reclaim Mount Thulbane.

DMs are encouraged to use the DM Empowerment rules to offer role-playing opportunities and plot hooks for the Champions of Thulbane.

The official Yahoo! Group for the Champions of Thulbane can be found here:

Unofficial Rules for Advancement
There will be unofficial, non-binding ways of recognizing PCs and their players that best exemplify the ideals of the Champions of Thulbane. These rules are being written and will be announced to members when available for use.

The Champions of Thulbane have no appointed leaders. Rather, the Champions of Thulbane believe that each endeavor calls for a specific leader based on the skills required for victory. The POC for the Champions of Thulbane is Dave K (
Dave Kay LFR Writing Director Retiree dkay807 [at] yahoo [dot] com

The Westgate Adventurers' Guild

The Westgate Adventurers' Guild (WAG) is an Adventuring Company for the RPGA's Living Forgotten Realms Campaign. The City of Westgate is a dangerous place, a city renowned for its rich merchant families, a powerful thieves' guild, and rumours of hidden treasures. Westgate's reputation can be summed up by the phrase 'anything goes, and everything has a price.' All too often adventurers seeking employment and riches in the city fall foul of one group or another, generally with unpleasant and sometimes fatal results. Under these circumstances in 1480DR the WAG was formed to bring together adventurers of all kinds, mercenary sellswords and selfless heroes alike. Within the walls of Westgate and beyond the WAG facilitates the mustering of adventuring parties and provides some measure of security both in negotiations and conflict with powerful employers. The Westgate Adventurers' Guild has no formal leadership, its members all considered equals.

WAG Membership Requirements
1. Player character members must conform to all current RPGA LFR character creation guidelines;
2. Players may only have one player character in the Westgate Adventurer's Guild at any one time;
3. Membership of the Westgate Adventurer's Guild is open to all player characters with the home region of Dragon Coast, and any other player characters who have completed an adventure set in the City of Westgate. Players are encouraged to register their characters on the database at the following yahoo group ;
4. The Westgate Adventurers' Guild must contain at least four PC's at any one time. If the adventuring company's roll ever drops below four PC's, it is considered inactive (PC members gain no benefits for being a part of the company) until such time as its roll rises to four PC's or the company chooses to disband;
5. Members of the WAG are known to identify their affiliation by wearing a blue cloth tied around the neck, left arm or left leg;
6. Members of the WAG are encouraged to give aid to any other member of the Guild who requires assistance, or at least not actively oppose other WAG members providing they are not acting against the interests of the Guild; and
7. When engaged in battle with known agents of the merchant houses, thieves' guild or other powerful groups active in Westgate members of the WAG are encouraged to exercise restraint and where possible not slay such agents. This policy may reduce the likelihood of reprisals and encourage these groups in return to show mercy to members of the WAG in similar situations.

Adventuring Company Benefits
Member PC's gain two important benefits listed below. As the campaign progresses, more benefits may be revealed for adventuring companies.
1. Gain a bonus action point for the group when playing at an adventuring company table. Whenever at least four members of the Westgate Adventurers' Guild are playing at the same table, the group gains a bonus action point to be used during the adventure. The action point is used just like a normal action point, although it does not count against the user's action point expenditure for the encounter. All effects that trigger off of action point use trigger off of the use of the bonus action point. The bonus action point can be spent by anyone at the table, but a majority of the group must agree on the expenditure. Once the action point is spent, it is gone for the remainder of the adventure. Your group can only have one bonus action point in this manner.
2. Participate in special adventuring company challenges and events.

So if you think your PC has what it takes to make in the City of Westgate, Gateway to the West, sign them up at

Carl Rohweder

Current Membership (as at 31/7/09)
Elladan Telrunya, Half Elf Warlock (Feypact) 6 - [email][/email]
Huble Bisongrass, Halfling Rogue 10 - [email][/email]
Milo, Human Cleric 9 - [email][/email]
Dread, Deva Avenger 5 - [email][/email]
Emere of Westgate, Genasi Rogue 1 - [email][/email]

It would be great to see these AdCo's mentioned/migrated over to the wiki AdCo List

A Toril-wide Adventuring Company: These Arcane Paladins, & their auxiliaries, worship & serve slain Mystra, Goddess of Magic, and are intent on her resurrection.


The KoMF is still active & accepting new members, 01-27-2010.

A new member has been added to the ranks of the Champion. His Name is Jerrel Storm. He has been deemed a Champion of Loudwater and has made the pilgrimage to Spellgard Tower to see the Lady.

His name has been entered into the roll on this day by Company Commander Quelthas Zaubryn, Battlelord of Tempus.

Beldan's Irregulars

A Living Forgotten Realms Adventuring Company

To join Beldan's Irregulars, a PC must meet any of the following requirements:
• Prospective members have adventured with Beldan.
• Prospective members have claimed to have adventured with Beldan. This claim does not have to be truthful.
Active Status
Beldan's Irregulars are an active adventuring company, having more than four members.

Beldan is a half-elf Paladin of Corellon known for claiming that other PCs are his henchman, hirelings, or otherwise that he has paid them in some manner to go on adventures with him. While he does not usually order anyone around or demand more than his fair share, he is an inveterate liar, cheat, scoundrel and has never actually been seen to pay any of these henchmen or hirelings any sort of coin.

Online RP
Most adventurers who 'belong' to the 'illustrious' company do so with something of an eyeroll. It isn't clear why someone might claim to have adventured with Beldan as a henchman without actually having done so, but no one who is a member likely cares if they're being lied to or not.

The POC for the Beldan's Irregulars is myself. There is a yahoo group for Beldan's Irregulars here:

On this day another member has been added to the Champions of Saharelgard. his name is Wrendalmire Bramblethorn. He is a Rogue of some renown, and has personally recieved a prophecy from  Lady Saharel herself.

His name has been entered into the Company muster log personally by Company Commander Quelthas Zaubryn, Battlelord of Tempus.

Anouncing an Adventuring Company:

Bhawb's Barroom Brawlin' Buddies

You must have adventured with the PC Bhawb to join, the Wizard's Community group can be found here:

Announcing the following Adventuring Company:

Psi of the Cerulean
A chapterhouse for the Keepers of the Cerulean Sign, this group maintains a vigil against the abolethic threat in its many scattered sects. The Keep’s greatest failure is now manifest in Xxiphu’s existence, and many of the lone Keepers and lesser chapterhouses of the Cerulean Sign have been overrun and destroyed. However, the Psi of the Cerulean persists, a secret, specialized faction of psionic abilities and psychic power. The Psi attempts to obstruct the Abolethic Sovereignty as much as they are able through mastery of the mind.

Rid the threat of the Abolethic Sovereignty and the reach of the Far Realm to the natural world

Party Requirements:
At least 1 At-Will power with the psychic keyword or access to the psionic power source.

Join here:

Announcing a new Adventuring Company:

The Righteous Defenders of Elturel
The Righteous Defenders of Elturel is an Adventuring Company for the RPGA’s Living Forgotten Realms (LFR) Campaign, created in compliance with the RPGA Character Creation Guide Living Forgotten Realms version 1.95.  It is comprised of player characters who participated in the Battle Interactive ADCP2-1 The Paladins' Plague.

Membership Requirements
1. Player character (PC) members must conform to all current RPGA LFR character creation guidelines;
2. Players may only have one PC in the Righteous Defenders of Elturel at any one time;
3. Players are to note membership of the Righteous Defenders of Elturel on their PC's adventure log and character sheet;
4. All members must pledge to defend Elturgard and the city of Elturel against all enemies both without and within, even unto their own deaths;
5. Should a Righteous Defender of Elturel wish for any reason to leave the company they are free to do so upon advancing a level, but may not then join another adventuring company until a further level is gained;
6. The Righteous Defenders of Elturel must contain at least four PC's at any one time. If the adventuring company's roll ever drops below 4 PC's, it is considered inactive (PC members gain no benefits for being a part of the company) until such time as its roll rises to four PC's or the company chooses to disband.

Founding Members
1. Sir Markus Cormaeril, Knight Exalted of the Order of the Purple Dragon, Paladin of the Keeper of the Yellow Sun (Human Paladin 13, Carl Rohweder, DCI 106010386)
2. Marius Quint of the Westgate Quints (Human Fighter 13, Glenn Tait DCI 106010390)
3. Season (Warforged Ranger 11, Laurel Kong DCI 100291659)
4. Strom (Dragonborn Warlord 11, Ben Franettovich DCI 1209481198)
5. Durgan Cragscar (Dwarf Dreadnought, John Schmidt DCI 141011974)
6. Cassandra de Winter (Human Wizard 12, Scott Evans DCI 100451133)
7. Helson (Human Cleric 14, Paul Quinn DCI 109533029)

Adventurers wishing to throw in their lot with the Righteous Defenders of Elturel can find the group here: