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With the advent of LFR, meta-orgs have undergone a significant change.

Say hello, one and all, to Adventuring Companies. Player-run organizations from stem to stern, YOU can create a group, set the rules for who gets to join, what one must do to remain a member, or even how large your group is allowed to get.*

Have an adventuring company that's open to new members? Please post it below, and let all of Faerun know about the great things you have planned. Don't forget to let everyone know how to contact the admins of your group for admissions.

PLEASE reserve this thread for Adventure Company (AC) listings ONLY. Discussion of these companies should be done in another thread.

*specific details of how Adventuring Companies are going to work are still forthcoming, but that doesn't mean you can't start thinking up ideas now.
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The Knights of Mystic Fire is a Toril-wide Adventuring Company: These Arcane Paladins, & their auxiliaries, worship & serve slain Mystra, Goddess of Magic, and are intent on her resurrection.

Messages of this Yahoo! Group are open to the public to peruse.  Anyone who'd like to join, or assist as an auxiliary, may join the Yahoo! Group. Your input would be appreciated.

The Knights of Mystic Fire Organization, Laws & By-Laws

Knights of Mystic Fire Adventuring Company
(This Chapter based out of Relkath’s Foot, Aglarond, founded by Simbul Wysiwyg.)

Originally, the Church of Mystra, Goddess of Magic, sponsored a knightly order of paladins called the Knights of the Mystic Fire, who were granted their spells by Mystra. Their mission was to accompany members of the clergy on quests to locate lost hoards of ancient magic, and they also formed the cadre from which the leadership for the small groups of armed forces who guarded Mystra's larger temples and workshops were drawn.
One hundred years after her murder and the resulting spellplague, these hard-core faithful are intent on bringing their goddess back from the dead. She has been slain before, & returned before, more than once. Her killer, Cyric nor anyone else, has absorbed her portfolio, and her Chosen and other beloved (i.e. The Simbul & the Seven Sisters, Elminster, Khelben Arunsun etc.) held half of her power, so perhaps she is merely 'mostly dead' and not 'all dead'.
Right after the spellplague the question as how to ‘best’ serve Mystra was a hot topic amongst the Knights of Mystic Fire, for while the original mission stands, it has been expanded to include protecting Mystran clerics; preserving as many Mystran rites, rituals, holy sites & workshops as they can; to foster and assist Mystra’s Chosen, old & new, where-ever and however they can (e.g. finding out whatever happened to The Simbul of Aglarond); and to secure Mystra’s re-birth.

Clerics & Paladins of Mystra pick one time of day or night to consistently pray for spells. They celebrate the 15th day of Marpenoth, the anniversary of the ascension of the last Mystra from her mortal form, but otherwise have few calendar-related rituals, focusing more on a personal style of worship. For some devout arcane spellcasters, this never goes beyond a whispered prayer of thanks with each spell they cast, coupled with some thought as to the moral consequences of its use. Two ceremonies of great personal significance are Starflight and Magefire. The former centers on a fly spell that permits flight for as long as the stars are visible in the sky. It is often used as an initiation when an individual joins the church of Mystra or a celebration when two worshipers are wed. During Magefire, great magical power surges through one's body, blazing in flickering blue fire as it spills forth in cleansing and renewal. The Hymn to the Lady is a solemn ritual performed mostly at funerals. While the living clergy intone a plainsong dirge, visions arise of dead mages and Mystran clerics; Mystra often inserts her own guiding scenes. Mystra's clerics usually multiclass into arcane classes.

Mystran Dogma
Love magic for itself. Do not treat it just as a weapon to reshape the world to your will. True wisdom is knowing when not to use magic. Strive to use magic less as your powers develop, for often the threat or promise of its use outstrips its actual performance. Magic is Art, the Gift of the Lady, and those who wield it are privileged in the extreme. Conduct yourself humbly, not proudly, while being mindful of this. Use the Art deftly and efficiently, not carelessly and recklessly. Seek always to learn and create new magic.

Requirements for Membership in the Knights of Mystic Fire Adventuring Company Proper
1) You must worship Mystra (in any of her incarnations), Goddess of Magic. Magic serves Law & Chaos, Good & Evil equally and is thus Unaligned. Forgotten Realms canon states that Mystra's divine follower's alignments don't *have* to match her own so long as it is close, or matched to one of her former incarnations. While more art than science, there is an order to magic, so alignments will tend to be lawful. Mystra has tended to be good so her paladins will tend to too.
2) You must follow her dogma to the best of your abilities at all times.
3) You must strive to achieve the Knights of Mystic Fire missions whenever possible.
4) You must keep your Oath of Knighthood.
5) Oppose the enemies of Mystra and their friends & agents whenever and wherever you find them; and be friends to her friends & allies and their agents (a non-exhaustive list below).
Mystra’s friends: Azuth; Savras; and Velsharoon. The Order of the Shooting Star; The Children of the Starry Quill.
Mystra’s allies: Oghma; Deneir; Milil; Corellon Larethian; Isis & Thoth.
Mystra’s enemies: Shar; Cyric; and Bane.
In Aglarond this includes The Simbul’s friends: The Aglarondan Griffin Riders; the Masters of the Yuirwood; The Army of the Lion; & The Army of the Green Drake.
And The Simbul’s enemies: Thay & the Red Wizards; The Phaerimm; & The Aboleth Sovrenity.
6) You must never betray the Order or forfeit all magics of any kind forever.
7) You must be a Paladin. Either via the class or via the feat Soldier of the Faith.
8) You must be an arcane caster either via the class or via the appropriate Class-Specific (multi-class) feats.
(Special Note: A Paladin/Bard could theoretically belong to both the Knights of Mystic Fire and the Children of the Starry Quill.)
9) You must be proficient in at least one Military Melee Weapon.
10) You must be proficient in at least Chainmail.
11) You must own & keep a Holy Symbol of Mystra on your person.
12) You must own & keep an arcane implement appropriate to your class on your person.

Requirements for Auxiliary Membership in the Knights of Mystic Fire Adventuring Company
1) You must revere Mystra (in any of her incarnations), Goddess of Magic.
2) You must follow her dogma to the best of your abilities at all times.
3) You must strive to achieve the Knights of Mystic Fire missions whenever possible.
4) You must keep your Oath of Knighthood, if applicable.
5) Oppose the enemies of Mystra and their friends & agents whenever and wherever you find them; and be friends to her friends & allies and their agents.
6) You must never betray the Order on pain of forfeiting all magics of any kind forever.
7) You must own & keep (at least) a non-magical Holy Symbol of Mystra on your person.

Rank & Status among the Knights of Mystic Fire.
• The Knights of Mystic Fire hold force of personality & intelligence in high regard.
• The KoMF holds arcane ability and power in high regard.
The more magic you bind to, or bring into, the world the more you please Mystra,
• Every spell cast is a prayer of devotion to Notre Dame (lit. Our Lady).
• KoMF members *are* paladins and therefore hold mounts & special mounts in high regard.
• KoMF members will regard even 1st-level Clerics of Mystra as a higher rank than themselves, regardless of actual rank (level) & status, and obey their orders (short of certain death).
• KoMF members will not hesitate to share comparable arcane knowledge, spells, or rituals among one another if they have the time.
• The Highest ranking KoMF members in a party will oversee the distribution of other KoMF member's "spare" permanent magic items amongst one another to maximize the mission’s chance of success. All items return to their original owners at the end of the mission.
• Mounts are to stay with their owners.
• Superiors are expected to not give orders to subordinates that they would not give their spouse (/spice).
• Lower ranking KoMF members are expected to obey their superior's orders even if it kills them.
• Superiors are expected to not give orders that get their subordinates killed.
• KoMF members are to collect powerful magic items to loan to party members during missions in exchange for a "Thank Mystra!".
• KoMF members are encouraged to carry at least one Raise Dead scroll.
• KoMF members are encouraged to write reports on their missions.

Your Rank is equal to your level.
Your Status (derived below) determines your place within that rank.
KoMF Rank-Status (E.g. Page Neophyte 1-18.)
Level-(Sum of all of the following.)
• Sum of (Cha + Int Mods).
• Class Specific feat+(# of Power Swap feats).
• Sum of Arcane Spell levels you can currently cast. Include innate spell-like abilities. (I.e. Arcane half-elven Dilettante choices, & a Dragonborn's breath attack are both 1st-level.)
• Sum of Ritual levels known. (Eg. If you know Magic Mouth & Observe Creature that's 25 levels worth of rituals known.)
• Sum of Item levels created. Temporary items such as potions do not count toward this total.
• Mount's level.
• Armor worn. -1/step of armor worn below plate-mail. (E.g. -1 for Scale; -2 for Chain; etc.)

Titles of the Knights of Mystic Fire.
Level: 1st Order - Elemental
1 Page-Neophyte
2 Page-Zelator
3 Page-Theoricus
4 Page-Practicus
5 Page-Philosophus
6 Page-Adeptus
7 Squire-Apprentice Neophyte
8 Squire-Apprentice
9 Squire-Apprentice Adeptus
10 Squire-Adeptus Minorus

Level: 2nd Order - Portals
11 Squire-Adeptus
12 Squire-Adeptus Majorus
13 Knight-Practicus Zelator
14 Knight-Practicus
15 Knight-Practicus Adeptus
16 Knight-Adeptus Minorus
17 Knight-Adeptus
18 Knight-Adeptus Majorus
19 Knight-Exemptus Theoricus
20 Knight-Exemptus

Level: 3rd Order - Spiritus
21 Grand Knight-Exemptus
22 Magister Templi Practicus
23 Magister Templi
24 Grand Magister Templi
25 Magus Philosophus
26 Magus
27 Grand Magus
28 Ipsissimus Zelator
29 Ipsissimus
30 Grand Ipsissimus
31 Secret Master(s) (Spirit(s))

Higher status characters within a rank are to be deferred to. Publicly (before 3rd Order titles), only the hyphenated title is used, as who else cares how the KoMF delineates your status within its ranks.
Exception to the normal rule: Members who are Lords of their demesne and run keeps, towers, abbeys, or shrines are to be treated as if they are the highest ranking member whilst you are on their lands.
Auxiliary KoMF members have ‘honorary titles’ but real Rank & Status and therefore all of the rights and responsibilities there-of.
KoMF Archmages (the Epic Destiny) are encouraged to continue, after they lose their mortal coil, as Secret Masters of the Order so that their knowledge, experience and expertise is not lost.

The Accolade of Mystic Fire Knighthood (at 13th–level):
After serving as a Squire for six levels, a young warrior-wizard would make a formal entry into Knighthood. The entry into Knighthood is highly ritualized and starts with a Night Vigil in the Chapel of the Castle:
A) The Squire prepares for the vigil with the Magefire ritual - his body is thoroughly cleansed and purified.
B) The Mystic Fire Squire wears a white vesture to symbolize that purity and is covered by a blue robe which symbolizes Mystra.
C) His shoes and hose are black which symbolizes death and his mortality.
D) A sword & shield and wand & staff is placed on the altar.
E) Mystic Fire Squire kneels or stands at the Chapel altar, in silent prayer, for ten hours.
F) In the morning he is joined by others to hold ritual and a lengthy sermon on the duties of a knight.
• A Knight is Sworn to Valor.
• His Heart Knows only Virtue.
• His Blade Defends the Helpless.
• His Might Upholds the Weak.
• His Words Speak only Truth.
• His Wrath Undoes the Wicked.
• He owes forty days of service (in the field) to his liege lord annually.
G) A sponsor takes possession of the sword, shield & implements which have been blessed by the priest or paladin.
H) The sword, shield & implements are passed to the lord who will conduct the knighthood ceremony.
I) The Mystic Fire Squire is presented to the lord by two sponsors in a Public ceremony.
J) The Mystic Fire Squire swears an oath of allegiance to the lord, church, & order and the following oaths:
• Never traffic with traitors.
• Never give evil council, and be respectful to peers and non-peers alike.
• To observe the 15th of Marpenoth, fasts and abstinences, and practice the Art every day and make an annual offering (of a ritual or magic item equal to your station) to the Church.
K) The lord presents the sword, shield and implements, and 'Dubs' the squire who is pronounced a Knight. 'Dubbing' is a blow struck with the flat of the hand or the side of the sword and was regarded as an essential act of the knighting ceremony (to remember the event).
L) The sponsors then put spurs (each shaped like the symbol of Mystryl) on the Mystic Fire Knight, and his sword is girded on.
M) Music and Fanfare accompany and celebrate the Knighthood
N) The celebrations continue with a feast and tournament arcane &/or martial in honor of the Mystic Fire Knight.

In times of extremis, an elder knight (& usually one other knight as witness) may clout a squire on the shoulder and field promote him into the Knights of Mystic Fire.

In times of great extremis, a squire may self initiate (ritual). (E.g. in the aftermath of the Spellplague.)

Questions should be sent to me <>.


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Updated 11-10-2010.

Go to the LivingFR yahoo group's Links section to see a full list. Organized by each region, and also campaign-wide.

Also, the regional Adventuring Companies are likewise on the LFR wiki:

(with the campaign-wide ACs being added soon).

Terry Duchastel
The Huruafir family consists of a strange mix of humans, drow, and half-elves (most half drow, aka crinti). The family fled prosecution in Dambrath decades ago, when the alliance of some members to 'hostile' forces (Eilistraee) became known.
The family allied themselves with the dwarves in East Rift. Not convinced of the true motivations fo the family of a hostile border nation, the family was placed under a powerful geas, which ties their loyalty to that of the dwarves and compels all members of the family to protect the Rift community.
Over the years, the family has displayed loyalty and zeal in their duty, and have grown to become respected and even (up to a point) trusted. They are known as effective, though ruthless, mercenaries.
Rumors hold that the geas only applies to the first seven generations, and that the family's most recent generation of children is free from the geas.

The Huruafair are intended as a mostly PC-driven family of mercenaries. Popular classes are fighter, rogue, warlord, and warlock.
Races include human, half-elf, and the elf races (drow, eladrin, elf).
Most 'true' fey are are adopted or married into the family, though sometimes the children of crinti and true fey show exceptional racial abilities (i.e. display the racial traits of a elf or drow, but still considered half-elves by other elves) .
Alignment is mostly unaligned. Good alignments are not uncommon, but the family prefers to stay neutral so it can best do their duties. Favorite deities among the Huruafair are Tempus (for his neutral stance), The Red Knight, and Selune (who many see as a replacement for the originally worshipped Eilistraee). Moradin is also included in the House shrines. Due to the common worship of Selune and Tempus, some warriors invoke luck through Tyche, a strange amalgamation of the faiths of Beshaba and Tymora. This particular faith has no clerics (since Tyche is not actually a deity).

Adventure Company: the Huruafair House Guard
Most see the House Guard as a group of bodyguards for the House's matriarch, but it is less simple than that.
Even though Huruafair has little political clout, the family does have an influence. The matriarch takes the duty of the family to East Rift seriously, and uses her own judgement in what will benefit the Rift - more than one dwarf powermonger has seen a plot crumble, discovering too late that the family's geas is to protect the region and its people - not the ones holding power.
The means to do this are the House Guard, which not only serve to protect the family, but to run missions around the Sea of Fallen Stars (and even beyond) to better the position of East Rift - by extending influence, fighting enemies, or incurring favors. In most cases, the true goal of a mission are unknown to the guards. Only the Matriarch knows what benefits are reapt.

Requirements (stricter than actual membership of the family):
Name: Must carry the Huruafair name (may be adopted)
Race: human, half-elf, elf, eladrin, drow
Home Region: East Rift
Oath: Swear fealty to the Huruafair family and the East Rift. All members are compelled to protect the Rift against incursions, specifically the drow.
Here is the link to the Adventuring Companies of the East Rift. I'll add the above one, but won't monitor this thread. I like the Wiki better to the easily lost Gleemax threads.



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The Bonesetters are a league of Aglarondan worshippers of Kelemvor. All of its members' lives have been marked by the depredations of Thay and its hordes of undead.

If you want to take the fight to the necromancers and empire builders go check out our yahoo group.
The Riders of Falcon Hold

In northern Cormyr, high in The Stormhorns, stands a fortress known as Falcon Hold, so named since it is perched precariously on the crest of a mountain, so inaccessible that only falcons are said to go there. But all is not as it seems. The fortress was crafted by dwarven stonecunning. Its wells run deep, and secret ways lead to its gates. Those who know such things say that two grandmothers with brooms and sacks of stones could hold off an orkish warband from its battlements, and that the forces that call the castle home can move like shadows at sunset.

Falcon Hold is a holy place. The body of the Paladin Mihail Patronus rests there. His spirit now serves Tyr Evenhand. His shrine is sacred also to those who venerate Helm and Tempus, for he died facing down an army alone, and held them in the very pass that Falcon Hold guards while his friends brought reinforcements from three nations of Faerun.

For their part in saving all Faerun perhaps from a plague of darkness, Patronus’ companions were given land and title by the king of Cormyr. They chose to erect a fortress on the site of the great battle, and to name it with their fallen friend’s badge of honor.

Kalfer Stonebender, the dwarven warrior, promised his cohort of kinsmen to carve the stone and build the keep. Jenna Blue-eyes, a priest, and Patronus’ wife, swore to maintain the shrine. She worshiped Helm, and called to her service a band of His warriors and other servants. Those, and other young souls who came to Falcon Hold to learn from the heroes of the Battle of the Bloodshards, became the core of a new force in the world. Patronus’ companions realized that their efforts as free blades and adventure-seekers had only limited effect. The world had nearly paid the price for their free-wheeling ways. When the time came that armies and nobles were needed, they came almost too late. The Harpers were effective, if scattered, but what was needed was something different: an army without a country, ready to fight wherever needed to maintain security.

The Riders of Falcon Hold were born.

The original Riders, Patronus’ companions, continued to adventure from time to time, but increasingly they turned their efforts to training the next generation. Out of several bands of followers, they forged the beginnings of an army. The Stonebender’s kin, and later other mercenaries of many races who wished to serve alongside him, were the sergeants and special troops. The yeomen of Helm who came to serve Lady Jenna provided the beginnings of a regular army. Martigan Mourn, the secretive woodsman, was never much interested in living indoors, but as other rangers came to learn at his feet, he provided services and teaching to the Falcon Hold.

Their friend Leask the Halfling had seen far too much of war, and retired to Waterdeep for a life of comfortable beds, good meals, and willing women. Along the way, he accidentally became a major player in the Thieves’ Guild, and his loyal allies have spread across the world. Those in the Riders who show skill at spycraft are often sent to spend a year or two at the “University” in Waterdeep. They often come back wealthier, and more prone to sleep with one eye open.

Iosef Eversun, the wizard, also had little interest in living in a castle and running an army. He turned his hand to magical study, but his tower was not far away, and he has always consented to train magicians for the Riders. As such efforts often do, it started small, and now his “solitary tower” is surrounded by a small village and a magical academy.
The Company of Forgotten Folk

Click Here

Sometimes called the "forgotten folk" by other races, the gnomes of Toril have a sorted past and many races use their name as a hiss or a by-word. This band of like-minded gnome wanderers has set out to change how others view them. Dedicated to the betterment of their company and their people the fey-blooded folk of this company join together for the cause of freedom as only those often neglected can champion it.
And introducing

The Automatons Bravely Opposing Tyranny

This group is primarily for Good and Lawful Good Warforged PCs in the LFR (Living Forgotten Realms) D&D 4e RPGA Campaign.

This group is open to all PCs of GOOD or LAWFUL GOOD alignment that agree to help the AutoBOTs:

1) Oppose Tyrrany, and protect the weak.
2) uncover and defeat the plans of the "Deceivers"
3) Help the Warforged quest for the "Docent of Leadership"

No PC may have the name "PRIME" in their name. That is reserved for the One who discovers the "Docent of Leadership". Warforged who are Lawful Good may take on the title of "Prime Quester".
Join the Talons of Horus-Re

For what seemed like an eternity the mighty Mulhorandi Empire stood as a beacon in the Unapproachable East. Believing in the principles of Ma'at - the concept that goodness and law were not only ideals to strive for, but the natural order of the multiverse - the Mulhorandi Empire and its Mulan people stood as the last bastion of civilization against the evil Thay and the barbaric Unther.

And then the spellplague destroyed the Empire. The upstart nation that dares lay claim to the ancient name of Imaskar has conquered it, which would be intolerable enough, but they have outlawed the worship of the gods of righteousness and order, and thus have allowed darkness and chaos into the land.

Horus-Re and his pantheon no longer grant our spells, but we remain faithful to the teachings of Ma'at. Mulan expatriates residing in nearby Akanul, East Rift, Tymanther, or further scattered throughout Faerun, we have not forgotten the gods, and we have not forgotten Ma'at. Join the Talons of Horus-Re, an adventuring company open to loyal Mulan, those who worship the Mulhorandi Pantheon, and their sympathizers.

This company is heavy on roleplaying and very politically motivated, but we are open to all who are loyal to the cause.
Aglarond Griffonriders
The fabled Griffonriders of the Aglarond military.

House Nelath
House Nelath is an outcast drow house who live on the surface of Faerun in the heart of the Yuirwood.

Le Poison Fromage
For people who wish to play with a fake French accent.
(Editor's note: For those who like some Monty Python's Flying Circus with their FR...)

Masters of the Yuirwood
Wardens of the Yuirwood, and masters of the menhir circles that dot the forest.

Yuirwood group
Keepers of the Yuirwood- a group of elves and other fey creatures that live in the Yuirwood forest.
Come join Blackmantle's Import/Export & Salvage, the premiere shipping line in all of Faerun. We're looking for sailors, we're looking for Teamsters, we're looking for anyone who can tote that barge and lift that bale.

And yes we even accept pirates
The Blades of the Twilight Star
I'm only posting the Four Points (the guiding edicts) of the company here at the bottem of this post. The full overview document (about half-a-dozen pages, if you include the bit about the truth of how Cyric was framed for his lover Mystra's murder by those bastards Gond and Tyr) can be found in the files section of the yahoo group...

The Four Points of the Twilight Star

The First Point: Unbreakable Unity. We are the Blades of the Twilight Star. From the moment one becomes a Blade until the day oblivion takes all that is, we are one unified circle. There is no way to leave the Blades and only those who commit the most grievous of sins shall ever be scourged from the Order, and their scourging shall be painful, slow, and deadly. No Blade shall ever allow another to suffer or stand alone when it is within their power to prevent it. Sometimes following this Point can be the sharpest of them all; for to allow a fellow Blade true peace, may require cutting them free of this mortal coil, though such should always be a last resort.

The Second Point: Destined Entitlement. We must gain as much wealth, power, and influence as possible so that we may claim lands and sovereignty. This must be done as we are surely far better suited to reign
then the vast majority of hapless morons, decadent megalomaniacs, and bloodthirsty marauders who now hold power. In pursuing this Point we must adhere to the following; Slay that which is bad and protect that which is good, though we all stand free to determine via our senses which is which and when.

The Third Point: Reversionary Remembrance. It is the duty of every Blade to report the truth of events that come to pass so that it may be recorded within the Book of Truths. Of course, this recitation of events
should be that which the Blade in question knows to be true and not what lesser fools believe happened. In the seemingly impossible event that two Blade’s reports differ, it is clear that some evil mage (likely Roan) has caused a Temporal Paradox with their dark magic as both accounts must surely be accurate. To fully follow this Point, we must seek to spread the true history of ages past and to purge the world of the impugning lies, such as those surrounding the death of Mystra.

The Fourth Point: Proper Vengefulness. Every Blade shall keep a list of those who have wronged him, the Order, or the truth of the world as we know it to be. These people or things are added to the Book of Wrath and all Blades shall deem them enemies until they are slain or the wrongs they have done our own are set to rights. There are three entities topping the list of the Book of Wrath and their sins can never be laid to rest, thus they are forever our hated foes. They are, Thay (the entire realm and especially their
damned wizards), the Evil Archmage Roan, and the hated god Tyr (though he is now dead, death is nay always the end for mortals born, let alone gods). In adherence to this Point; all we who bear the title Blade must seek to unleash our wrath upon those deemed our enemies, however, to adhere to the Second Point, which being a lower number of course takes precedence, if those enemies can provide advancement, their death can be postponed.

Stormscale Clan

Before the merging of Toril and Abeir, the Stormscale clan was small, founded three centuries ago during their enslavement at the hands of Thurgelorm, a blue dragon of considerable power. Banding together, a group of nearly a hundred Dragonborn slaves worked together to bring down the mighty dragon, and sought safety in the mountain ranges of Tymanchebar. Their new home was a large valley between two mountains, prone to violent weather that threatened their survival every year during storm season. Over the next two centuries, the clan offered shelter to others who had escaped enslavement, and grew to a considerable size, becoming one of the largest clans of rebel dragonborn in Abeir.

When part of Tymanchebar was ripped from Abeir and brought to Toril, the entire valley containing the clan was also brought over. As the clan was in the midst of a gathering held every decade, nearly every member was present for the transition. For the first few years, the Stormscales contacted their brethern that had also made the transition, and struggled to survive the chaos caused by the Spellplague.

Once the clan had adjusted to their new home, a decision was made to send out scouting parties throughout the realms. The clan elders knew that to explore an entire new world was an epic task, that would not be completed in their lifetime. Therefore, the groups that were sent out were ordered to settle in these new lands, with each group containing a student of draconic rituals who could contact the Clan Elders. Though the clan would be spread thin, each group would contact the elders yearly for guidance. Eventually, a decision would be made on where to establish a permanent home for the clan.

The settlements took years to establish, and not all were successful. A group sent to the southwest came across the Underchasm, and was never seen again. The group sent to the south eventually purchased boats at Delzimmer, only to be caught up in a freak storm (likely caused by the Spellplague) and carried across the Great Sea for weeks, losing over half of their number during the ordeal. Now spread throughout Faerun, the clan is near a decision on where (or if) they will make a permanent home.

The Stormscales are similar in outlook to other Dragonborn, with three significant exceptions. The first is the concept of clan. Where clan members normally look to the clanmaster and elders for guidance, the slave background and dispersed nature of the Stormscales has created a more cosmopolitan attitude. Each settlement has a leader, who consults with the clan elders on occasion, but the final decisions are left to the settlement leader for the most part.

The second difference is the concept of family. Needing to breed frequently so their smaller settlements will survive, wedlock typically lasts until one or both of the couple is past childbearing age. Infidelity is frowned upon, as it makes it difficult to track a child's lineage. The entire settlement fosters a child, though primary responsibility rests upon the parent until the child reaches adulthood.

Finally, the Stormscales have more tolerance of "sablescales" - Dragonborn with black scales that tend towards magical (rather than martial) prowess. This tolerance has allowed enough wizards to flourish that a few gifted individuals have learned the techniques to create magical portals, a major boon for the clan.

Notable Traits
Originally slaves of Thurgelorm, a higher than normal percentage of the clan have lightning breath (which was no threat to the blue dragon). However, all five breath types have been found in the clan, and they link their breath to an aspect of storm or wind, as follows:
* Lightning - Storm's Fury
* Fire - Desert Storm (or Southern Wind)
* Cold - Snowstorm (or Northern Wind)
* Acid - Fell Storm (or Rending Wind)
* Poison - Toxic Storm (or Death Wind)

Major Settlements
The listings below cover all the allowed regions of the LFR campaign. Not all the regions were settled by the Stormscales, though it is possible that a wandering Stormscale parent and their child could make their home anywhere on Faerun. This is simply a guideline on where groups of Stormscales can be found, and their general disposition.

Tymanther (Smoking Mountains) - The Clan Elders remain in the same valley they have lived in since the clan's founding, now torn from Abeir and brought to Toril. They occasionally trade with caravans traveling from Djerad Thymar, but for the most part are self-sufficient and independent from their city-bound brethern. Each year, the Elders conduct rituals of power that allow them to speak with the leaders of the other major settlements. Of late, fearing that the clan may be splintered forever if it remains spread throughout Faerun, they have reluctantly allowed the clan's wizards to begin construction of a magical portal that could be used for instantaneous travel between the clan settlements. They are also considering recalling the clan to Tymanther for a massive gathering, to determine where the clan will make its permanent home. Some believe such a gathering is long overdue, while others believe that the clan's dispersed nature is a strength instead of a weakness, and the portals will be sufficient to maintain clan unity.

Aglarond (Yuirwood) - The expedition sent north from Tymanther crossed Chessenta, and made the difficult water crossing to Aglarond. A representative met with the Simbul in 1401 DR, and the group of roughly 80 dragonborn were given permission to settle in the foothills of the Tanath mountains next to the Yuirwood. The number of Aglarond Stormscales was nearly cut in half over the past several decades, due to the dangers lurking on all sides of the settlement. However, many that remain are hardened warriors that are ever vigilant in protecting the rest of the clan, and their numbers are beginning to increase once again.

Akanul (N/A) - The current tension between Tymanther and Akanul has prevented any formal expedition from traveling there. A few Stormscales adept in outdoor survival have traveled the lands of Akanul, hunting dragons. However, there is no formal settlement, and the few Stormscales that have gone to Airspur for trade or work have been treated with disdain by the locals.

Baldur's Gate (The Wide) - Originally part of the expedition that arrived at Waterdeep, a feud between two factions caused the group to split in two. The second group traveled south to Baldur's Gate, taking up residence there even as they maintained their feud with their Waterdeep faction of the clan. They currently live near The Wide, a large open marketplace in the northeast section of the city. Nearly destitute after their split with the Waterdeep Stormscales, they have been reduced to hiring out as mercenaries, taking on unsavory tasks that has troubled other branches of the clan.

Cormyr (Eagle Peak/Suzail) - The Kingdom of Cormyr has a reputation for honor and noble traditions, which has drawn the attention of the Stormscales. Several families settled there, seeing the kingdom as the best of what this new land has to offer. Of late, a few Stormscales have even applied to join the Purple Dragons, which has been met with skepticism by both the humans of Cormyr, and members of their own clan.

Dalelands (Battledale) - One of the last expeditions to set forth from the Smoking Mountains, the group of Stormscales that traveled to the Dalelands went there to meet with the greatest sage in Faerun - Elminister. The Old Sage rebuffed their attempts at conversation, and most of the expedition returned to Storm Valley. However, three families of scholars decided to remain, eventually settling in Battledale. Every five years, the Dalelands Stormscales sent a representative to Shadowdale to attempt to meet with Elminister. That representative is always sent back, either by Elminister himself or one of the Old Sage's friends who doesn't want to see him bothered. The current head of this branch of Stormscales believes their persistance will pay off eventually, but others have given up and are focusing on whether Battledale's large, sparsely-settled lands would be suitable as a permanent home for the entire clan. Though distrusted for several years by the locals, the Stormscales have proven invaluable in fighting off the bandits that lurk in the nearby woods.

Dragon Coast (Gulthandor) - The very name of this region was enough to draw several Stormscales to the area. Many returned after not finding what they expected, but some settled in the region. The contingent of Stormscales makes Gulthandor their home, due to the locals' reverence for nature and the sky.

East Rift (N/A) - The expedition to the East Rift met with disaster. No Stormscales have settled there permanently, though a few wanderers from the clan view the loss of the expedition as a challenge that must be met.

Impiltur (N/A) - The demon-infested lands of Impiltur were avoided by the expedition sent in that direction, and no Stormscale enclave has been established. However, a few Stormscales have chosen to settle in human lands nearby, viewing the demons as a scourge to be wiped out for honor and glory.

Luruar (Silverymoon) - A small group of Stormscales settled in Silverymoon, intrigued by tales of the city's magical wards. They have prospered as bogyguards, smiths, and sages, and there is talk among them that they would defy the Clan Elders should they be summoned home.

Moonshae Isles (Alaron) - The expedition sent south from Tymanther nearly met with disaster. After purchasing vessels in Delzimmer so they could travel along the coast looking for a suitable area to settle, a freak storm caused by the Spellplague transported them thousands of miles away to the Sea of Storms. Nearly half of their ships were lost, but they made landfall on the southern edge of Alaron in the Moonshae Isles, near the Dernall Forest. The clan elders view this as an omen, and are strongly considering whether the Moonshae Isles should be their new home...

Waterdeep (South Ward) - The largest expedition sent out from Tymanther was not sent in a specific direction. Instead, they utilized auguries to locate the largest and most cosmopolitan city upon Faerun, in the hopes such a place would be welcoming to the clan. Settling in Waterdeep, the clan has made a living as bodyguards and tradesmen, though their fortunes have fallen after the recent split with their clan-brothers (see the Baldur's Gate entry for details).

Yahoo group:
Join the Heralds of Caiphon

Faerun has many enemies, both mortal and not. We seek to reveal the truth behind the lies woven in our path. The stars will cry doom upon us if we fail...

A group dedicated to investigating the supernatural, befriending all, digging through odd and obscure libraries. What could their purpose be? An adventuring company for Living Forgotten Realms.
Dwarven Brewer's Union

For dwarves and others with a love of adventure and seeking out rare ingredients for beer making in the Forgotten Realms. We are based out of Axgrym's tavern in Cormyr. Home of the Dwarven Brewers Union! The secret recipes of SilverAle, Barrier Brew and Black Dragon Stout Ales handed down from generations of Dwarven Brewmasters!

Also in Cormyr...

IronApple Dragoons

The IronApple Dragoons are a stalwart mercenary band dedicated to the defense and prosperity of the innocent and just throughout Faerun. Led by the stout gnomish warlord, Applehopper the Grim, the Dragoons seek to work for the common welfare of those who are oppressed or victims of the selfish and evil of the realms, seeking to restore peace to troubled lives. They suppliment their income through their many adventures, and skills.
Infernal Hunt Club

An Adventuring Company composed of expatriated citizens of Ravens Bluff and their descendants.
House Huruafair:

I made a group for this AC at:
The Bloodied Minions:

Group for people living in the West (or any) Suburbs of Philadelphia. This is an Adventuring Company for the light hearted, fun playing, power gamer in us all!

In game we are a group of travelers who seek adventure, fame, and wealth while spouting the motto: "it is great to get 100g treasure for a day of work, but it is even better to get 100g treasure without lifting a finger."
Church of the One True God

This is the Adventuring company of the Paladins and Clerics in the living forgotten realms campaign that worship Tempus solely for power gaming reasons.

All power gamers are welcomed
The Lions of Cormyr

The Lions of Cormyr is an Adventuring Company for the RPGA’s Living Forgotten Realms (LFR) Campaign, created in compliance with the RPGA Character Creation Guide Living Forgotten Realms version 1.8. It is comprised of fighter, paladin, and warlord (including multi-classed) player characters with the home region of Cormyr.

The Lions of Cormyr Adventuring Company was established in late 1479DR following a border incident involving the Kingdom of Cormyr and the Eladrin realm of Myth Drannor. Two adventurers who saw action in that skirmish, a young paladin of Amaunator named Markus Cormaeril and his cousin the sellsword Morgan Kayle, met afterwards at the Lonesome Tankard in Eveningstar. Both could see the need for a company of warriors to fight the enemies of Cormyr on her borders and beyond, nominally independent yet still sworn to the defense of the Purple Dragon Throne. Markus and Morgan agreed that all Lions must be sons and daughters of Cormyr who share the same noble ideals – unswerving loyalty to the Purple Dragon Throne, a desire to fight the enemies of Cormyr and any evil no matter where it is found, and hold aspirations to one day joins the ranks of the Purple Dragon Knights.

The next day the two adventurers travelled west from Eveningstar along the High Road to High Horn, where they sought an audience with Lord Commander Rauolas Cormaeril. The Lord Commander was sympathetic to their petition, granting a Royal Charter for a new adventuring company, the 'Lions of Cormyr'.

Membership of the Lions of Cormyr is by invitation only and restricted to thirty PC's in accordance with the conditions of the Royal Charter governing adventuring companies in the Kingdom of Cormyr (Dragon 365, Backdrop: Cormyr, p.48).

Lions of Cormyr Membership Requirements
1. Player character members must conform to all current RPGA LFR character creation guidelines;
2. Players may only have one player character in the Lions of Cormyr at any one time;
3. PC members must meet the prerequisites of the Purple Dragon Knight paragon path (FRPG p.60);
4. The admission of a PC to the Lions of Cormyr requires an invitation by an existing PC member;
5. Players are to note membership of the Lions of Cormyr on their PC's adventure log and character sheet;
6. One player of a member PC will act as a scribe for the Lions of Cormyr, maintaining the company's roll at;
7. The Lions of Cormyr must contain at least four PC's at any one time. If the adventuring company's roll ever drops below 4 PC's, it is considered inactive (PC members gain no benefits for being a part of the company) until such time as its roll rises to four PC's or the company chooses to disband;
8. All PC members must conduct themselves honorably in the spirit of the code of the Purple Dragon Knights to which they all aspire. Should any PC member willingly commit an act not befitting a Lion of Cormyr they may be dishonorably discharged by a majority vote of their peers and their name will be struck from the rolls of the Lions of Cormyr;
9. Should a Lion of Cormyr wish for any reason to leave the company they are free to do so but must immediately advise another Lion of their intention so the Lord Commander of High Horn can be advised in compliance with the Royal Charter; and
10. When a Lion of Cormyr is elevated to the ranks of the Purple Dragon Knights, the member receives an honorable discharge from the company, earning the right to extend an invitation of membership to another PC to take their place as a new Lion of Cormyr. Member PC's not immediately exercising this right may remain on the rolls of the Lions of Cormyr as a retired member until such time as they choose to nominate another PC to join the company.

The Lions' Oath
“I, (name) henceforth to be known as a Lion of Cormyr, pledge allegiance to His Royal Highness King Foril Obarskyr of Cormyr and his heirs and successors, and solemnly swear to defend the Purple Dragon Throne and the subjects of Cormyr from all enemies and evils wherever they may be found, and to uphold the knightly virtues of honor, duty and justice so that I may be proven worthy to serve as a Purple Dragon Knight.”

This company is intended to bring together players from different LFR regions whose PC's share similar goals and ideals. A yahoo group has been established to facilitate IC and OOC communication, with all members encouraged to post messages about their latest adventures or ideas on character development.

The files section contains all you need to know about the adventuring company (attractive documents including the Lions' Oath, Royal Charter, Lion of Cormyr armorial device, etc). Members will be encouraged to upload PC portraits and character details in the photos and database sections.

So if you are looking for a little bit more depth for your honorable and patriotic Cormyrian martial LFR character you are invited to join the "Lions of Cormyr" and stand shoulder to shoulder with other PC's in defense of King and Country.

Interested players can e-mail me at [email][/email]

Current membership (Feb 6, 2009) stands at eleven PCs:
Markus Cormaeril, Human Paladin 4 (Carl Rohweder RPGA# 106010386, Dragon Coast, company scribe);
Morgan Kayle, Human Fighter 5 (Richard Smart RPGA# 100480197, Dragon Coast);
Vorshar, Dragonborn Warlord 5 (Michael Meunier RPGA# 4141073575, Aglarond);
Sventhorsen Lafours, Eladrin Fighter 8 (Lee Thomas RPGA# 141065469, Cormyr);
Ombra, Tiefling Warlord 2 (Ben Heisler RPGA# 199874369, Aglarond);
Gulthak, Warforged Warlord 2 (Rob Hambly RPGA# 100825727, Dragon Coast);
Katherine Elvenstein, Orc Paladin 1 (Maryalyce Rensa RPGA# 4100319985; Cormyr);
Zaan Marin, Half Elf Warlord 3 (David Paul RPGA# 1212908111, Tymanther);
Roxanne de Silva, Human Paladin 1 (Jose Angel Lopez Jnr RPGA# 100156644, No current region);
Hadrian du Sayas, Human Fighter 6 (Joe Krull RPGA# 71010006004, Cormyr);
Berginon de'Arth, Drow Fighter 3 (David Dole RPGA# 141439758, Cormyr).

Happy gaming,

Carl Rohweder
Brisbane Australia (Dragon Coast LFR Region)
player of Markus Cormaeril, paladin of the Keeper of the Yellow Sun
and Lion of Cormyr.
The Circle of the Eldritch Flame

Note: While the Circle does lean more toward warlocks, any arcanists are welcomed and others may actually be allowed in as well... if they are enough fun at the gatherings...

The egroup:

the Details...


The Circle of the Eldritch Fire is one part “adventurers’ support group”, one part “self-appointed civil defense squad”, and several parts “social club”. They do not approve in acts of evil… at least in a real and intentional sense… though shady dealings and pacts with forces of dark power seen as necessary to ensure one has enough power to protect that which must be defended. Nor does the Circle choose to accept the overbearing constraints and obnoxious conceit of the overly good and lawful beings of the world. The “rules and regulations” of the Circle, which are more guidelines to live by in some ways, are called “The Eldritch Path”.

The Eldritch Path

•Defend the freedom of all beings to do as they see fit; save only that they shan’t bring undo harm upon any innocent. ‘tis better for one to be free in death then to be enslaved in life.
•Defend this rare land which grants shelter and acceptance to those who other lands reject for their pasts and birth. The ‘deep shelters us within her arms and so all who would do her harm shall know our wrath.
•Preserve the existence of the eldritch power in all its forms. Encourage those who feel the call of magic and protect them from those who would prevent its spread.
•Destroy ignorant intolerance wherever it be found. For being born of devils or demons, and/or making pacts and deals with dark forces is NOT always a sign of evil. We of the Circle oft walk the edge of shadows between light and dark and good and evil. We accept this course for ourselves that others need not bear such a burden to see that the world continues through the pain and tribulations soon to come.
•Attend at least one out of two Grand Gatherings of the Circle (there is one each month) in the Circle Havyn in Waterdeep and to participate in the fellowship thus shared. One should join as many of the Circle’s lesser gatherings as possible as well and those of any other group that doesn’t drive them away whenever they can. [Basically the Gatherings Grand or lesser, are merely parties where consumption of vast amounts of alcohol and other vices are freely indulged, shared, and generally encouraged.
•Expand the influence of the Circle and seek to spread the tolerance that brings us together in Waterdeep, that one day all lands and all people will see first the deeds one does and the succor she brings instead of judging by ones birth and the source of her powers. For out own sakes and the sakes of all others who aren’t “good and proper” in the eyes of those who judge without knowing.

Gaining Membership

Joining the Circle is a fairly simple process; but, there are requirements, as follow…

•You must be capable of wielding the Eldritch power. Meaning, mainly, arcane magic, any power will do… though, Warlocks are preferred.
•You must NOT be Lawful Good.
•You must pass “The Ordeal of Fermentation”.
•You must be voted in by a majority of active Circle members. (All members, from the founders to the newest recruit receive equal votes on new memberships and all other topics… a truly democratic system, though oft times some/many/most may not bother to vote or even be sober enough to understand the question at hand since most votes occur at gatherings.)
•You must swear the Circle Pact.

The Ordeal of Fermentation

Pretty simple actually; it requires a potential member of come to a gathering at the Circle Havyn in Waterdeep and, from dusk to dawn, attempt to consume every drink (booze of course) the members who are present choose to offer him. The longer the applicant lasts (and the more fun they are) the better opinion Circle members are likely to have when voting time comes. Passing out (etc.) is acceptable, but may (by some) be seen as a sign of weakness.

The Circle Pact

Sworn in their own blood by applicants to the Circle while standing in the pentacle engraved in the basement of the Havyn:

“Of my own volition and while I stand free of domination, I enact this pact bound by my blood and soul. I shall defend the Circle, its members, and all for which it stands until all things end.”

Caer Gadoon Highlanders

For centuries, the dwarves of Clan Bloodaxe called the eastern Cloven Mountains of the Vilhon Reach home. Though never a large clan, they were well known in the region for their iron mining and weaponsmithing, and as a bulwark that protected Lachom and Elupar from the many goblinoids of their mountain home.

But as is true for many others, this all changed with the coming of the Spellplague. Forced from their homes by the devastation of the Spellplague, the refugee clan found itself with neither mine nor forge with which to make a living. So they turned to the only other craft they had to earn coin…war craft. Clan Bloodaxe organized itself into a militaristic mercenary band that became much in demand in the chaos following the Year of Blue Fire. For decades they traveled about fighting for just causes that also had just coin. Their skill in tunnel fighting in the Underdark soon earned them the name of the Blackwatch. Yet, despite their successes, they longed for a place they could call home.

It was during this time that the Merchant Princes of Amn hired the Blackwatch to aid in their invasion of the Moonshae Isles and the conquest of Snowdown. Clan Bloodaxe soon found their Amnian employers were frequently cowardly, manipulative and dishonorable. While the Ffolk they battled against, were earthly, stoic and brave, and their Northlander allies were fearsome fighters. The Blackwatch found much to admire in their enemies but little in their employers. So when their contract with Amn expired, the Blackwatch, led at the time by Captain Gadoon Bloodaxe, approached King Kendrick at Caer Callidyrr.

Knowing the Ffolk too impoverished to be able to hire the Blackwatch outright, Clan Bloodaxe offered their services and fealty for one simple request; a place they could call their home. King Kendrick agreed to their terms and gave them an unsettled and inhospitable (for humans, at least) section of the Fairheight Mountains on Alaron to settle in. Taking on the terminology of their new allies as a token of honor, the dwarves named the modest fortification they built for their new home, Caer Gadoon. At the same time, they abandoned the name of the Blackwatch in a gesture symbolic of leaving their nomadic ways behind and changed the name of their military arm to the Caer Gadoon Highlanders.

The mines of Caer Gadoon have so far proven to have low grade iron ore which makes for a labor intensive smelting process that has so far been barely profitable. So the main staple income of Caer Gadoon is still mercenary work, which also entails some fighting for the King Kendrick of Alaron.

All of this makes for a fairly military oriented culture. Citizens are usually well armed, and arms and armor are often simply considered part of a citizen’s normal apparel, and in some cases, even a fashion statement. Rigid discipline is common and even small children know who and when to salute.

Highlanders typically worship Moradin, though Chauntea is also held in high regard and other deities are not uncommon.

The Caer Gadoon Highlanders pride themselves on their bravery, their discipline and their code of honor.

The Highlander code of honor relates directly to their mercenary code which has evolved over decades of experience. The code basically boils down to the following points:

  • A Highlander will always honor his contract as long as the contractor does not violate its terms.
  • A Highlander will not enter into a contract that requires violence against defenseless creatures.
  • A Highlander will not enter into a contract that may be detrimental to Caer Gadoon or its allies.
  • A Highlander does not run from battle unless ordered to by a superior.
  • A Highlander will engage in no activity that may dishonor or otherwise harm the Caer Gadoon Highlanders.
  • A Highlander will not take contract with the Kingdom of Amn.
  • A Highlander will maintain discipline at all times on the battlefield.
  • A Highlander may be contracted out at any level of military organization from the entire company down to an individual, the latter being very common for adventuring Highlanders. The highest ranking member of the unit decides upon the terms of the contract.
  • Any contractor that requires a Highlander to violate any of the above code has voided his contract and forfeits any payment already made upon the voiding of the contract.

The uniform of the Caer Gadoon Highlanders consists of the following:

  • A red and black plaid kilt
  • A red and black plaid tartan sash
  • A black tam with a red feather plume and white and red, diced trim.
  • A leather or fur sporran with the house coat of arms (an axe over an anvil)

Both battlefield and dress (formal) versions of the uniform exist. Highlanders are only required to wear the uniform when part of a military formation. Most Highlanders wear at least a portion of the uniform even when hiring out as adventurers, as this is considered good advertising.

To be a member of the Caer Gadoon Highlanders requires the member to be a dwarf, to have the Moonshae Isles as their homeland or be willing to call it home, and to agree to the Highlander code.

Rank and Structure
The basic military unit of the Caer Gadoon Highlanders is the Axe, which typically comprises 10 members and is led by an Axe Corporal. Two Axes make up a Shield that is lead by a Sergeant. Two Shields make up a Hammer and are lead by a Hammer Sergeant. Two Hammers make up an Anvil that is lead by a Lieutenant. And two Anvils make up a Forge lead by a Sergeant Major. The entire Highlander Company is lead by a Captain, of which there is only one at any give time. The Captain is a lifelong position and new Captains are typically chosen from the Sergeant Majors.

In order to attain a given rank in the Caer Gadoon Highlanders, a member must meet the minimum level requirements listed below:

Private – 1st level
Axe Corporal – 2nd level
Sergeant – 3rd level
Hammer Sergeant – 5th level
Lieutenant – 7th level
Sergeant Major – 10th level
Captain – no minimum (but not currently available to player characters)

Current Notable Members
Sgt. Rufus Bloodaxe
Cpl. Taklin

Role-playing notes
It is recommended, but not required, that members of the Caer Gadoon Highlanders speak with a Scottish brogue. In addition to traditional members, the Caer Gadoon Highlanders are also looking for dwarven bards to form a pipe and drum corp.

To join the Caer Gadoon Highlanders, go to:
Writing Director - Returned Abeir
Rift Walkers - East Rift

Tidemarshal Clan

Background and Makeup
Tidemarshals are clever leaders and defenders focusing on martial and divine disciplines. Predominantly tactical and inspirational commanders of the battlefield, these individuals are held in the highest regard across the realms and call every region their home and base of operations.

Most of the Clan is made up of leaders of various occupations primarily military and religious however, some lean more toward the defense of others through similar intense martial ferocity or as divine champions of the draconic masters they once served.

While rare, some Tidemarshals of various races that have proven honorable and respectable have been accepted among the clan as family however, no known teiflings are among the Clan even though relations have long ago improved between the races. Tidemarshals abhor trickery and deceit and those that practice such, lest it be a strategically planned operation as part of an overall campaign. You will also not find clan members who claim complete neutrality in moral and personal attitudes.

The Tidemarshal Clan took its name from the battlefield generals whom often changed the tides of battle and led the various realms they served to victory. While Clan elders rule the Clan from various regions and communicate about Clan activity, most members act independently, adventuring and serving lords until their contributions no longer provide for personal growth or challenge. Few Clan members adventure together hoping to positively and enthusiastically impact as many groups as possible. Even though Tidemarshals can be found in every region, they are most often seen in challenging areas offering opportunity to hone their skills or in large regions such as Waterdeep where many members can easily find satisfying work. It is often easy to identify Clan members, as they typically will introduce themselves using Tidemarshal as their taken surname.

Membership Benefits
The respect of the Tidemarshal Clan grants its members a benefit to diplomatic relations, while chronicles of the Clan’s imposing tenacity emphasize their intimidating nature. When 4 or more Clan members adventure as part of the same group, they motivate the party giving one extra action point that can be spent at any time by any single member of the Clan that is part of this group. This does not count against the members own action point count and once spent the point is no longer available for the remainder of the adventure. A majority of the members adventuring must authorize the use of the point.

Any Tidemarshal exemplifies confidence and responsibility, as their vast contributions prove strategically and intensely invaluable. An asset to any group, Tidemarshals have very few adversarial relationships, the only notable exceptions being Clans that worship Tiamat, due to a violent and unresolved history. You will even find Tidemarshals being called to adventure with members of other Clans, as they are known as dependable companions and fiercely loyal.

Any interest in the Tidemarshal Clan may be directed to LOE_Frey or
Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate. "Abandon all hope ye who enter here." A child of 5 could understand this, someone bring me a child of 5.
The Planewalkers' Guild

Also known amongst themselves as "The Lost," The Planewalker's Guild is a rag-tag, far-flung, and loosely-organized association made up of errant natives of Sigil - The City of Doors who have found themselves stranded in The Realms. Given that the strange philosophical beliefs, customs, and dress of these adventurers (not to mention their distinctive and often confusing dialect) marked them as outcasts and outsiders in their new home, The Planewalkers' Guild was formed to create a network of information-exchange and support for those who have no other alliances or homes to call their own. However, with the broad range of skills and experience possessed by the Guild's members, it quickly evolved into a martial company of troubleshooters who now travel the Realms and take an active part in the world's fate, sometimes as heroes, sometimes as mercenaries, always as adventurers.

While the political intrigue and heated philosophical debate that was a hallmark of Sigil remains a part of the lives of the Guild's members, the Guild's founder strictly enforces the Guild's law of alliance and cooperation. Although the sight of two Planewalkers of opposed Factions arguing passionately over their philosophical differences is a common one, the members of this Guild are always willing to immediately put aside their differences and disagreements to close ranks and stand united against any outside opposition.

Prominent Members

  • Jack - Human Merckiller, Unaligned
    The founder and nominal head of the Planewalker's Guild. His neutrality and strict, unbiased adherence to Law and Punishment serves as a balance towards keeping the Guild's members united.
  • Ulric von Gelter - Human Knight of Celestia, Lawful Good
    Compassionate and heroic, Ulric serves as the voice for the Guild's more moral members, often urging the Guild to engage in selfless acts of heroism for the good of the Realms.
  • Apoc - Doomguard, Unaligned
    While not evil, this sinker represents some of the darker, more mercenary members of the Guild, and is often the counter-weight to Ulric, arguing against what he calls "charity work."

Membership and Eligibility

This Adventuring Company is open to any characters of any race, alignment, class, and faction who are natives of Sigil and who are willing to adhere to the law of unity. Given the ever increasing number of exotic races and paragon paths that are legal in LFR, this group might be an attractive option to those wishing to play some of the more bizarre legal character concepts. While races and paragon paths that reflect an obvious Planescape feel are encouraged, the very nature of Sigil means that anything legal in LFR could easily have been a Sigil native before coming to The Realms. Players wishing to join should have a workable knowledge of the Planescape setting and history, and at least a passing familiarity of the cant. Minor usage of the cant as well stylistic and philosophical differences are integral to making a prospective member's character stand out from those who are Realms natives and marking them as a member of this AC.

If this Adventuring Company gets large enough, I would love to see it contain different sub-groups to represent the various Factions.

Contacting and Organization

As of right now, I haven't setup any kind of website or home of information for the Guild ... I'm really not much of an internet person, and my computer skills are lacking. This has primarily been a local and face-to-face Adventuring Company, but with the release of MotP I've decided to take it global and see if there is outside interest. I know I can't be the only Planescape fan playing LFR. Any prospective members who want to help getting us set up with a website or other online organization would be greatly appreciated. For now, feel free to contact me via PM here on the boards or email at [email][/email].


Become a member of Team WOOTZOR by following three simple rules.

1. Whenever a fellow Team WOOTZOR member scores a crtical hit you must raise a single fist into the air and exclaim WOOTZOR!

2. Whenever you hear the words WOOTZOR coming from a nearby gaming table (like at a convention or gameday), you must silently raise a single fist into the air. This honor's the WOOTZOR!

3. You must OPENLY oppose the Zhentarim and all of their agents. Do not be afraid to tell a Zhentarim agent that they make you sick to your stomach!

Benefits of Team WOOTZOR!

Whenever at least 4 members of Team WOOTZOR are playing at the same table, the group gains a bonus action point to be used during the adventure. The action point is used just like a normal action point, although it does not count against the user’s action point expenditure for the encounter. All effects that trigger off of action point use trigger off of the use of the bonus action point. The bonus action point can be spent by anyone at the table, but a majority of the group must agree on the expenditure. Once the action point is spent, it is gone for the remainder of the adventure. The group can only have one bonus action point in this manner.


Q: What does WOOTZOR stand for?
A: We Openly Oppose the Zhentarim's Oppressive Reach!

Q: How do I join Team WOOTZOR?
A: Send me a private message with your name, RPGA number, and character information (name, race, and class) and I will send you an invitation to join Team WOOTZOR! Your name and RPGA number will be kept private, but it is required for book keeping purposes. Per RPGA rules, only one character per player can be a member of Team WOOTZOR. Once I receive this information you will be invited to join the Team WOOTZOR Group at:

Q: Can I order Team WOOTZOR mechandise?
A: Yes. You can order t-shirts here (White or other Light Colors).

Q: Can I see a sample video of Team WOOTZOR in action?
A: Yes.  See embeded video below or go HERE.


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The Champion of Saharelgard

A group that, after freeing Loudwater of raiding Goblins and their filthy ilk, took the pilgrimage to the Scepter Tower of Spellgard. Once there they decided to rid the Tower of the evils that festered within. Sanctioned by Lady Saharel herself, the ghostly ruler of The Sceptre Tower( formerly known as Saharelgard), The Champions of Saharelgard roam Faerun combating evil and always on the lookout for foul Netherese to put to the sword.

The Founding Members
Adrik Firebeard- A Dwarf who relishes combat. He is merciless in combat, and seems to enjoy taking wounds as much as he does dealing out punishment with his Vicious Executioner's Axe.
Rebmun "Lucky" Neves- A Halfling from Cormyr who has a penchant for pilfering forks. Do not underestimate him as some simple jester, for he is a master of stealth and deadly accurate with dagger or throwing star.
Taliel- An Elven warrior-woman from the Dalelands who has some skill as a Ranger as well. She is deadly whether wielding her vicious double sword or her bow.
Ezkarina- An Eladrin beauty , she can be a bit flighty on occasion, but during combat she wields her arcane power with frightening proficiency
Tahquo- An Eladrin from Cormyr. He is a Mage of the Elements. Using arcane power comes as easily to him as breathing
Quelthas Zaubryn- a Drow who has forsaken his heritage, he has pledged himself to Tempus, Lord of Battles, and uses his skills of battlefield influence and healing skills to great effect. Quelthas fights an uphill battle to rise above the stigma of his heritage and prove his hatred of all things evil.

This Company works out of the Cormyr Region with the blessing of House Obarskyr. Requirements to join are as follows:
-You must strive to defeat Evil. If not for good itself, then at least for some cause.
-Thwart the Shadovar of Netheril and all forces affiliated with the Ntherese
- You must have either aided Loudwater to repel one of the many Goblin raids there, made a piligrimage to the Scepter Tower of Spellgard, or have engaged and defeated forces of Nethereil or their allies.

Those interested in joining please send theri requests to me via Private Message.
-Quelthas Zaubryn aka Chris

We are the Secret protectors of Waterdeep.
When the Watch won’t help you,
Or you to afraid to tell anyone of your predicament
Then we will help you (for a price)

Our members are veteran adventurers who deal with nasty’s on a regular basis; about the only thing the Members have in common is the desire for Waterdeep to prosper at all costs.
Some call us vigilante's others call us saviors, But there is a fine line that politics and legalities will not cross, and this line is where we start.

Membership requirements: Must be from the region of Waterdeep ,any race/class, & any alignment except Lawful Good

To join mythrilhand email [email][/email] and then go to
Acolytes of Kelemvor

The world is full of danger. More often each day seems worse then the day before for so many. Everyday more and more innocents die; however it is before their time. We who serve our lord Kelemvor know our duty.

We recognize that death is part of life. It is not an ending but a beginning, not a punishment but a necessity. Death is an orderly process without deceit, concealment, and randomness. We shall help others die with dignity at their appointed time and no sooner. Speak against those that would artificially prolong their life beyond natural limits, such as the undead. Do honor to the dead, for their striving in life brought Faerun to where it is now. Forgetting them is to forget where we are now, and why. Let no innocents die a natural death in all Faerun without one of Kelemvor's Clerics at their side.

We are the Acolytes of Kelemvor. Join this new Adventuring Company for the Dungeons and Dragons Living Forgotten Realms Campaign. All that is needed to join is to be a faithful follower of Kelemvor.
Here's a possible company I've been thinking about. Currently it doesn't have a site or yahoo group and I am still open for all suggestions.

Steel Tusks

Head of a dire boar with blood dripping tusks hemmed with fire on a red shield hemmed with steel

Church of Tempus, Order of the Steel Fang

Church of The Red Knight, Church of Uthgar, Church of Valkur, Church of Gond

Enemy of:
Church of Garagos, Church of Bane

Membership Requirements:
Must worship Tempus
Trained in Endurance or Athletics
Proficient with one military melee weapon or one superior melee weapon

Honor Tempus and his dogma above all others
Honor everyone who earns honor on the field of battle
Never cover your face in battle
Never retreat unless all not of the Order of the Steel Fang have retreated and only against overwhelming odds
Engage your foes in melee unless they try to avoid it

The Order of the Steel Fang is the elite fighting unit within the Church of Tempus and the Steel Tusks are a faction of it. While other factions pride themselves to be the ultimate bulwark holding their ground against onslaughts when no one else could, the Steel Tusks are the orders shock troops and send to assault and tear down the heaviest fortifications and the most deeply entrenched units the enemy can muster. Steel Tusks howl in glee when marching to what lesser soldiers would consider suicide missions.

The church of Tempus lends units of Steel Tusks only the currently campaigning armies, never as part of a standing army during peacetime. While not serving in war individual members of the Steel Tusks travel the length of Faerun to find foes suitable to test their mettle and bring glory to Tempus.

Most members of the Steel Tusks wear heavy armor and wield big two-handed weapons. Some more reckless members charge their foes with nothing but a few sheets of animal hide and Tempus’ blessing between them and their foes.

Originally the made up mostly of humans and dwarves these two races today still make up the majority together with gnolls, orcs, minotaurs, dragonborn and even gondforged. Other races are less common within the Steel Tusks but are also welcomed into the order.

Ranks and Titles: Bloody Tusk, Fierce Tusk, Battle Preacher, Warpriest, Righteous Rage of Tempus
The Order of the Scepter

This an adventuring company for any character that is currently exploring, or has finished exploring, the environs of the Scepter Tower of Spellguard.

Some members may still be seeking the elusive ghost and her prophetic answers, while others have moved on to new quests. All share mysterious bond from their experiences there, and many have chosen to retain a loose affiliation with each other.

Those who wish to join can find the Orders's website here:

Just click on "Join This Group" and I'll approve you, then you can add yourself to the Roster in the database section.

In character, you can join as soon as your character start's playing the "Scepter Tower of Spellguard" adaptable module, the DM can choose to make one of the NPC's a member or introduce a new NPC who is a member.
The Herd

This Realms Adventuring Company is composed solely of Minotaur characters who don't take themselves too seriously.

The entrance requirements are inviolate, and strictly enforced:

1) Be a minotaur
2) Don't take yourself to seriously.

Our Motto is "The Herd Roams Free!"

Our Secondary Motto "We trample evil under our hooves!"

Current Members:

Angus "Cuddy" McDonald (Bravura Warlord)
Maxitaur (Battlerager Fighter)
Maul Weena (Barbarian)
Mooo-nshade (Warlock)
Mrooogh! (which is minotaur for "Bob") -(Beastmaster Ranger)

To join the AC, go to the yahoo group at:

and join the group. I'll approve you as soon as I can.
Scions of Flickering Flame

The 'Scions of Flickering Flame' is but one of many cover names used to describe the members of this most enigmatic of cabals. Members are often scholars of lore, seekers of power, pursuers of retribution against an evil foe, or otherwise use an interest to cover for their true and ultimate goal - known only to the membership.

Members tend to be charismatic, including many followers of the arcane, rogues, unaligned clerics, and the like. PCs seeking membership are assumed to have already passed many initial trials and vetting processes and must meet the following requirements:

  • Unaligned Alignment
  • Secretly worship a particular deity (clerics and similar classes may warship another deity as their cover deity, who powers their spells). The deity is revealed as part of the membership process.
  • Positive religion skill bonus
  • +5 or higher bluff skill bonus
  • Oath of secrecy to keeping all goals and activities secret
  • Agreement to participate in a ritual which will remove all knowledge of their activities when they leave the AC
  • Oppose the machinations of Cyric and his followers at all times
  • Seek to weaken Shar and her followers when possible

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The Crimson Blade Mercenary Company

Ten years ago a crack unit of dread legionnaires was sent to a slave camp by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Thayan underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The THAY-Team.

Members of the Crimson Blade Mercenary Company are a band of swords for hire founded by a Thayan expatriate. They roam the realms in search of wealth, some of which is funneled to Thay to support the rebel efforts there.

The company accepts only promising novices or seasoned recruits and as such it has some stringent tests to gauge the abilities of any prospective member. Its members are expected to honor their word to complete any job for which they hired. To betray a client is a stain on the entire company. The only exception is clearly evil actions for which the members of the company are expected to refuse.

Members of the Crimson Blade Mercenary Company must meet the following requirements.

Alignment: Good or Unaligned (The company has no qualms about performing illegal acts to get the job done. Lawful Good characters don't have the required outlook to succeed.)

Ability Score: Any one 18+
Skills: Any two at 8+ (do not include Armor Check Penalty when calculating whether or not you meet this requirement.)

Special: Those who share the homeland of the company's founders who wish to fight the rebel cause against Thay are more than welcome. You may substitute the following requirement for either the ability or skill requirement.
Home Region: Thay
WATE4-1 Paying the Piper (co-author)
Order of the Pale Knight

This is an LFR adventuring company for those playing Dhampyr. The only requirement is that the PC have the Vampiric Heritage feat and agree that they are decended from Mordoc SeLanmere (also known as the Pale Knight), one of the most powerful vampires in Toril.

Mordoc orchestrated the return of the Onyx Tower and used it to turn the population of Baldur's Gate into an army of zombies. He died in the Plane of Shadow when his most powerful vampire spawn Xanhast was killed by five adventurers, allowing them to enter through a shadow portal and destroy Mordoc. How his bloodline survived is unclear, but survive it did and each of the PCs in this company have the blood of Mordoc coursing through their veins.

The Company's public name is the Order of the Pale Knight but we are secretly known as Clan SeLanmere. While some of our members embrace this dark heritage and others despise it, we are all bound together by blood and feel the strong pull of family and clan ties. The only common purpose we share is to protect ourselves and one another from a world that does not and cannot understand our condition. Since the rest of Toril fears and reviles us or, in the case of evil, seeks to use or control us, we have banded together for security and acceptance.

Our clan motto is Sanguinas Veritas (True Blood).

Yahoo Group:
The Company of the Sundered Hall

The tale, like any good tale, grows in the telling (that is, it needs you!).

What is commonly held to be true is that the Company of the Sundered Hall was born from the ashes of a great Dwarven hall in the now-ruined and cursed city of Underhome. The clan that held the mighty hall fell prey to the damned drow who attacked the city when the Rift collapsed. The wealth of the clan remains there still, as do the bodies of an entire generation of proud dwarven warriors who died to defend hearth and home.

It is said that one of the survivors, bowed but not broken, challenged his fellow clanmates to take an oath with him: to never rest until the Hall That Was Sundered became the Hall That Has Been Restored. And until that day, the oathtakers vowed, they would not speak their clan's name - not until they had earned the right to proclaim it proudly once more. Most of the survivors were too shamed by their defeat, too filled with despair, and would not take the pledge. Those few who did became known as the Company of the Sundered Hall.

In the 100 years since, the Company has grown. Others from Underhome, whose clans were completely wiped out, have since taken the oath in hopes of avenging their fallen families. Even Shield Dwarves have joined the Company, and been accepted, in a show of dwur solidarity the likes of which have not been seen in our lifetimes.

The dwarves of the Sundered Hall do not simply brood and hover above their shattered vale. They go forth to spread the word of their mission, to make allies and vanquish enemies, to hone their fighting abilities, to perform heroic deeds that would make their fallen ancestors proud. They go forth throughout Faerun to, in a way, prepare the world for their clan's return. For they know that the return will shake the very earth.


To join the AC, the PC must meet the following requirements:
  • PC race must be dwarf (any subtype, though Gold is most common)
  • PC must either be from the East Rift region or have a role-playing link to the East Rift region (a relative, history of travel to the region, compassion for the region through hearing tales, etc.)
  • PC must take an oath to defend the East Rift region from all threats (including the Underdark and neighboring regions). An oathbreaker must leave the organization unless pardoned by a vote from all current members of the AC.
  • PC must take an oath to do all they can to help reclaim the Sundered Hall (the ancient clanhold now lost within Underhome). An oathbreaker must leave the organization unless pardoned by a vote from all current members of the AC.

Players with PCs meeting the requirements should join here.

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Still looking for four members


The History of the Azure Corsairs is a secret & primarily accidental one. The “Blue-Sail Trading Costar” is a noble family business handed down through the D’Hart family line. A family who, while sharp business men always acted with honor and discretion. The men it hired were always of the highest moral character & because of that its ships crew are always loyal. This loyalty spawned the Azure Corsairs: A group of adventuresome corsairs who love life & freedom.

Originally the “Azure Corsairs,” where a group of heroes who sailed with the original owner in the earliest days of the company, during the upheaval of the cataclysm.

The group consisted of
- A wizard who had lost all his powers to the fall of Mystra
- A swordsman of great Renown
- A priestess of Sune
- A young rogue

What happened to this group is not known as they vanished from public view and entered the realm of legends after a particular mission. What is known is that their legend lives on, in the form of The Azure Corsairs.

Quote: All it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing.

Concept: Freedom is something worth fighting for & doing the right thing is more then just an idle credo.

The Azure Corsairs have no true symbol, but sometimes use the symbol of their patron: A blue ships sail with an 8 pointed star. Instead Azure Corsairs can recognize each other by two means. The first is a piece of deep blue clothing or item worn upon ones body. This item is usually an arm band of blue clothe, but isn’t restricted to it. Secondly every Corsair is taught a simple verbal code that allows them to identify each other, when meeting.

- Well met; the sky is blue and clear today
- Yes, but there maybe a storm on the Horizon

Affiliated Adventuring Companies
- Currently none

- Church of Sune

Enemy of
- Any Tyrant who enslaves his people
- Slavers & those who dare shelter them
- Those who remove ones intrinsic freedom; life, liberty & love
- Those who stand in the way of love

Membership Requirements
- Works for the Blue-Sail Trading Costar
- Optimistic Outlook (The Swashbuckling ideal of High-Adventure)
- Have no association with Slavers.
- Good or Lawful Good
- Oath to follow all the rules of the Azure Corsairs
- Oath of secrecy to keeping all goals and activities secret
- Oppose the machinations of slavers, pirates & tyrants where ever possible

- Loyalty to the Blue-Sail Trading Costar, above all else.
- Loyalty & respect to ones friends & crew.
- Do all you can to help others, with out disadvantaging yourself.
- Don’t bring disrepute upon the company with your actions
- Protect the property of the company at all costs.
- Live life to its fullest.

Adventuring: The Mother-House for the Blue-Sail Trading Costar is located in Veltalar & works the Sea of Fallen Stars, traveling from port to port. While not on duty aboard one of the companies ships or in a company compound, you are free to pursue any target you wish (within the bounds of the Corsairs Laws). Do whatever you can to live life to its fullest, fighting injustice wherever you can & be away before anyone realizes who you are.

Current Members
- Maximillion Dyranix; Flameheart Genasi, Rogue 1 (Matthew Lane 109550596) Scribe
The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. -Albert Einstein When the forces of stupid collide, magical things happen. And by magical, I mean ******* moronic. - Anon
Zotha Arcanum

The Zotha Arcanum is an Adventuring Company for the RPGA’s Living Forgotten Realms Campaign. It is comprised almost exclusively of practitioners of the Arcane Arts and their traveling companions.

History of the Zotha Arcanum
When the Spellplague struck in 1385 DR, some members of the Wizards Guild in Ravens Bluff decided to leave the city. Taking ship across the Sea of Fallen Stars, they wound up in Westgate, where they decided to resettle, and form an organization with their first two great loves as a basis; The Arcane Arts, and Sea Travel. In time, other wizards from around the Sea of Fallen Stars joined them, and they have grown in power and knowledge. Over the years, they have expanded their membership to include those that do not possess arcane skill, but have other powers that assist the wizards. Many times, the members hire on to ships, protecting the crew in exchange for passage across the sea, or a new bit of arcane knowledge.

Who Can Join
Anyone can join the Zotha Arcanum provided they adhere to the following rules:
• The player character joining the organization conforms to all current RPGA character creation guidelines.
• Each player may have only one character in the Zotha Arcanum.
• The character in question can cast an power using the arcane keyword of 1st level or higher, or are sponsored by a member of Initiate level or higher.
• The character in question either hails from or travels to one of the following regions: Aglarond, Akanul, Chessenta, Cormyr, Dalelands, Dragon Coast, High Imaskar, Impiltur, Tyrmanther or Vilhon Wilds.
• The character in question is not evil.

Organization of the Zotha Arcanum
The Zotha Arcanum is ruled by a council of Archmages, who run the organization from the Company Headquarters in Westgate. There are 5 levels of membership within the organization:
1) Apprentices – can cast cantrip spells but aid the wizards of the organization while learning their craft. (all NPC’s)
2) Mercenaries – Cannot cast spells, but aid the wizards in other important ways (such as providing protection or healing to wizards while on missions).
3) Initiates – can cast level 1-10 Arcane Powers.
4) Wizards – can cast level 11-20 Arcane Powers. They can be of any Paragon Path open to wizards.
5) Archmages – can cast level 21+ Arcane Powers. Archmages do not need to take the Archmage Epic Destiny at 21st level, although those who do are accorded slightly more respect.

The Headquarters of the Zotha Arcanum
The Headquarters of the Zotha Arcanum is in the unlikeliest place you’d find a center of magical learning and experimentation; the dock district in the
City of Westgate. Located in a warehouse, the doors are marked with a painted arcane circle. Inside, the multilevel warehouse is a hodgepodge of magical tomes, spellbooks, ritual books and scrolls, and equipment for ships; sails, planks for hulls, spare masts.
From the renowned Blackwood Twins, James and John Blackwood, infamous War Clerics of Tempus, comes a new Adventuring Company...

Summary Judgment!

Contact: []Josiah Cassell[/email] (aka James Blackwood, War Cleric of Tempus)

Roster Sign-Up: This Group
Society of Wandering Adventurers and Treasurehunters (S.W.A.T.)

While the members of this society have build a name for themself as notorious, treasureseeking, brawling and corpserobbing adventurers, they secretly have sworn an oath to oppose the forces of darkness and evil that surround the goodly regions of Cormyr, the Dalelands and the elven realm of Myth Drannor.

- The members must be from one of the following regions: Cormyr, the Dalelands or Myth Drannor. A character that is not from one of these regions must be sponsored by an existing member that is from one of these regions.
- The members must swear an oath to oppose the Zhentarim, Sembia and the Netherese whenever they can.
- The members must show they are true adventurers by being trained in at least one of the following skills : Streetwise (notorious), Perception (treasureseeking), Intimidate (brawling) and Thievery (corpserobbing). If the character can show evidence that they oppose Sembia, the Netherese and the Zhentarim or that they have gained the favor of Cormyr, the Dalelands or Myth Drannor, they might gain a free pass for this skill requirement. If your character earned a story award that proves this (for example CORM01 or WEEK06), the skill training requirement is dropped.
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