New Mods?

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Since the "Missing Mods" thread didn't seem to make the move, I'd like to reask a question I had recently posted there - When will any new adventures be posted, if at all?  Except for a batch of modules from Origins, it seems like there has been very little LFR activity this year.  Are any new adventures in the works, and is work still progressing on the host of old stuff we've been waiting on (for years in some cases, AGLA2-4 I'm looking at you...)?  Any update at all would be much appreciated.

I'll be honest, I keep checking the LFR adventures page a couple times a week, hoping beyond hope that something new and interesting will be there, but I'm burn out on that.  If there's nothing else coming out this year, I'll probably have to go find other well-supported campaigns to invest time in...  Makes me sad!  ::fingers crossed::