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Adventure Questions
There are no adventure questions for this adventure.
However, the campaign staff would be very interested in
knowing exactly what questions the PCs asked Lady
Saharel. We will establish a permanent thread on the
Wizards of the Coast official Living Forgotten Realms
message boards for this purpose.

I didn't see a thread for this anywhere, so I'm starting one. An admin might want to sticky this.

Yes, that would be greatly appreciated.
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I will request this be stickied.

Because we're only supposed to have three stickies in a forum, I'll be moving the "Questions for the Admins" thread to RPGA General.

Aaaaaaand we're sticky.
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Should this also be moved to module specific section?

Make it so.

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Here are my player’s questions. If you have any suggestions for answers please send me a PM with your answer. I'll edit the post with the answers I've chosen once they have completed the adventure.

Q. Will the Dwarves of the East Rift ever find justice against the Drow for the destruction of the Rift in the formation of the Underchasm?
A. "Justice is relative, for every creature is innocent in his own eyes."

Q. Where can I find the "Returned Abeir"?
A. “Your present path leads to what you seek, but beware the reason you seek it.”

Q. Can the Orc race ever be 'saved' (converted to worship Tempus)?
A. "One can only decide to be saved of their own free will."

Q. What is the most powerful force?
A. "The force which unites everything and everyone."
I am pleased to report that I finished my table of Scepter Tower last weekend, and I'd like to share additional RP bits that I added for anyone who wants to 'borrow' them.

First off, I used an adventure hook from an old FR campaign that I ran several years ago. The PCs were recruited by a mysterious figure in Silverymoon who seemed to command respect from the Knights in Silver and held some unofficial rank. The mysterious NPC uses a vague code name such as 'Crow' and tasks the heroes with investigating a supposed threat to Luruar. Actionable intelligence suggests that orcish agents of a hostile power have been travelling south to the Scepter Tower, to seemingly employ the oracle there for nefarious purposes. The PCs are tasked with stopping them, and evaluating any future threat the oracle may pose. If they actually manage to find the oracle, and she's feeling generous, they are given a sealed envelope containing one question to be broken and asked directly of the oracle.

The rest of the mod played out much as it is written, however, I made it abundantly clear that there are dozens of pilgrims here with worthy causes, hence in the end several of the PCs opted to champion their causes by asking Lady Saharel questions on their behalf.

Questions directly related to the mod as written with sample responses in cryptic rhyme are below:

Q: How can Clan Delano remove their lycanthropic curse?

The ire of gods, though wrought in justice,
May yet be cleansed with the blood of the righteous.
Once named, a champion, a child of winter
Must bare his neck at the shrine of Silver.

((Vague, open ended, plenty of room to play, and certainly enough to satisfy marginally helpful halflings if you negotiate with them.))

Q: Where is Sister Cherra’s lost brother?

Be he brother of blood, or brother of arms,
Cherra’s beloved has met with great harm.
Uncommon works wrought by his hand,
His memory is sacred to the Kings of Sand.

((Shades of The Parched Sea by Troy Denning for all you old school FR types.))

Two PCs opted for questions of topicality to threats in their native regions:

Q: How can the threat of Many Arrows be eliminated forever?

Born of blood and fire, an empire stands,
Its rallying cry echoing ‘cross air and land.
Vexation of kingmakers, wrack of sanity,
The direst of enemies may be slain with concord and amity.

((Orcs are the least of the threats that array themselves against Silverymoon, and frankly, might not be bad allies to have against the Empire of Shade.))

Q: What is Szass Tam’s greatest weakness?

The fiend of the East casts a wary eye ‘cross countless lands,
Desirous of nothing so minor as the rule of a cold, dead hand.
Thus Tam, drunk with power, can scarcely follow,
A forgotten mark recalled by a King in Shadow.

((This is a veiled reference to past associations Szass Tam is purported to have had with the Netherese lich, Larloch.))

Finally, the big reveal of the sealed question proved that the PCs truly are pawns, and chasing after orcs was a complete snipe hunt:

Q: Who is the High Prince of Shade?

Thy true enemy, cloaked in a shroud of lies,
Plots murder and vengeance upon unwitting spies.
Annihilation of mortals is hardly a gamble
For a dark engineer the likes of Telamont Tanthul.

((The context here being the fiction behind Denning's Return of the Archwizards trilogy; the High Prince is an anonymous messiah-like figure in Netheril, hence revealing his true name is an intelligence gathering coup.))

In my next post, I'll detail an unsettling little epilogue I inserted to our table to settle the

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The question of awarding cert ADAP04 is largely open ended in the context of the adaptable. My take on the material in the FRPG suggests to me that a. the organization in question doesn't 'mess around' anymore, and b. in the context of the 4E alignments, very likely exclusively favors 'Good'. My reasoning on alignment is that Lawful Good would not tolerate murder, torture, extortion, etc., and that Unaligned would be too mercenary to be trusted with secrets.

To that end, I devised the following epilogue such that PCs are RPing for the cert. It's not perfect, but it's just plain odd enough that the truly inquisitive would note 'something doesn't make sense here' and swallow it hook, line, and sinker.


Sister Cherra is heartened by your news that Lady Saharel has once more appeared to pilgrims, but she is deeply saddened by your news of her brother.

“I…I cannot thank you with words. You have lifted a great burden from my heart, and I am … glad to have some small measure of solace. My future service here will be dedicated in your names.”


Flushed with success, and burdened under the weight of the treasure you have looted from the Scepter Tower, you make your final preparations to depart the Monastery and return to civilization. You are surprised to learn that the Monastery at the Precipice has had another departure in the night. Sister Cherra’s quarters were found empty this morning; however, evidence of her passing abounds in the Monastery. Brother Kuryon found a heavy pile of coin in the Monastery’s offering box. Brother Turnagall discovered a set of carefully prepared whiskey recipes in the distillery. Finally, one of Thurr Gargengrim’s ponies was found to be missing from its hitch, but oddly, in its place Thurr pocketed a fine yellow diamond the size of his thumb.


Your treasure liquidated and toasts of congratulation behind, your adventuring band makes plans to depart for the next big score or the next daring exploit somewhere down the road. In your belongings you discover a private sealed note signed by Sister Cherra. She is pleased to report that her ‘brother’ has been located and that she and some of her old friends wish to personally thank you at the remote village of Jalanthar in the wilds of Luruar.

Arriving at the appointed location, you are stupefied to discover that your explicit directions have led you to into an ambush. You put up a noble effort, but eventually you are subdued by dozens of masked humanoid assailants. Just before your world spirals into blackness, one of the assailants crouches nearby, gazing at your face intently. A gruff and gravelly voice barks, ‘Time for a bit of the chat, fish.’

You awaken to discover yourself bereft of arms, armor, and equipment. You are seated in a chair. At least…you think you’re seated. Your vision is apparently obscured by a sackcloth hood. Your hands and feet are soundly secured.

‘Ahhh, the fish still has some fight left in ‘em,’ barks the gravelly voice. “We’ve got some questions. Let’s hope you have answers.”

Intense questioning ensues along the following lines. Consider this a trial to discern the true motives of the PCs. Violence up to and including minor rough-housing will be employed against incalcitrant captives. There are three interrogators present, the gravelly voice employs a +20 Intimidate score. A melodic female voice employs a +20 Bluff score; an even-keeled, and serenely calm male voice employs a +20 Diplomacy score and a +20 Insight score. Intersperse interrogation tactics, insert your own queries as you see fit, but most importantly determine if the PCs are ‘gems in the rough’ for future Harper faceting.

Q: Why did you aid Sister Cherra?

Q: Who do you serve?

Q: Why do you kill?

Q: Life on the road is hard—you could have been a (insert profession). Three squares, a warm bed. Why’d you leave home, kid? What were you thinking?

Q: Who do you work for? You got references? (We want to see your adventure records).

Assuming the PC has satisfactorily passed this test, relate something to the effect of:

“Hmm. You got a bright future, kid. We can help you with that, assuming you’re up to helping us. Don’t look for us. We’ll find you. You’ll know us when someone identifies themselves to you as Victor Echo Bravo. Go make some destiny, kid. Hope this don’t smart too much.”

Cold-cocked, you awaken in a pool of spittle and blood, freed from your bonds. You find yourself in an abandoned shack; if the sun and your growing hunger are indicators, several hours have passed since your altercation. Your belongings appear to be neatly arranged on a pile on a table. Your captors have vanished, almost as if they were specters. Your minor injuries attest to the fact that no, it was not just an unfortunate nightmare. As you turn to leave, you note a crude and unusual sigil scratched in charcoal on door.

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My Characters Asked th following questions for this adventure.
(we were not supposed to supply them with an answer were we?)

-What is the Nature of the Powers that Grant me my abilities?
-What Is My Purpose Here?
-Will I ever see my parents again?
- Does Bahmut See the Deeds I do in his name?
- Will the Dragonborn ever be as common as the humans in this world?
We have just completed spellgard.
here are the players questions and my answers. Enjoy (perhaps?):

Question:The land has been ravaged by the effects of the death of Mystra centuries ago, as well as that wrought by the spellplague. What can be done, either by myself or through alliances to aid in the recovery of the land to that which once was?

Answer: That which once was shall never be again. Seek aid in preventing the woven corruption from being bolstered under the argent boot. But beware of the azure vision; they mask their true intent according to their faith.

Question:Where is the lost treasure of the Ironhands?

Answer: Beyond the dark spiral in the land of stone, seek the burial portal of the eminence. Beneath the mounds of curved swords your destiny holds what you most treasure. But beware and take heed; bring divine light to the shadows surrounding the cloudy eyes of your befouled kin.

Question:Where will fate lead me during my adventuring life?

Answer:You will know of all lands between your hoary breath and your fetid sweat. I see the final beat of your heart taken in falling beneath a clenched fist.

Question:What is the meaning of life?

Answer:Seek those of sage council and wild abandon and the multitude in between. Within you will find your truth.

Question:Is there anytime in the future when the drow refugees in East Rift will finally be accepted?

Answer:When the golden gate is opened on the shining face of the moonmaiden, her sister will curse the web for its poisonous barbs, and release the flock.

Question:If ultimate power can be acquired, can you help me gain it and guide me?

Answer:Only through great struggles, and an unquenchable spirit for knowledge will provide the tools required. The final sacrifice will put ultimate power within your bony grasp.
I don't remember anyone else's Questiions, but my character's question was:

"May we represent Lady Saharel or the Scepter Tower in our future adventures?"

The answer I got was the new name of my adventuring company: The Champions of Saharelgard.
My group has recently finished Scepter Tower, and summoned Lady Saharel, asking her these questions (answers also included):

The Mistress, a drow cleric who expects everyone to be subservient:

Mistress will attempt to ask her question in private. None but the
faithful should be allowed to hear the answer or question.

"Lady Saharel, how might I most readily gain the power required to
return the lost children, (by force if necessary), to their rightful
home, or barring that, punish them properly for their indiscretion."

OOC, of course, she is talking about the dark elves who have
abandoned their heritage and culture and embraced the surface
dwellers ways.

Lady Saharel: Power is never readily gained, except by the lucky. You shall not be lucky. Those who you would deem lost will never return willingly. Ally yourself with the priestess Shivra to bring vengeance to the lost children, if that is your desire.


Zohr'adin, a swordmage who is very serious about finding his lost wizard:

"Will his noble family regain their prominence in Thay?" (They are currently
in exile in the Wizard's Reach).

Lady Saharel: Two sons shall be born in years to come. The first shall not live beyond 14 winters, but the second shall see firsthand the Citadel return to the living.


Nenielle, a female drow paladin of Selune:

"Selune teaches that it is good to give aid and solace to those who need it.
I am no ghost, but I think I would find it lonely and sorrowful to haunt
these ruins. Perhaps you did not choose it for yourself. How can I help
you, Lady Saharel, find what you seek?"

(and yes, I stuffed in some side questions: "what is it like to be a
ghost?", "are you here against your will?", and "what do you seek, in the
first place?") ;^)

Lady Saharel: A strange question indeed, and one no seeker has asked in all my years. I too am no ghost, for I chose my death willingly when Netheril died around me. I have no need for pain, joy, sadness, companionship; those concepts died with my body. I have little to fear from those born of Faerun, even though some may attempt to bind my service. In answer to your question, some ancient part of me still longs for the rebuilding of my ancient seat, but I am consigned to only seek knowledge.


Alyss, deceptively "nice" human female dark pact warlock:

"You have been beyond the Veil. You have seen warriors and sorcerers come to
power and crumble to dust. I have chosen the path of the Darkwalker, and
thus far I am pleased with my decision. But if I follow the path to its
end - what, ultimately, will be the price?"

Lady Saharel: You already know the price, for you pay it each time you command power. Ultimately, some who dwell in the darkness are consumed, but you shall escape such payment. Beware the Earthsoul, for that shall be your most difficult test.


Orlo, a happy-go-lucky male halfling rogue:

Orlo's family were merchants in Sembia prior to the invasion by the
Netherese. Orlo's mother was killed and his father was taken away for
questioning. Strangely, Orlo and his siblings were left alone. The
last time he saw his father was just before he fled with his two
siblings to Baldur's Gate.

"I've always wondered if my father is still alive. More
importantly, though, I've never known if my family was allowed to
live because my father had been collaborating with the Netherese.
Was he a collaborator?"

If so, Orlo is determined to track him down and seek justice. If not,
this will put Orlo's mind at rest.

Lady Saharel: Your father knew much, and sold what he knew many times to pay his debts. He drowns his regrets on Blood Island.


Faenre, another female drow cleric who is torn between the ways of Selune and Lolth:

"How do we get that stone chest with all the phat loot without getting fried to death?"

Lady Saharel: The chest is an errant cow, and you are the cowboy. You have all you need to reign her in safely.
Finished running and playing this a couple weeks ago. I forget exactly what the most of the party (for the record: two drow, a gnoll, two minotaurs, and an eladrin "house servant" to the rest of the party) asked when I DM'd, but my favorite question came from the gnoll: "Where can I find something tastier than gnome livers, and what is it?" For once, Lady Saharel was not cryptic. Her answer was, "Behind you. Minotaur flank steaks."

When I played, my PC asked how the Misty Vale (now the Dead Vale) could be restored to its former verdant state. Sadly, the DM took the cop-out and informed me that I got an answer, but he didn't know what it would have been.
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My group just finished this last Saturday and here's what we ended up with.

This first part is how I altered the ending a bit, due to the players having fled one encounter and to also enhance the storytelling.


The group fought the crazy kitchen encounter that ended up summoning the next room and the room above that and barely survived. When they encountered Thoran the first time, they had to flee. So, after a rest, they returned. This time, I improv'd that Thoran had reinforced the lower level, moving some ettercaps, spiders, gnomes and creepers from the upper levels to fill the empty lower levels. They fought through these. I also changed it so that the Oni had been moved to the dining hall room and re-imprisoned there to act as a guard. It says "old man", but I had him disguised as Thoran. The players fought and killed it, only to discover what it really was once it died.

In the armoury above, I had Sister Cherra and a couple of monks imprisoned in the room where the kobolds are shown. Once rescued, she told them that Thoran and his people attacked the monastary and retrieved the two pillars the players had found. He was currently at the top of the scepter tower performing the ritual. The sister and the monks left to return to tend the wounded at the monastary while the players went up to stop Thoran.

I had the last two levels as one area, battlements and a raised platform and had Thoran on top performing the ritual. Two creepers guarded the stairs while the stalker and two more creepers waited for the players. This took Thoran out of the fight, but made the encounter a little more fair since the stalker's defenses combined with his cloud of player killing darkness and his creeper friends was plenty of fight. I used a round tracker to keep suspense as Thoran continued the ritual, lighting up the pillars and the lady began to fade into view.

Of course, the heroes saved the day, killed Thoran and his allies and rescued the lady. The wizard used his Arcana to note the ritual was already too far gone to stop, but if they altered the process by moving a couple of the pillars and using some different words and gestures, etc, they could turn it into a summoning instead of a binding, as suggested in the adaptation documents. They summoned the lady, burning out the plinths in the process. She thanked them and said that while she normally appeared only to those who needed to hear her words the most, she felt these heroes had earned their reward and they could ask her one question.

Here's what they asked her ...

Barin and Kreeg, the fighter and cleric dwarf brothers. Barin asked where the best ale in the Realms could be found. The lady replied, "Where the earth was rent asunder, the ancient home of your people is buried and tainted with darkness. What you desire is entombed therein. Seek ye the Drunken Mug."

Upon hearing that, the dwarves both immediately turned and left not even pausing to hear what the others asked. Since Kreeg didn't ask anything, I gave them both the story award and consider them to have shared the same question.

Cisrean, the Gregory House of elven rangers, asked, "When will the elven nation be free from having to deal with lesser races?" The lady sighed politely, but answered, "Only when the elves leave Toril behind will they find a place untouched by the feet of other races. You will not live to see this day, but when you meet the one 'touched by Summer', you will no longer find that such things concern you." (This was my open-ended way of saying, the elves are stuck with the lesser races, but someday you'll meet someone that makes that okay, whether its an ally, friend or lover ... or possibly the person that will kill him and remove all of his concerns.)

Kelsun, the tiefling fire wizard, asked something to the effect of, "Where can I find ancient secrets to increase my power?" I forget his exact phrasing, but Kelsun knows he will be a powerful archmage someday, but he's also willing to take shortcuts to get there faster. So, the lady told him, "One day nations will cower at your approach." Kelsun interrupted saying he knew this already. She continued, "To hasten this future, seek the Ebon Tome of Bael Turath. In unlocking the power of your heritage, you will see the day come sooner. But know this, one who seeks such a destiny must be without regret, for it comes at a price."

Lastly, as each adventurer filed away, Tohu the oft silent drow rogue was left alone. As the lady turned to where he hid in shadow, his eyes widened in surprise and he looked as if he would dart away. Then, thinking better of it, he approached her, leaned in and whispered a question. Whatever he asked of her caused the lady to smile. Her whispered response was heard only by Tohu.

All in all, it was a fun module. Some of the parts are written poorly, and many of the areas are scaled badly (either too easy or too hard), but nevertheless my players said it was one of the best RPGA experiences they've had so far. It's a good story that just needs some tinkering by the DM.
I hope they do more adaptable modules based on other published modules, this was all out good fun. I heard that H1-H3 is a fun module series to play. If they made them adaptable perhaps i would by them to run.
I have a group of players that I am DMing Scepter Tower of Spellgard for that have formed an adventuring company. More accurately, one player has formed the company, the other four players don't seem to care and submitted to be a part of it becasue the first wanted to do it.

Anyway, the adventuring company is called Fists of Kuryon. As I understand Kuryon, his monastery, and the current monks, I am not sure if the monks would appreciate the use of Kuryon's name in this way. My thinking is that Allendi and Cherra might talk to the characters, asking them to respect Kuryon and his peaceful ways and manner. Cavorting around Faerun (let alone Spellguard) as Kuyon's Fists hardly seems a proper way to memorialize the founder of the order.

Does it seem reasonable that the monks of the precipice would ask the party to refrain from using Kuryon's name thus? It seems like something they'd take mild offense at.

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More accurately, one player has formed the company, the other four players don't seem to care and submitted to be a part of it becasue the first wanted to do it.

Carefull if i remember correctly the ccg says that players can only join and or switch AC when they level up so if these members have not leveled up when they made the decision to join the AC they will need to wait until they do (wont be long in SToS tho) before being able to use teh action point for a AC.
Carefull if i remember correctly the ccg says that players can only join and or switch AC when they level up so if these members have not leveled up when they made the decision to join the AC they will need to wait until they do (wont be long in SToS tho) before being able to use teh action point for a AC.

Only if the character belonged to an AC before. If the character's never been in an AC, they can join one at any time, not just when they level.
As we are coming to the end of the mod, I was thinking how to handle awarding story award ADAP04. pgfrix gave me some ideas (thanks!), but instead of doing it in person, I want to handle it by leaving all PCs a letter on their bed. At the end I want to rate them by points: attitude towards Sister Cherra, some really talked to her, some reluctantly, one just wiped her whisky of the table. Then alignment, best would be just poor good. Do Harpers have any difficulties with any race, we have in the party: dwarf, elf, halfling, genasi, ork. Lastly, answers they give. Below the letter they will find, please give me feedback, suggestions to improve it. Thanks!

We have observed you, and your efforts in ridding the Tower of evil. Your skills look promising, but need advancement. We are benefactors in the background and can help you, if you are willing to help us. And yes, we do not like evil as you do.
To help you, just answer us some questions:
Who are you, we need more details.
Whom do you serve?
Why do you kill?
Life on the road is hard—you could have been a (insert profession). Three squares, a warm bed. Why did you leave home? What were you thinking?
Leave the answers in a sealed letter in the room. At one point we will meet, and you will understand.
After months of everyone laughing about how someone will end up asking a stupid question to the prophetic spirit...

Lady Saharel: "I will answer one question for each of you."

Eyria starts with a long, carefully-thought-through introduction to her question... the backstory that has been relayed to every NPC the party has met. (So there's nothing new here for any players at the table.)

Lady Saharel interrupts, "I already know these things."

Eyria: "Can I finish my question?!?"

Lady Saharel: "No. Next!"


(And yes, I let the player ask her question . . .)

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Q: How can Sister Charra find her lost brother?

Q: Who is the assassin who killed my family while I watched from hiding as a small child in Akanul?

Q: How can the Darrano halfling clan remove the curse aflicting them?

Q: Where is the nearest portal to Sigil, and where can I find the key?

Q: I don't have anything I want to ask. What's wrong with me?

Dan Anderson @EpicUthrac
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LFR Epic Writing Director

LFR Myth Drannor Writing Director

I noticed that the adventure is run in three parts. Each part having their own adventure code, how do I report one part of the adventure if it takes 2 sessions or more sessions to complete?
I noticed that the adventure is run in three parts. Each part having their own adventure code, how do I report one part of the adventure if it takes 2 sessions or more sessions to complete?

You shall have to wait until your group completes a part/chapter, then report it. For example, my group took three game sessions on three Friday nights to complete Part 1: The Ramparts. I reported the event after they played through all three sessions and completed that chapter. Then I ordered Part 2: The Catacombs, it took three separate Friday night sessions, then I reported it and I just ordered Part 3: The Tower.

Does this make sense?

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That makes perfect sense. However, I thought you had 8 days from which the event took place to report it.
That makes perfect sense. However, I thought you had 8 days from which the event took place to report it.

I thought you only had eight days to report, too. But, I had Parts 1 and 2 in My Events for three weeks each and they both reported fine. Part 3 is going on its fourth week sitting in My Events. I did, however, go in and add the players and DM and saved the events shortly after ordering. I don't know if that makes a difference or not.

The RPGA database continues to be a mystery to me.

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Awesome! Thank you for your input. I can't wait to run this adventure for my players.
Another method is to order it, download the adaptation and cancel the event. You than reorder it at the date you finished that particular part and then book it.
Another method is to order it, download the adaptation and cancel the event. You than reorder it at the date you finished that particular part and then book it.

Or, alternatively, order the module for a future date, several weeks ahead, when you estimate your group would have finished that part. The module, or adaptation material in this case, should be available for download immediately in any case.
The question and answer:
At long last, my group is going to finish Spellgard tomorrow night. I asked them to let me know their questions ahead of time so I could prepare. I am honored to share the results with all of you. Please don't laugh at my trite poems!

The Prophecies of Saharel

Khirae, a druid often seen in vicious rabbit form, was sent out with many others to seek a cure for the sickness which is killing the Unicorn Matriarch, the spirit of life for the Moonshae Isles in our version of the Realms. Though she has questions about where she comes from, she is forgoing her the greater need of her people. Saharel sees this and answers more than the spoken question:

Once upon a winter's night, a blood red moon shone clear and bright
And to a unicorn in woman's form, a blessed baby girl was was born
But unicorns were not meant to rear, a human child, though very dear
And so the people of the isle made their minds to raise the child

Now the matriarch is nearly slain by an assassin's cursed blade
And all the islanders will share her fate, unless you thwart this act of hate
You must be quick with no delay to unmake the Deathshard Blade
Throw it in the Heart of Fire, and face the foe of heart's desire

Storm, a water-soul Genasi, seeks peace from the guilt he feels and the vengeance he desires on a comrade who turned coat and sold out their military unit. Storm and Khirae's players are husband in wife in real life, so there is some romantic overlap to their prophecies:

The peace you seek is easily found, in homey farms and bellies round
But for vengeance, and for glory, follow along with Rabbit's story
The genasi will one day need, a hero to unite their breeds
For when the fire stone does fall, comes the ending of us all

In water's cool embracing waves, your given soul will ever bide
But at the top of White Plume's peak, you will be born into sky
And at the well where dragons rest, a stone's resolve you will require
In Moonshae's hour of need, take Arnrock's flame, become the Heart of Fire

Rellik, a gnome starlock who spent years in slavery to fomorians, seeks vengeance upon the Shadovar who stole her father's arcane secrets and sold her people out to the Fomorians:

For vengeance you have wished upon a demon haunted star
On whose power you have called to fight the Shadovar
But spells and loyal friends are not all that you will need
In the city Ikemmu, where the shadows are
Seek the heart of caverns lost, where Tsojcanth rests not well

For the magic you will need, to defeat the Shadovar 
Vengeance for your family slain, your father's book of spells
Await you in dark Ikemmu, where the shadows dwell


Rezo the Red Priest, who survived captivity and torture at the hands of an orc tribe, through aside his worship of Sune in search of power and vengeance (lots of that going around here...):

Vengeance is a fickle friend, quick to bring a bloody end
And power is a fruitless goal, if it consumes your living soul
Tempus's blade is streaked with red, with little care for who is dead
A treasury piled high with gold, and who's to care what has been sold?

On the right, a lover's song, a harpist's tune played all night long
On the left, the path of power. Stand for the weak or make them cower?
But if revenge is all that matters, the Red Axe clan is bruised and battered 
And if power is all you seek, then find the Nightclaw at White Plume Peak

Cambrex, a tiefling paladin of Loviatar (!!!) revels in pain, but loves the priestess who rescued him from poverty and helped him find his faith and path as a paladin. He wants to know how to win her love. Saharel once again sees and answers more than the immediate question:

A black hand is soon to wield, and force your moves upon the field
He cares not for you, be clear, his only joys are death and fear
Stand with him for ultimate strength, and at his word, go any length
The path of shadows calls your name, but should you play it's wicked game?

If all you ever love is pain, then you will search for Love in vain
And if you live in hatred's name, you may find a lonely fame
But if you give your heart a voice, then you will face a vexing choice
For in that fateful, bloody hour, will you choose Love or only power

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