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Dear DM's and Homebrewers,


I am a long time DM (4E 3.5, SR, D20 Modern), and long time viewer of these awesome threads! I am a a Digital illustrator and I would love to do some freelance comissions for anyone intrested on taking their homebrewed world and making it come to life with a digital painting! Since I have been so inspired by your creativity Ill make sure to put extra care into these projects!  


  • MAP (many different styles)
  • CHARACTERS ( tell your players ill make a character portrait for them!)
  • PROPS (Swords, potions, amulets, rings) 


If you are intrested, Here is what you should do:

Send me a message with type of commission you want, we can discuss rates and the scope of the comission. After we both agree to the details I can begin working! 


Here is my Tumblr feel free to follow me! 








P.S. I apologize if this is not the correct forum if anyone has any information on a MORE correct forum please let me know and ill delete this immediately! thanks! 


also if anyone knows additional websites I could post on please let me know! 

You have a DEVIANT? How much for a map of a classic campaign like ravenloft? can you do it if we give you maps? How long to have it?


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Hey Alpiarai,

I was so use to getting no responces I gave up, Sorry for the late responce.  I would love to do some work for you and I love making maps! But I cant talk too much about how uch it would cost on here. Feel free to Email me at


p.s. I have a deviant but I dont update it as regularly as my Tumblr. 





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