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I am brewing up some home made items, paragon paths, maybe epic destinies, and such. Not a campaign setting, adventure, world, or anything that grand. I do do that large scale stuff when I DM, but right now I am just a player, so...



It says on the teaser that this is the appropriate forum, but I wasn't seeing any small stuff on a perusal. So is the the right place to get input on the little things?

I think it is the correct forum, but I'm not sure how much love its going to get, I haven't seen much in the way of new 4e houserule stuff here in a while.  I just skimmed some of what has been posted recently in that vein, and its doesn't appear to have attracted much attention.


Its a shame, because I vew 4e as an incomplete system, and we are on our own if we want to fix it or add to it.  I have been tempted recently to post a couple of hoursulres over at CharOp.  I know it would get a lot of grief for posting in the wrong place, but along with the crankiness I expect I would also get a lot of good insight regarding the balance of my houserules; those guys have good system mastery.


For what it's worth, I have some understanding of the relative strength of magic items, I'll PEACH those for you if you post them here.

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