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My current campaign is growing to a close, and my group has generously offered me the next campaign. I was thinking about making a campaign set in ancient Egypt. 


Should there be any restrictions, or anything? Like, fire spells are plentiful, but cold ones, not so much. Something along those lines.







Talk to your group about it, if they feel having restrictions on spells and the like would enhance the experience, then go for it. I wouldnt recommend making any significant changes like that without conferring with your group first, other wise your players may find the efficiency of their characters significantly reduced.


One thing I would suggest is to skim over any Dark Sun material you have and mercilessly pillage that for ideas/mechanics regarding thirst, starvation, sun stroke etc.

I agree skimming through Dark Sun could offer some good inspiration. also I believe there was a 3.5 book about desert adventuring (the title escapes me at the moment) but it would likely also offer a great deal of information and ideas.


I wouldn't limit spells, but maybe rename and reflavor some of them. Mostly I think your looking at an asthetic shift, rather than any real changes to the mechanics of the game. do a little research on life in ancient egypt for inspiration. Real life history often has a great deal to offer in these situations.

This would be a cool idea and there are actually several good sources for you to check out.  Certainly Dark Sun is one simply because of the desert environment.  You might also read about the "Tomb Kings" Army from the Warhammer line.  If you haven't read up on Egyptian Mythology, you might want to check that out as religion played a MAJOR role in daily life.  The Ancient Egyptians were one of the earliest cultures with a belief in "life after death."  The "Book of the Dead" is an important historical document that the Egyptians believed was a guide to the afterlife detailing what the deceased would encounter along with magical spells to protect them and open doors.  You can definitely GOOGLE many of these items and there are a ton of good references online.


In terms of character races, humans and dwarves would probably be good but the rest would be very rare at best (unless of course you want to bend history a bit which in my opinion is always a good thing.)  Most of the character classes would be acceptable.  The Ancient Egyptians believed in magic so even Wizards and Sorcerers would be acceptable.  Clerics would be highly viewed in society as many priestly castes held a lot of government control.  The pharaoh himself was seen as a sort of "priest-king."  The only class that might be pushing it would be the druid and/or ranger as there are not a lot of woods (if any).  You could certainly create druids and rangers adapted to the desert or river environment of course.


If you can also get a hold of the 1st Edition Deities & Demigods, it has a good write up of the Ancient Egyptian pantheon of gods.


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