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I'm trying to come up with a new way to introduce characters and get them started on the road of adventuring together.  Not having played or DM'd in many years, I'm not sure if many games even start at first level anymore but I'm old school.  I strongly believe in developing a strong party cohesiveness and family like bond in my groups that comes with each player character starting at 1st level.  i know that 1st level can sometimes be kind of boring because it's that early stage before players really get any abilities, armour, spells or hit points,  but i think 1st level can be a great opportunity to develope a group's role playing personality.  The role playing can really shine in the early years!



That being said, i have an idea that I would like to bounce off everyone on starting out a campaign - 1st level.  I know the old stand by like " you all meet at the local tavern and a stanger approaches you.....".  My thought is to have a school for professional adventurer's.  Kind of like Super Hero High.  Each character would be attending a different branch of the school depending upon what class they want to play.  They could meet or compete against one another in various school or class competitions, events or professor set up mini-adventures.  I'm thinking this setting could be used of a level or two until they have achieved enough notoriety within the school that outside parties hear of their basic exploits and inquire about hiring your group.


This is all very off the cuff but I think it could open up some interesting kick off dynamics with potential allies or nemisises(?) down the road.  I would appreciate all constructive imput.


Thanks & good gaming

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In Monte Cook's Ptolus there is a guild called Delver's Guild, which is based in Ptolus.

Ptolus has a huge underground labyrinth and the Delver's Guild is recruiting new members to explore this region.


There are several different types of members, some are trap disarmers, some fight monsters, some are arcane lore specialists etc.




If you want to put your players back to school thats cool, but there might be other ways to do the very same thing, which might feel a little bit more "fantastic".

How about something sanctioned by the local government?  A school or adventureing company that is taxed by the local lord?  As they advance from smaller jobs and adventureing they gain the notice of the lord and he becomes their patron sending them on his personal quests?

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