Justify the addition of Tiefling and Dragonborn into a new setting

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I'm deciding if i even want these two races to even be in my D&D next campaign setting.  I wouldn't mind including them somehow, I just don't want either to have been a past empire (as they were in 4e), and I think the idea of them both being their own race is kind of dull.  (a race of dragon people...neat *sarcasim.  People who sold their souls to the devil and now their children and their children's children are half devils, whoopie.


Spice up these two races, make them interesting again.  Give me a few reasons why I should even account for them being in my setting.  The only thing i have to go on is that one of my friends made a Dragonborn Warlord that we both liked, hell I even concidered him the main character of that campaign.  Tieflings...really don't interest me.  They seem like a FR thing that I'd rather just keep in FR, away from my setting.  Same goes for Warforged, they can stay in Ebberon.


I've already excluded Gnomes from my setting.  They don't exist at all, and I actually don't mind using that as the excuse as to why there are no Dragonborn or Tieflings.  Unless you fellow players and DMs can convince me otherwise, or my friends give me reason enough to include them, then I just won't.


Bad part of this is unless a PC even wants to play either of the two races, they won't have anything to do with the main campaign.  I'm just looking for ideas to fill out the national boarders of my campagin setting's world map.


What say you?

Personally in my homebrew I will not allow players to roll Tiefling, Dragonborn, Warforged, Shardmind or Wilden.  I prefer to stick with the old playable races from 1e.  Not to say that they would never exist in my campaign, I just wouldn't allow them to be playable.  Too many options, sometimes, does not make a good thing.

Personally I prefer Keith Baker's original interpretation of Tieflings for Eberron, they are being born / concieved in a manifest zone.

Not all newborn's would be born tieflings, just certain individuals influenced under specific circumstances.

Easy. Tieflings & the Dragon born exist. They just (supposedly) exist "over there" far to the east/west/north/south. IE; whichever direction WON'T be involved in the story to come (unless the PCs themselves choose to go there - wich will be pointlessly out of the way) and wich you intentionally leave vague & undefined. And, unless you have a player character of one of these races, no matter how far the PCS travel in that direction? Those races always remain just a little bit further away.

The presences of some ancient dragons is a corrupting blight on the world. Some people call the abberations born from these things "Dragonspawn". Lizards with the heads of dragons, giants called Godslayers, all sorts of beasts born in the world. In most places, these creatures live for scarely a generation, horrible mutants that die swiftly. But in the grasslands south of that ancient canyon, the one some say is forbidden, that no man has crossed, it was said that some of the Dragonspawn, no, Dragonborn breed true, not beholden to draconic masters. They say that, long ago, one of the last ancient dragons, known only as the Destroyer, was mortally wounded in a battle with another ancient dragon, the Purified, and, as a final act, he forced the two of them to the ground, seeking to taint it with the blood of two of the most ancient and primeval creatures known. The land there grew wild and fierce, and the first explorers there brought back strange tales, almost unbelievable to the rest of the world. The Drakar Plateu was just a place, they said, no cities carved into the cavern walls, no priest caste called the Firstborn who interpret the signs of the two dead dragons to find where their race should go


The charade was shattered when Arzb'atcl, Firstborn, current speaker of the Purified, came with her warriors to the gates of (INSERT APPROPRIATE IMPORTANT CITY HERE). The Purified had told them it was time to stop hiding and to reveal themselves to the world and they have taken the first step. People don't trust them very much


Tieflings are Planescape as hell and depend on your setting. Does the blood of demons and devils flow in them?


Also going to do Warforged because Warforged are, let's just be honest here, living golems. Any golem that is anything more than a simple construct by its creator is a Warforged. They're incredibly uncommon and no two people will call them by the same name, but just listen into some tavern talk and you hear the stories, about that mage who put the spirit of a loved one in a construct to return them to some fascilmly of life. Or how about those tales from the dwarves, of the Living Statue, said to have awoken from the most ancient crypts and sworn fealty to the Dwarf Lords as payment for a task long since forgotten? Or those darker ones, about that golem who, so tainted by the blood of the people he killed, was now said to be pursuing some vague concept of "Justice" and slaying anyone who didn't agree with it


Also, include gnomes because they're fey as hell. While the Eladrin busy themselves with public matters, appearing the best they can, the gnomes are the ones who know the fey paths. They life the life the Eladrin lord over, they hunt Owlbears in the magic lights of the Fey Wilds, they're the ones who you find when you need something and don't care where it comes from. Prices are steep, sure, but you can't exactly argue with someone who can smuggle things for you through other worlds. They're the ones you find when you just want someone gone forever. Well, its not forever, techincally, but its not like most people know much about the Fey and its unlikely they'll find them again. Or at least not sane if they do turn up

Ok, so.  Talking with a friend of mine turned me back on to Dragonborn.  I'm still not cool with the race being playable, honestly, in a classical fantasy setting who would just let a monsterous creature like a Dragon person just wander into town?  My campaign setting for Next will be this kind of setting, so I needed to fit Dragonborn in without things getting out of hand.  (and still, I'm not thrilled with the idea of PCs having acces to fire/cold/poison/acid/lightning breath weapons without any drawback to having it.)


Dragonbrn will be handled much like they were in 4e, with their own ancient empire, yadda yadda.  Only I'm keeping Dragonborn scale color and breath weapon hereditary.  My frined and I both like the idea of a Dragonborn looking and possibly acting like the type of dragon he's supposed to be.  Thier Empire was ran by a Metalic Dragon, possibly Gold, Silver or Platnium, I'll have to decide on which one I like more.  Because of this, Dragonborn with Metalic heritage will be considered the Noble variant, and those Dragonborn of the chromatic variant will be the second class worker citizen.


That said, I like what Nofax1 said.  I have decided that Tieflings will not be a playable race, but they may still be present in the setting.  Possibly filling the role of some sort of villain.  However Tieflings will have no empire of their own.  They will come from the pits of hell, where their heritage cames from, or will be born when a Human sells his soul to Asmodeus.


Thank you for the input.  I noticed recently a few posts on other boards have gone a few weeks withough getting even one view.  I wasn't really expecting this one to get much notice.

BuddhaKai wrote:
 one of my friends made a Dragonborn Warlord that we both liked
Other settings might still have an occasional half-dragon or Dragon Disciple.



Tieflings...really don't interest me.  They seem like a FR thing that I'd rather just keep in FR, away from my setting.
They're actually from the Planescape setting. Anyone using a D&D cosmology can account for them without having them be a major presence.

Mvinvent, that works out too then.  Seems like Next will be going with the old cosmology, so if Tieflings are a planescape thing, that might be the best place for them to be/come from.  They still won't be a playable race though, got too many of those already.

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