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Here is a custom setting that I have created:


List of Active Facilities on Planet Azeroth >>


Sector Zero: GM Island and Others
Space Pirate Arzerothian Operations Command HQ >> SPAOC
Azerothian Hacker Underground Central HQ >> AHU
Public Test Realm Joint Operations Research Facility >> PTR Facility 
S7DII/AJOC Section N44E >> (Basically the Guantanamo Bay of the Planet Azeroth)
S7DII Numbers Station GM Island 
Joint Operations Numbers Station GM Island
Programmers Isle Code Monkey R&D Facility
Azerothian Central Intelligence Department >> ACID
Telecomix Azeroth Central HQ
Anonymous Azeroth Central HQ
Azerothian Joint Operations Command Central HQ >> AJOC-0
AHU People's Liberation Front Central HQ >> AHUPLF


Sector 1: Azeroth 
Anonymous Azeroth Intelligence Agency
Temple of Cryptographia
Telecomix Azeroth Numbers Station
Telecomix Azeroth WeRebuild 
Azerothian Joint Operations Command HQ >> AJOC
AHU People's Liberation Front Main Operating Base


Sector 2: Kingdoms of Kalimdor
Kalimdor Joint Operations Command Center >> Kalimdor Facility
AHU Numbers Station Sennon
Sennon Fortress AHU Black Site >> Sennon
WAR10CK's Lair Primary Location
World Of Warcaft Aerospace Defence Command >> WORAD
AHU People's Liberation Front Kalimdor Installation


Sector 3: Outland 
Space Pirate Science Team Special RESTRICTED Area No. 52 >> Area 52
Storm Spire Research Institute >> SRI
Alliance Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases >> AMRIID 
Azerothian Research Institute for Alchemical Science >> ARIAS
National Data Administration Primary Data Center 
Azerothian Centers for Disease Control HQ >> ACDC
Anonymous Azeroth Numbers Station Outland


Sector 4: Northrend
Aperture Science Azerothian Enrichment Center 
ACID Numbers Station Ice Crown Citadel
SkyTown Joint Operations Bureau of Surveillance Research and Exposure >> SkyTown
Space Pirate Science Team Phazon Leviathan Seed Research Facility >> Leviathan Facility
Space Pirate Azerothian Research Facility >> SPARF >> RELOCATED DUE TO AREA 52 EXPANSION.
Scarlet Monastery AHU Black Site >> The Tomb
National Data Administration Off Site Secure Data Center
AHU People's Liberation Front Northrend Installation
AHU People's Liberation Front Northrend Forward Operating Base


Sector 5: Malstorm
Space Pirate Geothermal Clean Energy Facility


Sector 6: Pandaria
Azerothian Hacker Underground Pandarian Headquarters >> Pandarian Headquarters
WAR10CK's Lair Undisclosed Secure Location 
National Data Administration Data Haven Facility
Telecomix Azeroth Crypto Munitions Bureau
Telecomix Azeroth News Agency
SPAOC Numbers Station Pandaria
AHUPLF Numbers Station Pandaria


Sector 7: Azerothian Space
AJOC Moon Base Alpha-1 >> Under Construction
AJOC Night Star Space Colony >> Under Construction


Offsite: NeverEndlessWoW
AJOC Azerothian Department of Defense HQ >> The Hexagon


Cipherspace Darknet Stats for Planet Azeroth >> 


Protocols in use:
The Onion Router (Tor)
Invisible Internet Project (I2P)
ShadowWalker >> Being Tested
Drac >> Being Tested
Hordes >> Being Deployed


Cipherspace Darknet Nodes:
Number of active Planetary AnonNet Nodes: 36,000
Number of active Planetary Tor Nodes: 20,087
Number of active Planetary I2P Nodes: 17,576
Number of active Planetary Horde Nodes: 512
Number of active Planetary Drac Nodes: 128
Numner of active Planetary ShadowWalker Nodes: 256


Cipherspace Darknet Sites:
Number of active Planetary AnonNet .anon Sites: 22,576
Number of active Planetary Tor Hidden Service .onion Sites: 16,542
Number of active Planetary I2P .i2p eepsites: 13,564

Current Cipherspace Authentication: Telecomix Azeroth Root Certificate CA: Telecomix Azeroth Crypto Munitions Bureau.

Current DNS Server ISP: TCMB (Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau) DNS


Mission Critical Websites >>

Sektor 7:, .anon
WeRebuild Azeroth Wiki: werebuild.azeroth.nerr, .anon
Telecomix Azeroth Crypto Munitions Bureau Wiki: cryptoanarchy.azeroth.nerr, .anon
SkyTown Joint Operations Bureau of Surveillance Research and Exposure: bluecabinet.azeroth.nerr, .anon
Telecomix Azeroth News Agency: interfax.azeroth.nerr, .anon
BHU/AHU Public Free Web Hosting Service Battle.Hax: *name*.battle.hax, .anon ex. kommandos.battle.hax
Azerothipedia Dramatica: azerothipediadramatica.azeroth.nerr, .battle.hax, .anon
Par:AnoIA: par-anoia.azeroth.nerr, .anon
Wikileaks Azeroth: wikileaks.azeroth.nerr, .battle.hax, .anon
Telecomix Azeroth: telecomix.azeroth.nerr, .anon
Anonymous Azeroth: anonops.azeroth.nerr, .battle.hax, .anon
Intellipedia Azeroth: AJOCIntellipedia.azeroth.anon (Often filled with Edit Wars, Vandalism, POV, BLANKING IN PROGRESS, and other Wiki Related Drama because the people from Anonymous Azeroth who are cleared for access to the wiki are so immature... The classified area of wiki has plenty of drama but the Unclassified area... we are thinking about renaming it to Intellipedia Dramatica.) 

Mission Critical IRC Channels >> GET ON IRC FGT


IRC Server URLs >>
irc.battle.hax, .anon, .nerr, .anon
irc.wtfux.nerr, .anon
irc.anonnet.nerr, .anon
irc.telecomixAz.nerr, .anon

Ports: 2600, 1337
Encryption: Digital Fortress SSL RSA: 16384
Logging: Secured NDA Data Haven Facility


Channels >>


Numbers Relay Pages >>
NumbersBin >> NumbersBin API, OTR, No IP Logs, TCMB-Numbers-Web-Station >> numbersbin.azeroth.anon, .nerr, .battle.hax
AnonNumbers >> ZeroBin PHP Software, OTR, No IP Logs
TheNumbersStation >> DoxBin API, OTR, No IP Logs
TorNumbers >> DoxBin API with .onion domain, OTR, No IP Logs
I2Numbers >> DoxBin API with .i2p eepsite domain, OTR, No IP Logs
PasteNumbers >> ZeroBin PHP Software, OTR, No IP Logs
Telecomix Numbers Relay Page >> TCMB PasteBin API, .anon domain, OTR, No IP Logs
Cryptoanarchy Numbers Relay Page >> TCMB PasteBin API, .anon domain, OTR. No IP Logs

Telecomix Azeroth TCMB Erebus Numbers Station Stats >>


Erebus Numbers Stations Approved Ciphers >>

OTP-MODE4: TCMB-MFSK-1337 CYPHER (Digitrix RDFT Analogue Transmission of binary data) 
OTP-MODE6: TCMB-CYPHER-XPA1337 (Polytone Analogue Transmission of binary data) 


Station Terminal Specs >>
OS: Telecomix Cipher Operating System
CPU: Data Dyne Cryptographically Secure Processor with embedded dual QRNGs
Keygen: Dual Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNGs) 
Key Management: Marutukku RAM File System
Crypto: TCMB-CYPHER Cryptosystem
Network: TCMB-Erebus Secured Lines


Active Erebus Numbers Stations on Planet Azeroth >>
STATION NAME: The Torture Chamber TCMB Erebus 1
OPERATORS: Azerothian Hacker Underground AHU
LOCATION: Sennon Fortress, Sector 2 Kalimdor
CALL SIGN: Sound of man being tortured by Ynen followed by Yankee, November, Echo, November
FREQUENCY: 13375 kHz
STATION NAME: Ing Hive TCMB Erebus 2
OPERATORS: Anonymous Azeroth
LOCATION: Area 52, Sector 3 Outland
CALL SIGN: Screeches of Warrior Ing followed by Delta, Romeo, Alpha, Yankee, Kilo, Echo 
FREQUENCY: 16475 kHz 
STATION NAME: White Room TCMB Erebus 3
OPERATORS: Sektor 7 Department of Intelligence & Information S7DII
LOCATION: GM Island, Sector Zero
CALL SIGN: SSTV image of white room followed by Zulu, Echo, Echo
STATION NAME: Frostmourne TCMB Erebus 4
OPERATORS: Azerothian Central Intelligence Department ACID
LOCATION: Ice Crown Citadel, Sector 4 Northrend
CALL SIGN: Frostmourne curse text followed by Juliet, Alpha, Zulu, Mike, Yankee, November
FREQUENCY: 10426 kHz
STATION NAME: Chozo Station TCMB Erebus 5
OPERATORS: Telecomix Azeroth
LOCATION: Temple of Cryptographia, Sector 1 Azeroth
CALL SIGN: Chozo language recital of station name followed by Alpha, Zulu, Oscar, Romeo, India 
STATION NAME: Azerothian Music Station TCMB Erebus 6
OPERATORS: Space Pirate Azerothian Operations Command SPAOC
LOCATION: AHU Pandarian Headquarters, Sector 6 Pandaria
CALL SIGN: Continually plays Azerothian music and then numbers on a schedule. Sierra, Alpha, November, Golf, Uniform, India, November, Echo plays before the numbers
FREQUENCY: 15682 kHz
STATION NAME: Erebus 7 TCMB Erebus 7
OPERATORS: AHU/Joint Operations (Backup Station)
LOCATION: GM Island, Sector Zero
CALL SIGN: CHARLIE ONE EREBUS X2 followed by Bravo, Alpha, Zulu
FREQUENCY: 3133.7 kHz
STATION NAME: Patriot Broadcasting Station TCMB Erebus 8
OPERATORS: AHU People's Liberation Front
LOCATION: Undisclosed Location, Sector 6 Pandaria
CALL SIGN: Some random military song followed by Delta, Romeo, Alpha, Kilo


Active TCMB Numbers Web Stations >>
Voice of Northrend
Panda Free Radio
The Havenshire Poacher


AHU Media Channels with Dynamic Anti Jamming Technology >>
Covert Encrypted Pirate Mirror Channels are also active in case of technical problems. 


TV: (Both HD Analogue and Digital via Satellite Grid, Unencrypted and DRM Free)
Hack The Planet Channel
Telecomix Azeroth News Agency


Pirate TV Satellite Service: Hack The Planet TV Azeroth (Part of the Hack The Universe TV: Intergalactic Pirate Satellite TV Network) 
Subscription is a one time payment for the hardware dish receiver with DVR and multimedia and networked device playback plus all other Sat TV features. After that, service is FREE! Content is encrypted but DRM Free. Rip away. Donations accepted.


Radio: (Shortwave HF and Satellite channels Excludes Numbers Stations)
Hack The Planet Radio
Voice of Azeroth 
Telecomix Azeroth Interfax
Free Azeroth Radio

Civil Defence and DEFCON Systems >>


Defense Condition (DEFCON):
DEFCON 5 >> Peace


Threat Level (THREAT-CON)


Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) 

My real screen name is WAR10CK. Space pirate science, We do what must because we can.


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