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I need help comming up with a divine campaign my players are an deva invoker, dwarf cleric, human avenger, and lastly a human paladin.    They seem like somewhat of a balanced 4 man party for 4e, but my problem is eith the enemies, because i will have them fighting mostly undead, demons, etc. am i going to have to make the enemies higher level than normal to make the fight still chalenging? Seems like most of the members will be using lots of radiant damage and i still want things to be hard.  The kind of world i was thinking pf roleplay wise was kind of just a general midevil world where the church has just as much powers as kings at the time. In the largest city there will be a main cathedral, and churches spread out through the country. Each of my players would be called for from each of their own churches and monastaries to go to the main cathedral. They will be told to investigate some crimes that have been happening lately that involve the citizens getting sick, some things about undead. And eventually some crimes related to a new cult that has appeared trying to spread a plague throughout the city. If this campaign goes on long enough for my party to reach late paragon and early epic they will probobly be fighting orcus and other demons/undead i can think of. Inwould love to have the party meet a god at some point. All im looking for from posting this is just some ideas on thr story and how to stretch it out into a long campaign and some balance issues with all my players being divine. Thanks for the help, sorry if i posted this in the wrong place. 

Demons aren't radiant vulnerable for the most part, as long as your core baddies are cultists and demons it's more than all right for the players to trounce the undead minons and luitenants. 


Is it unusual for a single story to be stretched out from level 1-30? Probably wont get that high with this group but indont know what kinda small little quest i could throw in without breakinf the main theme. 

It's unusual for a party to make it through a story that long, especially without a certain amount of turnover, as far as sidequests go anything that deals with the characters' history or their respective duties in the church. I mean yeah whatever this story is is liekly to be important and time consuming but there should be points where they are able/forced to take some time off to deal with other things. Other options include dealing with the consequences of the main story.


Good side quest: One of the items a player inherited from a parent/mentor, or gets as a quest reward, is actually a piece of a more powerful artifact/magic item or single pice of a set of such items, and finding the other pieces will provide a boost to the party/player.


Bad sidequest: 3-5 random dungeons contain a piece each of a legendary artifact/regalia that will make whoever wears it a total OP Badass.


Good Sidequest: The local peasants are grateful for your aid, but the cultists have been active for quite a while already and the area is hauntd by free-roaming undead despite the local cell of the cult being defeated. If the party could take some time to bump off the bigger badder undead in the area the local gaurd can handle the dregs. (the PCs gain some extra reward for the quest, nothing big mostly local grattitude that may come into play later, but if they don't clear them out the undead 'gang bosses' take control of the town and the next time the PCs come by the whole place is essentially a giant venus fly-trap for the living, well preserved undead pose as villagers to lull strangers into a false sense of security and whenver a traveller settles down to rest up the udnead mob him, erupting form basements and secret tunnels.


Bad sidequest: The local peasants are being terrorized by wolves, go kill some and bring back 20 dire wolf pelts as proof.


Thanks for the help. Like i said i would like them to fight orcus later on but in the beginning i would want them to fight some cults of orcus. Mabey they could just be normal cults and later on they realize these small things were related to the events thst happen later. Aside from dealing with undead and cults i was thinking it wouldnt be too far a stretch if in the begining i had them put down a local thieves guild. Also some random crimes in the city that turn out to be related.    About paragon tier i was thinking mabey one of the main "bad guys" could be part of the main church and if the PCs try to start a fight with them they would basically be exiled from the church, they would probably feel compeled to keep completing the same type of quest without the church orderinf them to do so.      Either way do you think its a pretty balanced party? The only character with any stealth would be the avenger but i think each role is covered.    Besides undead, cultist, demons, what other kind of enemies do you think would fit into something like this?    And would it be benificial for me to get divine liwers 1&2? Also mabey the MM 1 & 2?

Divine liwers?


As a general rule the more recent the monster book the better. The Monsters in early 4e tended to be a bit on the bloated side, too many HP and less dynamic abilities, so they're balanced, but they take longer to kill and the fight can be a little bland, especially with solos since they're easy to lock down. 


Later monsters such as 2, 3, athas, essentials, and nentir vale entires correct this to varying degress, with 2 being a bit of a middle ground, and 3 and after being in my opinion the best beasties. 


That said sometimes you want a beefy brute and the MM1 definetely supplies those.


Shuttign down a thieves guild is always tricky, depending on their age and power level shutting them down could be a pretty big quest, and have disastrous consequences such as various underworld elements running amok now that the local bosses have been removed. A smaller guild or a newer one however is less troublesome, often because they have less connections with the 'legit' side of the fence to protect them. Some places even have them as legal guilds with rules and standards, thieving is one thing, doing so without a liscense will get your hands cut off. Of course the more darwinian guilds will cut your hands off for gettign caught too much as well, they'll just do so in private as an internal matter. 


Don't worry about party balance unless the exp/gp distribution gets uneven, 4e runs fine nomatter what race/class/feat combos you pick up, yes some are better than others but the unoptomized player and the optomized one aren't too far apart in terms of performance, and you don't run into the kinds of issues you do in 3e where the OPtomized player forces you to use monsters the other players can't touch. The number gaps are much narrower. 


Even if everyone played avengers your party comp would be fine, they'd just solve their problems a little differently. 4e roles are labels that explain what the class will do, not check boxes you have to mark off. Even then the classes have enough feat and power variations to add additional functions or really trick out one you already have. There's no rule that says you can't play an all divine party, or a rule that says you have to have a divine character in your party. You can play without a cleric, or even a dedicated leader class, yes you have to change your tactics and/or power selection to do it well, but it can be done without screwballing the game's power curve.


No i meant divine powers, sorry for any other spelling issues i am using an ipad. The books i have are PHB 1,2,3.  DM guide 1, and MM1  just wondering if i should get divine powers and MM 2 and 3

As thieves guild i was thinking more of a little gang boss. Got the idea from the falcrest in DM guide 1. Their was a little dwarf gang boss and it just gave me the idea, of i wanted to expand on that mabey higher level the players could learn thst he was just a branch of a bigger organization and owed money to a real thieves guild etc. modt of my players will probably go down demigod epic destiny so i was thinking about having them meet a god or something. I guess the flow of the story and all the small quest will probably come to me as the story goes on. Ill have to be sure to write them down so i can tweak them after we would be done to do another time with another group or something. 

Divine power would be cool, but it's not essential the way the MM3 is, IMO.



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