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Okay, I have an adventure I'm working on, called Hobgoblins and Bugbears. Can anyone guess what it's about? :p


Anyway, I'm not sure the hook is strong enough for my players. What happens is, some bugbears come in and start setting up a fort/base of operations (probably just wooden) near the home town. Then, some hobgoblins show up - but aren't exactly intent on causing evil. In fact, detect evil (if the players had it) would reveal that they're not actually evil. They're a roaming band of mercenaries (not good per se, just not evil). They're looking for somewhere remote to settle down (maybe even hide, I'll work that out later - it's basically a 'write it one hour before the session' kind of campaign). 

Anyway, I'm not sure what kind of motivation/hook would satisfy my players. My brother was like "why should we care?" and, while it's notoriously difficiult to get these guys enthused about anything, I just want to know what people think some good hooks for this scenario might be. 

The band is your classic four archetypes - fighter, rogue, cleric, wizard - only hobgoblin. My intent is that they're on the level with the town, though the mayor is of course suspicious (and the town's folk downright unfriendly) but they can prove themselves a bit by taking out the bugbear menace. Perhaps they come in just after the bugbears have attacked the town and are thus the only other party operating at near-full health? They are swift to take action and call for those of skill and goodness to go assault the fort? 

~~Since I here (in Homebrew Campaigns pages) I guess I should contribute where I can.


Your hook is already there. Its the timing and the town's people NPC's that you have work with.


If the bugbears are evil and moving about plumering and pilage everything them all you have to is included the big bad adventurers onto the bugbears' victim list in a manner that the adventurers can't stop them?


You could:

Hit and run tactics against some townpeople whom preferred to only cooperated and submit to the bugbears while the adventurers whom are among these townspeople numbers at that time preferred otherwise leading to a confrontation with a no way to preventing most of the bugbears' numbers from escaping scenario.


Or make a hook that is also the quest with:

Catch a single or two of the adventurers moving among the docile and dim-witted townpeople when the bugbears come in intimidating and abusng the locals that escalated into an a battle (Have it happened in three place simultaneously around the town with the adventurers separated and among all the incidents' victims) and after the bugbear leave the adventurers with some of the townspeople bloodied; just make sure a couple of the prominent townspeople have criticism toward the adventurers relunctancy to submit to the bullyijng (which led to blows with bugbears versus all non-bearbugs present) as well as have some of prominent townspeople confused of the reasoning of the adventurers relunctance to be bully and preferred to die fighting. (Of'course in any town this scenario-type resistance is seen as deviant behavior by status-quota which doesn't always agree nor identifies with what would been preferred or within acceptable boundary for the suituation. that why you as the DM must up your own role-playing as the many townspeople sentiments. )  .


There's are also many other possible way to utimately force the adventurers habds into this fray without winning the towspeople's love nor assistance nor interference. All you have to to do is to make sure the adveturers recognized and  understand that the bugbears will always recognized them as their enemy's friend which mainly true for the unaligned positions involved when an all evil band pays a visits against good or lawful good band around them.

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