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Hey all, I have a question on the rules for d20 modern/eXodus.  I don't understand where the Total Attack Bonus comes from in the weapon listing.  It is listed with the weapon for instance a 9mm pistol, Total Attack Bonus of +4 Damage 2d6 etc.  Where did the total attack bonus number come from?  When I look at another pregen guy with a baseball bat his weapon listing says baseball bat total attack bonus +5.  It's not the same as his Base Attack Bonus so I'm confused.

Total attack bonus is generally BAB + the relevant ability modifier for the attack. So someone with a baseball bat would use their BAB, lets say +3, plus their strength mod, lets say a +1. So their total attack bonus would be a +4. Dexterity is used for ranged attacks. So, assuming a BAB of +3 and a DEX mod of +2, the total attack bonus would be +5.


Hope that helps.


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