Geasas, Oaths and Regimen - creating Legendary Boons and Grandmaster Training

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Oath Binder: You can create legendary boons as mentioned in the alternate rewards chapter in the DMG2 these effects are bound up in an oath which allows the effect to be lost if the oath is broken or abandoned or even upgraded these are bound with an oath "a behaviorial stricture" which when broken - releases/rescinds the boon or  associated or  These boons have a charity price which is sometimes paid in advance or tithed or attained via affirmation questing. An affirmation quest may be a mystical quest or spirit journey and failure is possible (though such a failure means the boon is not created/affirmed/awakened). This cost is a direct analog to the cost an item creation ritual. An oath binder must be trained in requisite skills for certain subsets of boons (such as nature for the Totemic Oaths and boons).


Gift Awakener : a Shamanic style ritual which allows one to create Legendary and pseudo divine boons which are bound by taboos aka Geasa

Arms Master: a explicitly martial practice which allows one to create regimen which support Grand Master Training effects these regimen are daily kata which maintain the perfection in arms obtained forgoing the regimen decays the performance due to confidence and clarity loss.


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