My first campaign(5-11), Betrayal of the Light

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So originally, I planned to release this once it was complete for free then hopefully I would be able to do a kickstarter for the two sequels to complete from 11-20, and 21-30. Due to illnesses in my family, difficulty finding work in my fields, and inability to leave my grandmother at home alone while working, I've had change some plans. I was hoping for some feedback on the campaign as is (mostly complete but fleshing out is spotty in places).

I was going to post about this once I had finished my pre-test play version but as I said, stuff happens.
Link to PDF of Campaign:
Link to PDF of Novella(incomplete half finished) showing how the template charas in Campaign first meet:
(Also contains a one page Green Lantern story idea at the end) (also needs serious editing due to faulty power distributions due: paladin using priest spells et al)
Link to Fundly showing why I've had to step back from this for now:
If there's a different way you'd prefer to see it (not trusting of pdfs or whatever) please let me know and I'll repost.
I had really great plans for the Kickstarter version.