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in about a week ill be dungeon mastering a 4e game via skype, this will be my first attempt. now i have a plan to use 2 web cams for the party and 2 for myself, 2 showing the pc's and myself (the dm), and 2 showing the grids for combat and other items, such as pictures of the area of which they currently are in. i would also like to use music to set the mood (sound scapes).

id like to hear from anyone who have played games on skype, and to hear experiences of the players and dm"s.
what has worked for you? what has not worked? what would you do differently?

Grab Gametable or something like that

It'll make your life a lot easier and not needing to worry about all the webcams or stuff like that
We were using google hangouts and that worked great. 
Drop the music idea. There is going to be enough ambient noise, and music will just make it harder to hear.
We also used facebook chat to share various pictures. It was the easist way to go.
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