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I'm going to be honest and admit that this post is me trying to advertise myself. I don't sell anything. I run a few different websites that focus on Customized Content for DnD such as Maps, Stories, etc. I wanted to ask here if anyone would mind giving me some feedback on some of my ideas and posts.

My primary website: www.handofthemagi.com is a small website I run for my player group, about 5-8 people on average to keep us synced up and let them download important files for the campaign. By all means do not feel like you need to register with the site its all open to public for viewing.

I also run a small blog called Role Playing it Up over at Wordpress the link to that is handofthemagi.wordpress.com/. On that site I just discuss ideas I have for campaigns, projects im working on and some forum games I run over at a role playing forum on Vampire Freaks.

I will appreciate anyone who views these and leaves feedback ether on this post or on the sites themselves. I think there are people out that there that do things better than me or have more knowledge than I do and if any of you do please point out where I went wrong and offer advice, I'd love to hear it.

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I checked out your sites. I like the idea of your players having access to maps and content for upcoming sessions.

 I posted on your site.Hope to hear from you,Happy Gaming,M
Thanks Mykrox! I was away on vacation at the nearby Ren. Faire. I am glad to see you checked it out. I have a small group of players but im just looking to ether start or join in on a larger community. I don't feel like the Wizards forums are really the right place for me so I figured hell I'll create my own materials.
"I am the champion of light, In the stronghold of darkness."
  We have Riversance in October(it's at a park next to the river). The forums is a good place to get a full spectrum of ideas and opinions about new ideas.

  But having your own site is pretty smart as far as your players are concerned.If you need any ideas for adventures, I've homebrewed a few for the Mrs. over the years.

  Hope your site works out for you. Happy Gaming,M
Wouldn't mind giving feedback on maps, but there wasn't anything for me download and review, unless I just missed. 
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