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Well hope fuly i've got this in the right spot now.....  

I decied that after about Five years as a DM , it was a bout time for a change of pace. I have descided to Create a Homebrew Class. Now, I've compleated the ruff idea, abillitys, stats, and such, but now it needs some fine tuneing, (*cough**cough*skills *cough* *cough*) that of which I cannot seem to do effectivly on my own. 

I am including a link to vew this on Google Docs. You may either comment Via Docs (preferred) Or the replys below. 

Docs = https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jHZfDg7C_5aVlzTZG7E86Igc-XeD-k9nhYRt_V4iCR8/edit?usp=sharing

plaese don't be afraid to rip it apart. i will not get offened.

What edition? Can't really tell from the write-up, but going by your descriptions, I don't think it's 4th.
woops, I forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder.  Well I was trying for 3rd/3.5 editions, mainly because i've never played 4th, and i dont have the books so it would be very strange having a 4th in a 3rd campaign. 

That being said ill stick with what i own, 3rd edition. 
WOW!, i just went through and changed a lot of things to this class, and i do say, i like the outcome, again don't be afraid to add your two cents!  
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