Seeker of Infernal Knowledge, Paragon Path

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The Wizard in the group I am DMing has trouble choosing a Paragon Path. His character is about attaining knowledge, even by "questionable" ways. Not evil, just not very moralic. He also has a specialization on fire abilities he wants to maintain. There are at least 4 EDs for this character (Magister, Loremaster, Sage of the Ages, Archlich) but not a single Paragon Path that matches his character (neither Knowledge Seeker nor Fire Wizard). So I thought of a homebrew variant of the Spellscarred Savant:

Seeker of Infernal Knowledge

Prerequisite: Arcane Class

Infernal Tutor (11th Level):
You gain the Arcane Familiar Feat. If you choose a Book Imp, a Bound Demon or a Crafter Homunkulus as a familiar for this Feat, it gains the Independent Spirit Power (see Cat Familiar)

Knowledgable Action (11th Level):
Instead of taking an extra action when you spend an action point, you can regain an arcane encounter power you have already used.

Infernal Knowledge Mastery (16th Level):
As a free action, you can use an arcane encounter attack power to no effect to grant yourself or an ally within 5 squares of you a second use of an arcane encounter utility power already used this encounter.

11th Level: Call of the Plague (Forgotten Realms Player Guide p. 42)
12th Level: Spellfire Healing (FRPG p. 64)
20th Level Infliction of the Flamemist (FRPG p. 44)

Is that playable? Are the power appropiate, as they are of a bit lower level then usual? Are the features ok, or are there some loopholes I overlooked? (He isn´t a power gamer, so that wouldn´t break the game) Any Ideas to improve that PP?