D&D 4E in the Warhammer Fantasy Setting: Deity Equivalents

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We've been playing 4E in the Warhammer Fantasy world. Here are the DEITY equivalents we've been using for choosing feats and whatnot. Let me know on your opinions of them. I wasn't sure about a few of the FR ones.

This document is designed for players to decide which feats and/or powers from 4E D&D are relevant to their character in the Warhammer setting.. Currently it references the PHB, PHB2. Other sources such as FRCS and FRPG only in regards to named feats and greater gods.
by Jay Hafner (Emirikol)

DEITY --- 4E D&D EQUIVALENTS (large), non-core (small)
Handrich -Commerce & Prosperity --- AVANDRA, MORADIN, Gond, Waukeen
Manann -Seas --- MELORA, Umberlee
Mórr -Death and the Dead --- THE RAVEN QUEEN, Kelemvor
Myrmidia -Goddess of War --- BAHAMUT, Tempus
Ranald -Thieves, gamblers and illusionist --- SEHANINE, Tymora
Rhya -Goddess of Family and Fertility. --- ERATHIS, Sune,
Shallya -Goddess of Healing and Mercy --- PELOR, Selune, Ilmater
Sigmar -War, protection, Empire --- BAHAMUT, ERATHIS, Tempus
Solkan -Retribution and Vengeance. --- TIAMAT
Taal -Nature and Wild Places, Atagro(beasts), druids--- MELOR, THE PRIMAL BEAST, Chauntea, Silvanus, Mielikki
Ulric -Battle, Wolves and Winter. --- KORD, Tempus
Verena -Goddess of Learning and Justice --- IOUN, Amaunator, Oghma
Heletha -Goddess of Hedge Magic Users --- CORELLON

Lady of the Lake (Bretonnia) --- BAHAMUT, Torm
Mercopio (merchants, tilea) --- EARTHIS, AVANDRA, Waukeen
O' Prospero (prosperity, Estalia) --- ERATHIS, AVANDRA, Angharradh
Mermedus (Norse) --- KORD

Grungni, etc. (Dwarfs) --- MORADIN, Berronar
Liadriel (Elfs) --- CORELLON
Ringil (Gnomes) --- MORADIN, Glittergold
Esmeralda (halfling hearth & home) --- EARTHIS, Sune, Sheela Peryroyl

Khaine -Lord of Murder, evil; Druchii --- ZEHIR, LOLTH
The Great Maw (ogres) --- GRUUMSH
Gork & Mork --- GRUUMSH
Hashut (chaos dwarfs) --- BANE
The Horned Rat (skaven..if they exist) --- TOROG, ZEHIR, LOLTH, VECNA
Khakkekk (goblin god of blood) --- GRUUMSH

Khorne - Hate, Rage, Blood, Violence, War, and Killing--- BANE, GRUUMSH,
Tzeentch - Change, Lies, Hope, Ambition, Manipulation, -
Scheming and Sorcery --- LOLTH, VECNA, ASMODEUS, Cyric, Shar,
Nurgle - Decay, Despair, Stagnation, Destruction, Disease--- VECNA, Ghaunadaur, Demogorgon
Slaanesh - Decadence, Excess, Pain, Pleasure, Self-indulgence--- TIAMAT, TOROG, Graz'zt
Malal (absolute chaos) --- Baphomet



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