Advice on stat houserules

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I was thinking about a few things that bugged me about the stats. In particular things like:

Dex and Int making each other obsolete
The generic effects of each stat (nothing cool like xp bonus from wis or extra powers/skills from int)

Considering also that the high level of monster scaling makes the game very min/max oriented, I brainstormed about something I wanted to run past people.I'm aware this will make characters more powerful, but the question is how much more? If it's only a bit more I don't care (some think they could use the boost) I just don't want to break the system.

What do you guys think of the following things? (not necessarily all used in conjunction, consider them individually)
1. What if bonuses to defenses stacked from their respective stats? (Reflex save = base + int mod + dex mod). It would give a reason to have a high score in both, and characters with both high int and dex could forgo armor and have a good AC.

2. What if a power's secondary stat also affected its attack bonus? For basic attacks, it would depend on the weapon you're using (hammer would be str + con vs. ac, etc). For powers without a secondary stat..who knows. Guess this one's very shaky.

3. What if each stat had something else associated with it to add flavor and create good tradeoffs for every stat? (I thought about a reduction in carrying capacity multiplier to make str. more significant, giving xp bonus based on wisdom mod, skill bonus based on int mod, etc.)

Keep in mind that the "breaking" potential of the above would be entirely dependent on how stats are obtained. I.e. you could make a character that was little or no powerful than normal by limiting stats or stat-ups, whereas characters with overall high stats will be significantly more powerful. I'm also aware that it's more likely to be broken at lower levels than at higher ones, particularly if certain feats are removed (weapon expertise, epic defenses, etc.)