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As promised, here is goes.

Something that would be appreciated, for the purpose of keeping things organized, would be that you clearly list what era/turn the mortals in question exist in.

Additionally, remember that PP cannot be spent in this thread. If a PP expenditure is posted here, it will be ignored as if it never happened. You must post the expenditure in the main IC thread.

If anybody has suggestions for other guidlines and suggestions for this first post, please feel free to submit them via PM.

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71235715 wrote:
Gerenzrik the Sly returned to Mount Gargoth, to find many new surprises. His people were taming horses and learning to ride them, and the fire archons he had met in the halfling lands seemed to have a garrison near the eladrin homeland as well.

"Here," he said, "let's pass them by and ascend the mountain."

He, and his men brought what they had learned and acquired back to the mountaintop. To this day, Gerenzrik is remembered as the first eladrin hero; the man who introduced the High Men to the world at large, who invented war (in his meeting with the fungi) and peace (with his subsequent humanoid encounters). Most importantly, he is seen as a patron saint of agriculture, as he succeeded in his original mission.

Gerenzrik did not end up inheriting his father's chiefdom; in later years, he fell in battle while leading a group of eladrin to exterminate the fungi from the path of the trade route. The fungus colony was wiped out, but Gerenzrik was an unfortunate casualty.
" The Golden Hills is now Dwarf-protected territory and we will not tolerate any disturbance to the peace we have imposed there! The borders will stay closed until the peace is stabile "

The Dwarf king's hands were clenched. His eyes sent sparks against the envoys and he begun to argue in the traditional Dwarf style, loudly and with a lot of flamboyant gestures. He waved with his clenched fists and stomped at the floor as he spoke.

" There are our cousins! We share the same mother! We share the same purpose! And we will not stay still when you try to steal our relatives away from us! The Great mother created us to protect the Halfings so they would be free to do their job as an independent people, not as serfs under "High folk" command! "
"There has never not been peace in the Golden Hills, your majesty. We seek to disturb nothing."

"As for your relatives...we encouraged them to settle in new lands. We stole or kidnapped no one. The halflings who came to us did so of their own free will. Can you say the same of the hundreds of thousands who live and work under your occupation? Are those who toil under the watch of your thugs more 'independent' than those who came to us?"

The eladrin looked very coldly at King Ettri.

"Dwarvenkind begins to usurp control of what was meant to be an equal partnership of the races. This cannot be accepted."
" They have the freedom to act as an independent state, nor tricked or enslaved by "High Folk" propoganda. They neither toil nor slave under Dwarven supervision, they do what they have always done, they farm the land and we buy their food in exchange of tools and other things we produce "

The Dwarven king answered, his eyes now as cold as the Eladrin.

" They have the freedom to do what is needed to be done, what should be done, what they were created to do and we have promised to help them to do this. The borders will reopen when the peace and the stability of the region has been restored. Until then you and your Lord will simply have to wait. "
"You have decided what the halflings were created to do, then? Very well. It seems we have nothing left to discuss."

The eladrin returned to Mt. Gargoth.


The chieftains held a meeting in their great temple.

"This is ridiculous. The dwarves can't simply declare an entire region of inhabited land to be theirs. Are they simply toying with us?"

"Nay. Dwarves never play games."

"Perhaps they can be appeased with gifts? Send an offering to the dwarves, asking for understanding?"

"WHAT? What have they done to merit gifts from us? We owe them no courtesy for their aggression! If anything, it is they who owe compensation to us!"

"What, then, do you suggest? Are such insubstantial questions of merit really worth sacrificing a friendship of nearly two centuries?"

"With all due respect, your parents were not yet alive when our people first awoke on this holy spire. Mine were. Tahns told them that the world was theirs, so long as they treated it with respect and dignity! So we have always done, and we were prosperous! For all their obsession with the natural order, the dwarves are obstructing ours!"

"So what, then, do you propose? Turning our weapons on the dwarves as if they were beasts?"

The arguing went on and on. Finally, a tough, wiry old hunter named Sielleron gained the floor.

"We don't need to appease the dwarves. Nor do we need to make war. Our traders will continue to visit the Golden Hills as they have always done...guarded by large groups of warriors. If the dwarves give them no trouble, then none will be given in return. If, however, their warriors use force...ours will return the courtesy in the fullest. The dwarves must be reminded of their place in this world, but we must not violate the sanctity of peace unless forced."

This was a middle ground everyone could agree on. Soon, eladrin trade caravans were on the road again, this time guarded by squads of feathered and painted horsemen, carrying spears and obsidian-toothed clubs.
At the border to the Golden Hills the Dwarves awaited. Twohundred Dwarven warriors based in a stockade-surrounded fortress close to the trade road. The Dwarven flag ( A golden circle against a blue background ) flew in the wind. The Dwarves stood ready along the border, armed and armoured with Blue-robed battle bards wandering behind them.

The battle-bards were both men and women, all of them dressed in blue robes and armed with short swords, the blades were just about a feet long. Flutes, drums and similair instruments were close at hand. The songs the Dwarven bards played were magical and inspired the Dwarven warriors to fight harder, better and for far longer then they would otherwise be able to do.

A Dwarven commander dressed in chainmail wandered out to meet the Eladrin caravan. He was followed by four heavily armoured body-guards armed with big battle-axes.

The commander was a bright-haired fellow named Oldri, he had a pleasant smile and a even more pleasant laughter. He was a good man, a devout dwarf and an experienced commander who had led the Dwaves in many raids against the Fungus creatures. This though was something new for him...trying to stop Allies of old to trade with other allies of old.

" Good tings to ye, What kind of buisness has armed strangers to do in the land of the Halflings? "

Oldri said politely and banged his fists in to the palm of his hand as it was consider polite to do during this time amongst Dwarves.
A tall, somewhat haughty-looking female eladrin rode up in front of him. She took her hands of the reigns and made the same fist-banging gesture.

"Good tidings to you as well, master dwarf. We would wonder ourselves what business a large number of armed dwarves might be doing in hill country."

Her words were soft and polite, but there was a subtle sneer in her face and tone of voice.
" We are doing what our King, Kingdom, People and honour demands of us. "

The commander answered, his blue eyes observing the Eladrin force.

" All we want is for your people to be patient and let us do what is needed to be done. We wish in no way harm to your people, whatever your lords think. All we want is unity, security and peace. "
The woman looked at him very closely.

"My friend," she said, "you seem an intelligent and reasonable man. Please, for everyone's sake, just follow your better judgment and let us continue forward."
" I can't let you pass, Friend. "

The Dwarven veteran said, his eyes looked down at the ground for a while, as if he was thinking.

" Why do you want to pass? You have already stolen Halflings from their true home-country why do you need to steal even more with your fancy trinkets and promises. "

The Dwarf asked this in a polite but careful tone, unsure on what the response would be.

The woman looked at her companions. They all looked back and shrugged.

"No one in this caravan has stolen anything. Perhaps you are searching for a different group of high-men. In any case, these are halfling lands. If there are criminals roaming about, is it not the jurisdiction of the halflings to pursue them? Or did they ask you for help?"

She lowered her hood just enough to make the strange, eldritch tattoos on her neck visible. She also fiddled a bit with the suddenly very ominous looking staff she was holding.
" Don't threaten me, Eladrin..."

The Dwarf said calmly.

" I have in no way been rude with you, I have in no way intimitated you...Dwarves don't take threats easily..."

" I have said what I have been ordered to say. We will guard the border untill the situation has been resolved and both we and the Halfings can feel secure once more. Meanwhile I advice you to not try to bother us about something you actually have nothing to say about. "

His gaze was cold as ice now and shimmred strangely in a green colour. The Commander suddenly looked down at the ground and sighed heavily, he sat down on the ground and mumbled.

" I am sorry, Eladrin...there isn't much more I can do...or..."

He looked up at the woman with a curious look in his eyes and a faint smile appeared upon his lips.
"Threatened you? I've done no such thing!"

She twirled the staff a bit.

"Well, I do hope you find the thieves you are hunting for. In the meantime, we have goods to deliver. Farewell."

The caravan proceeded past the dwarven garrison.
Dwarven bards sang and magic flew through the land. Fire flamed up from the ground and blocked the trade road.
Dwarven soldiers marched, weapons ready, eyes peering at the enemy from behind their heavy shields. Bows were raised, swords and axes banged against shields and war cries raised.

The Dwarven Commander looked at the Eladrin, his face was white and his fists clenched.

He would have let them pass, if they had just waited...but now they fools had intruded on Dwarven territory, this was not good, not good at all.
As soon as she saw the bards cast their spells, the woman raised her staff and waved it at the enemy. Something flew through the air extremely fast. Three somethings, actually. A half-second later, the three closest dwarves stumbled back, groaning in shock and pain as invisible arrows pierced their bodies.

Then, a volley of spears from the mounted eladrin warriors.

Then chaos.

(enter new hero: Anaksi Waylir, eladrin wizard 19.)
Shields were raised, Dwaren warriors roared with anger as they slowly marched forth as a steel wave, stabbing and cutting with weapons of finest steel. Arrows flew from Dwarven arrows, and flames flew from the Bard's hands as they summoned the elements to do their biddings.

This was madness! He hadn't wanted war! But Oldri did what he had to do and therefore led his forces against the Eladrin.


Then suddenly the sky grew dark and stones began to rain down from the sky. Halflings in hundreds had gathered in the nearby forest and unleashed a torrent of stones with their slings on both Eladrin and Dwarf.

The Halflings had not been conquered, they had willingly gone through the occupation. It was a part of their destiny after all, to be united, to be one of a whole. To be one of three. Their Goddess had told them so and her priests and priestesses had told them so throughout the ages.
What upset them though was the Dwarves rash actions, something that made more the one Dwarf to actually enjoy it when a well-placed stone hit it's mark.

War was not what they wanted, especially war from people who thought that they fought to rescue them.

After just a couple of volleys the Halfling's stopped and their Elder's appeared escorted by nearly twenty young Halflings all armed with fine Dwarven swords.
"What in the-"

Anaksi glared at the approaching halflings.

"What is the meaning of this! Speak now, or suffer my displeasure!"

She raised her staff, prepared to incinerate the next dwarf or halfling who fired a shot.
" Leave our land, Eladrin. "

The Halfling Elder said, his voice cold and displeased.

" You come here with spear and flame, wishing to kill our cousins for doing what they think is best. We will not tolerate it! "

The Elder sighed heavily and begun to talk.

" The Dwarves came and blocked the borders, they did. They stopped trade, they did, but in no way they touched us, in no way they hurt us and in no way they tried too steal from us. Their merchants treated us fairly and their warriors treated us with respect. You on the other hand come to our land with spear and flame! Not even asking us, what we want! We the ones that you come to trade with! "

The Elder frowned and shook his head. He began to speak in a sour and dry manner.

" You are welcome to our land as traders when the stubborn son of a goat the Dwarves has a king thinks things has calmed down. But if you return with spear and flame I can promise you that we will rally to the Dwarves side...and together my High friend, I don't think you can take us.."
"We came here as we always have. We brought weapons with us, because we feared the dwarves might choose to attack. Can you blame us for preparing for that possibility?"
" You should have talked with us, before you even came here with weapons! Your people are not without finesse, you would have been able to sneak past the Dwarves. "

The Elder said and frowned once more.

" And yet you came and now men and women are hurt and it's your fault! You threw your spears, you started the conflict when you refused to listen! "


The Dwarves stood at their fortifications, several of them had gotten hurt by both Eladrin spears and Halfling stones but they were still ready to fight for what was theirs.
There was a long, very intense silence.

"Alright, then."

Anaksi motioned to her men. They looked displeased, but obeyed her. The carts were turned around, and the eladrin prepared to return the way they had come.

"But know this, small, weak-minded beings. Our race is long lived, even compared to you, dwarves. When you have forgotten this day, we will still remember. When your grandchildren are asking your children why the roads that lead to Mt. Gargoth have been left so long unused, I will still be watching you myself. Today, the honor of the high race has been sullied."

"You may not realize the magnitude of what you have done. But you will. Maybe not in your lifetimes, but soon enough."

And with that, the eladrin left.
Dwarf and Halfling was now alone. The Eladrin had left and the future was uncertain, their leader had said grave words...but how could she know what the Eladrin's Chief would answer?
Maybe there were a chance for things to get better. No one knew.

Dwarves continued to arrive in the Golden Hills, securing the borders and the villages. Something that one day would be seen as the beginning of an Empire.
"You see!" Said Chief Waylir, "I told you we should have pressured the dwarven homeland! Now the lowlings too seek to rise against us, and it all could have been avoided so easily!"

"I see also," said Chief Alios, "that your hothead of a niece may well be responsible for ruining any chance of peace that there may have been."

"Are you honestly so smallminded as to think Anaksi is the cause of this? Are you truly so insecure in your status that you would turn even this catastrophe into an excuse to attack my tribe?"

"Enough," the high chief silenced them, "we've had enough bickering for today...and tomorrow, for that matter."

The elders stood in the open-aired atrium of their temple, surrounding the Eye of the Sun. The Eye's view drifted over the landscape, seeking that which the elders were searching for.

"Now then," he said, "we must decide."

There was more bickering for a little while. Finally, a decision was made.

A handful of Gargoth halflings who sympathized the most with their eladrin lords were sent back to the Golden Hills. These halflings would offer promises of land, riches, and freedom from dwarven hegemony to their brethren, attracting more farmers to Mt. Gargoth to compensate for the loss of trade. Even so, however, there would not be quite enough food to support the new generation of children for some time yet. Thus, the elders had decided that the eladrin must expand.

Using the Eye of the Sun, the elders located a land of meadows and forests some distance away from the known country. Not far from this site, a new race had been discovered; fiery-haired humanoids with some rather unnerving pastimes, but who didn't seem necessarily hostile. A large group of eladrin set off to seek their fortune in this direction. Hopefully, these blood-letters would prove more reliable in their friendship than the dwarves and their lackeys.
The saboteurs were met with cold steel and contempt among the Halflings of the Golden Hills. Eladrin had tried to gain entrance to their land by violence and few, very few converts were found.

Envoys of both Dwarf and Halfling breed arrived about six months later, offering to open the borders fully once more for trade. They didn't behave desperate in any way, which actually was true. The Halflings were content to trade with the Dwarves even though all realms could gain even more wealth if they worked together and traded together as well.
(cold steel? As in, the recruiters were actually murdered? Damn)
Not all the recruiters were suffered the same fate. Some were sheltered by the dopplegangers among the halflings and dwarves. Though they never revealed their true selves, they did their best to smuggle the recruiters back to safety.

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71235715 wrote:
A few of the more numerous eladrin tribes (most notably the Alios) resumed trade with the dwarves and halflings, mostly out of neccessity. Most of them, however, did not; not surprisingly, the Waylir were among the most dedicated of these. Instead, the concentrated their energy on improving the output of their own halfling subjects, some of them building tribal houses in the foothills of the mountain in order to be closer to their livelihood. The poorer among them even took to farming themselves, though they weren't quite as good at it as the halflings.

Meanwhile, the eladrin emigrants made their way to the land that they had chosen.
The shadar-kai were proud of their nakedness. They wore it as a badge of pride, for when the elements stormed around them, they felt the divine ecstacy. And what was more, they knew they were helping their lord. Their nudity clearly displayed the broken bones and slashes along their ribcages, as well as the flagellations from tree branches.

"Shad-oro!" called out one of the hunters. He had skinned a rabbit and was wearing it on his head, which the Shadar-kai recognized as a show of skill rather than of protection. "Strange beings! They are unmarked by Chactross's blessings, and whats more, some of them have two heads! and six legs! They are frightening!"

Shad-oro's instructions were brief but very clear.

And so it was that the Shadar-kai went out and called to the Eladrin emigrents. They spoke in the only language they new, supernal, the same one written in the sky.

"Strange travelers who shun the blessings of the father, come no closer or we shall not hurt you!"
The minor chieftain and other elders who led the voyage were learned, and knew Supernal from studying astronomy. They thought they understood most of their speech, but something must have been lost in translation.

Hoping that this was the case, the eladrin stopped their approach.

"Greetings, scarred ones," said the chieftain, "we, the people of the sun, come in friendship."
This confused the Shadar-kai. They worshiped the creator of the great light in the sky, their Father. Why were they so different and strange?"

"Then truely we are brothers. But tell me friend, why do you hide your tribute to our great lord? And why would he create you with so many extra pieces of your body?"
"Hide our tribute to Tahns? We have offered none during the time we hav..."

Something occurred to the eladrin. He remembered the archons.

"Or are you creations of Chactross?"
The hunter laughed. "Of course we are! As are you. That is why your hair is so white, yes?"

As a friendly gesture, the Hunter picked up a fist sized rock and walked over to one of the strange brethren. Smiling the whole time, the threw the rock fairly accurately at the strange beings shoulder. It wasn't enough to scar, but hopefully the Pain would remind them what they were missing.
The eladrin were...well...confused.

"I'll take it you wish us to leave?"
The hunter cocked his head. He laughed nerviously. "Is that not the invitation of friendship? Perhaps you, with your strange legs and double head have different greetings? Let us start again. I am Gedo-mar and I am a hunter." Almost instinctively, Gedo-mar reached for a stone, but stopped himself and waited politely for the double-beast to speak.
Strange legs? Double...


The elder dismounted his horse, revealing himself to be much like the shadar-kai in shape.

"Our apologies for confusing you. These beasts are called horses. We ride them when we wish to travel more quickly."

He rubbed his shoulder thoughtfully.

"I'll take it throwing stones at people is your way of greeting them?"
Gedo-mar had seen some horrible tortures, but this being had just removed itself from it's lower half. It made him vomit violently onto the ground. He looked at the possibly-not-quite-as-double beast and grinned. He listened to the old one's explanation for what just happened. "That was new. The double beast becoming one thing, i mean. And also the expelling my fluids. I have never done that before."

"As for the stones, yes. Well. Sometimes it's sticks. One time to greet our leader we all collected small animals and threw them at him. Because they bite and scratch and such. Understandable, you know. And you greet people.... how? Beyond words. Words are obvious."
The elder thought he was beginning to make sense of this. The scarification...the mention of causing pain as a friendly gesture. There was a definite pattern.

"Words are sufficient among our kind. We understand that this is not true for all beings, however. There are others we once dealt with who used hand gestures. But for the eladrin, words are powerful enough on their own."

He stepped toward Gedo-mar.

"You mentioned your leader. I would like to hold council with him, to formally introduce our kinds."
Gedo-mar looked nerviously at them. "You are wearing clothes. And your leg-beasts... "horse" or whatever bizzare name you think up, they ought to stay here. I will go ahead and warn my tribesmen not to greet you friendlily. Perhaps you should bring rocks, however. If you do not greet them, they may grow suspicious of you. They may even think that you are not Shadar-kai!" Gedo-mar threw back his head and laughed loudly.

"I shall go on ahead now. I will return in an hour. I would take the time to capture a small animal if i were you."
"I'm afraid removing our clothing among strangers is...a taboo, among us. Allow us to keep them, and we will gather stones and capture rodents to greet your leader."

He motioned for his bodyguards to dismount as well.

"We will leave our horses here if you desire it, though."
Probably to hide the lack of scars then. How strange. Gedo-mar thought.

"It is agreeable. I shall meet your tribe back here in an hour's time and lead them into town."

It had taken some convincing, but Gedo-mar had eventually communicated to his tribe that the strangers who wore coverings did not enjoy being greeted with stones but nevertheless should not be killed quickly and painlessly. It was a strange concept.

Gedo-mar returned a full two hours later, covered in fresh bruises and smiling. "You may follow me. Will the rest of your tribe be following?"
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