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Harken now to the story of the lords of creation,
For the good of mortals. For the good of the deathless.
Hail to the speaker, happy is he who knows.
Hail to the listener, happy is he who remembers.

Before sand and stone, before wind and water, there was naught in the world. All was as a void; there was not a sun to shine, there was not an earth to walk upon, there was not air to breath. There was not room enough for a man to stand upright, as even empty space had not yet been created.

For timeless ages this Nothing existed, dimensionless and featureless. It was into this world – a world of empty space and non-existence – that the first gods awoke. Where they came from cannot be said. Perhaps they stepped out of non-existence itself and bound themselves to this place. Perhaps they are the elements of the world given mind and form. Perhaps the lords of creators are themselves created and came from one even older.

Listen now to their story.
Abscence is all there is and he hopes for an unbroken peace of non-existance. He waits.
The first thought echoed through his mind. “I am.

Within moments, thoughts continued to tumble through the new mind. “What am I? Where is this? What is this? Who am I? Why am I thinking these?

The mind opened to the void around it, the bleak void pressing around it, threatening to snuff it’s fragile form out and return it to that from which it came. A single thought rose above the rest. “NO!” And the void was pressed back.

From that single thought, the void was no longer everywhere. In a large area around the thought, where nothing had existed only a moment ago, pockets of something other than the void waited, waiting for a mind to shape them into something more.

It looked at the stuff, thinking that the concept of looking was a novel thing, wondering how to tell the difference between it and the void and this new stuff. How to shape it? How to change it? It reached out tentatively with its mind, slowly molding it, learning its properties. He pressed out, seeking a way to see, to differentiate from void and non-void, and he felt something change in the void, as if something new had come to being. He ignored it for now, as a small pale red light illuminated the stuff, a dark gray against the impenetrable blackness of the void.

It spoke for the first time. “I see.” And odd thing, speaking, and the way the sound echoed through both void and non-void.

Using his new mastery, he folded the non-void together; naming is existence, concentrating it into one central location. Then he examined existence more closely, pondering exactly what it could do. He was pleased to note he could change it however he liked. He took a portion of it, and made it solid, anchoring it to the outside edge of the ball.

He looked at it, considering what could be done with it. He placed it light in the center, and watched as the flickering light seemed to extinguish. Disappointed, he considered it, looking around at the darkness, and decided to rest.

Resting, he waited, one final thought passing through his mind. “Waiting for what?

PP Expenditures
3 PP - Form Domain (Greater) - Magic
3 PP - Mold Land (Greater) - A featureless continent of bare stone, sitting atop the grey matter of the world that is yet to be formed.

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71235715 wrote:
For a moment, there was a time without pain. Chactross would remember it throughout all time. He was something else besides the agony of fire. Something innocent and wondering. But then... It was all that he was. He was Pain, and agony.

He let out a scream of agony as he saw the world. Grey. Empty. Nothing to put out the PAIN.

With a thought, he created a great ocean to make life bearable. Crashing into the sea that surrounded the grey continent like a great meteor. The Ocean did nothing to aleviate the pain! Dully, Chactross noted that the sea was burning up around him, so he raised himself into the air, burning like a pyre.

(Create minor Domain: Pain 1 pp

Mold Land: Greater Ocean)
The very light that allowed the Thinking Thing to see, the light that had caressed the solid stuff of creation, quickly left the place it had been and danced in the unseen spaces.

It came to be and was amused by itself. "Let there be light!" it called into the nothing beyond.

Looking around, it saw that there was very little to see. It shed light into the void, and though it could feel the light, it could not see it. There was nothing to reflect his glory. That would not do.

Between the void and the solid stuff, this being "wanted" and so the desire became manifest. Waves of aether arose. It reflected the light, yet the light passed through it easily. Pleased, the light played in the airy substance for a time.

Quickly -- or perhaps not so quickly, the light wasn't sure -- it grew bored.

A thought struck it... the light was separate from the aether, so other things could be separate too. But... perhaps, not so separate. That solid stuff below was interesting, but the light didn't like it; it was hard to pass through it.

Parts of the aether condensed into a form not quite airy but not quite solid; a jelly, perhaps. These things began to grow, feeding on the aether around them for matter and feeding on the light that was given it for energy.

Pleased, the light desired to reward itself. If desire had allowed him to produce these things, then desire was good in itself.

Taking its dreams, the light desired that it might dream as well.


Nourish Land: The void to produce aether, 1PP
Nourish Land: Aether, to produce plant-like organisms that are light enough to float through the aether, 1pp
Ascend God: Dreams (that would be you, Ghostly), 4pp
After a while, some of the Aether organisms ceised to function and started to decompose back into seperate components, returning them back to the Aether.

A process that went pretty slow.

On one of the organisms, this process was accelerated by a tiny organism that had formed itself onto it.
It began as a single cell, but soon started to multiply as it decomposed the plantlike organism further.

As the newly formed organism started to become larger, it started to send small particles into the Aether, spores. Where the spores found other matter, they would start to form new cells and accelerate the decay process.

(create primitive molds: 1PP)

This is basicly my god taking shape
YOUNG Oravalos woke with a start, feeling the teeming life of creature fighting for survival and life in this new hostile environment.

He was not happy, the world had no vibrance nothing but moldy spores, nothing he could watch frollick, live and die.

Young Oravalos decided this world needed balance amidst the chaos and creatures that could survive and thrive in this eco system.

Thus, Oravalos gathered forth the essence of life about him, feeling the light and aether surrounding all and created a new land mass in the aether. He then breathed across the aether transforming some of the small spore like creatures into new beings that would be apart of the cycle of life and death.

These spores similiar to those of the ones before would feed directly off the aether but when they settle upon the lands in the aether, taking hold and allowing that permenaence to build upon itself until they become trees and plants upon the land.

1 PP Mold Land (Lesser): Create an island home floating in the aether (size of hawaii; big island)
1 PP Nourish Land: SOME of the Plant like creatures can now take hold of the land masses and grow into trees. Some remained aether born.
2 PP Form Domain (Moderate): Evolution of the spores into a new creature

Orvalaos then settled upon his new island Home and smiled with glee and a small giggle. "This will do indeed."

He then began to watch the plants grow, and the lands take shape amongst the aether.
The Void beholds that which now *is* where nothing was before. He changes, because an existance can only be confronted by matter. He takes the shape of a dark mass of blackness, for blackness is as close to non-existance as matter can be, that is eternally shrinking.

The matter before him does not please him, but inside the aether he observes its own collapse and decay. The decay is a threat, for it is a decay brought upon matter by other matter, yet it is also pleasing to him.

"I will unmake this madness. I will feed this mold and give it life beyond the scope within which it now exists. I will make it greater"

He speaks to the mold

"I will make you grow, for you enable that decay which defeats matter and makes it weaker. I will make you spread across this aether and consume. Your existance will aid me, as it will do yourself."

(1PP Nourish Population: Mold)
First, there was the Dream of the Void. Nothing dreamed of Nothing Forever, of peace and silence stretching into eternity, and this dream stirred silently in a place behind the world.

Then, there was the Dream of Creation. There was a change in the void, a folding in the fabric of Nothing, there was light and fire, a joy in change and a hope for things to come. So, this new hope joined the first and they rustled and whispered to one another in the secret language of their kind.

Soon, the Light and the Fire had their own Dreams. The Fire dreamed of the one perfect moment it had known, suspended in agony, and the Light took joy in itself, and dreamed of the world reformed, of the endless play of light and color.

Soon, what had been a slow, steady drip was now a stream. The slow, quiet dreams of the trees, and the ever-multiplying dreams of the tiny things that floated in the air and lived for but the blink of an eye began to fill the space behind the world, and then, something happened. Deep in the secret heart of that place, the Dreams began to dream.

The Dream of Dreams knew itself, and looked upon its world and the other. It knew that they were forever intertwined, that as long as one existed, so too would the other. So it made a Gate of Horn, and a Gate of Ivory, so that Dreams and Dreamers could pass between the realms and know one another. It spoke to the Dreams, and told them to go into the world and see it for themselves, so that they might understand how they had come to be, and when they went, he went with them, a hope, a wish, a prayer coiling through the tall gates of Dream and taking form in the vast world beyond.

PP Expenditure:
4 PP: Create Plane (Greater - Dream, the Place Behind the World)
2 PP: Create Artifact (Moderate - The Gates of Horn and Ivory)
He stopped resting, stopped waiting, and looked around him. All around, he could feel new creations coming into being, and could feel small pieces of knowledge, of aether, the creatures that thrived on it, the molds that ate them, and decline of these creatures.

He absorbed it all, and hungered for more, to know more, to seek more. Determination went through his mind. He would know it all. He focused his mind, seeking out every piece of knowledge he could find. Perhaops he could even contact the creators of these new objects and creatures he was learning of.

PP Expenditure
3 PP - Form Domain (Greater) - Secrets

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71235715 wrote:
The Light watched at the Dream scattered, fleeing into another place. How odd that there could be another place besides this place.

Looking about it saw a glow in the distance. The solid thing, land, was surrounded by a not-so-solid thing, water. But there was a glow in the water.

It hadn't shed light in the water, so why should water be glowing? That was terribly rude of it.

The light dived into the water to seek out the source of this glow and he found a flame.
He watched is pass by, as if in a hurry, and decided to follow this bright one, and see what it was up to.

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71235715 wrote:
The waters roiled and rolled lapping at the burning god. From their contact came a word. It ricocheted through the bits of water and boiled into what amounted to a conscience. This conscience had no method of expressing itself beyond closing in on itself. It recoiled, and the burning agony floated away.

But there was nothing to contain the water. It spread and dissipated into the aether, pooling above and below the floating fungus and stone. It became a ring, constantly flowing, watching as things began to change. Rapidly.

Mold Land (Moderate) 2 PP More liquids and they're in orbit, as a sort of ring river.
Chactross looked down at his sea in surprise. He had not caused this. "Who is there?" He called out to the sea. For he had felt the precense of others upon his first creation.
A bit of the water separated from the spiral and began to circle the god of fire. It wasn't sure what the thing had said or how to respond, so it span in place attempting to make noises of its own. It gurgled and growled, "Who Astaire?"

It continued to babble to itself and realized something. What it thought, seemed to happen. On a whim he wished to himself to be understood.

Form Domain (Moderate) 2 PP Language
Chactross, his mind blazing with cognizance, was surprised to hear thoughts besides his own. "I am... unsure what you're asking. I am Chactross, and fire is my lord and mind. I take it you are Astaire?"
The wheeling water slowed for a moment... and realized it had communicated. "Astaire? Sorry, I meant 'is there'. I'm not sure what to call myself... Astaire seems as good a name as any."

Every word expanded into an image or idea. The newborn god wondered at the connection of the physical with the mental and paused, there was another presence. It would wait though.

"What would you like to be called?"
"Chactross." Chactross hoped that this wheel would eventually meet his level of intelligence. Conversation is wonderful.

"A pleasure to meet you. I suppose we are brothers of the world."
It arrived at the site of the bright flames, and stopped following the light one. It looked at them both, still unseen nearby. "Is a name so important? I suppose I could be called . . . "

It sank deep into thought for a moment. " . . .Veros would be suitable as a name."

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71235715 wrote:
Chactross started. This Astaire was more perceptive than he thought. He might prove quite valuable. Chactross probed the mental world, discovering Veros. Chactross attempted to disguise his surprise. "Yes, a good name indeed."
The water dissipated in surprise. Bits reassembled in an orb before the other two godlings.

"Oh! Another- a well... whatever we are. Chactross? Veros? and I am to be Astaire... This is interesting. A start. Or something like that.

Incidentally, what is this place? What are we doing here? How?"
"I suppose so."
The Gates behind it, the Dream of Dreams sped into the Other World. It was a strange place, full of objects, hard and immovable, not like the shifting Dream-weave it knew. But It looked down and the sight it saw banished its trepidation: Dreams were spilling out through the Gates, wondering at the light and color of the New World. They were curious, shapeless creatures, without true bodies: the tree-dreams were mostly dappled light and spreading roots, while the dreams of the ocean and the earth were sounds more than anything - the rushing of the waves on the shore and the low bass hum of the newborn stone. The aether-dreams were patterns of dancing brightness, flitting about and inspecting the pebbles and the dark sky with joyful curiosity.

The Dream of Dreams saw this, and was glad, but it felt a tug at the core of its being. It was woven from the dreams of Gods, and so was connected to them all. It could sense them all around, unfurling, questioning, just as confused and unknowing as itself. What was this Other World? Why were Its world and this connected? What was their purpose? Perhaps together, they could find out.

And so, the Dream of Dreams let out a call. It was a haunting sound, a song of glories yet to be, of tales to be told and songs yet unsung. It spoke of dreams and nightmares, beauty and madness, of the great things They might do together, and of how They might rip this world apart.
Chactros's flames rippled in an annoyed fashion. "Did you feel that? It almost makes me want to leave. The nerve of some, attempting to enter MY mind and plant suggestions there."
Astaire rippled at haughty statement. "Well erm, Be right there I guess. If you two will excuse me, I'm still getting used to this floating thing so you may beat me there. Assuming you go of course."

With that the orb of water began to make its way towards the summons, pleased that he had found his voice.
Young Orvalos watched from his island floating in the aether as other beings of his nature steaked through the creation towards the other continents. He watched in awe as the water took on sentience and smiled seeing the creations and creators interacting.

Young Orvalos giggled to himself "things seem to be getting interesting."

Orvalos stretched his sentience and watched from afar as the other creators interacted.
Veros ignored the odd call, blocking the odd sensation with a though. " I think I shall stay. Should one wish to meet with me, they should come themselves. However, it has been a pleasant surprise to meet others. When I first thought, I was alone, enshrouded in nothing. It was . . . unpleasant to say the least."

He gazed off into the distance. "It seems another would spy on us from afar rather than show himself. Dissapointing."

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71235715 wrote:
Young Orvalos was suprised this other being could sense his presence and found it very intriguing as he could feel the inquiring mind of this other presents and the sense of power he shifted in form to Hunter Orvalos on instinct. The form of the young boy shifted and changed adding mass to his frame growing in size, stature in presence in but a moment his small walking stick become a large cleft hunting spear that he held with ease.

Hunter Orvalos considered this other creator sizing up his intentions and demeanor and replied.
"I ment no offense fellow great one, I just prefer my home and I have much work to attend to. I do not see the point to all the flitting about when I can just cast my thoughts where I please and there they are."
Veros spoke once more. "If you cannot come before me, do not distract me." Finished with the rude fellow, he lazily drifted off, paying little attention to his surroundings.

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71235715 wrote:
Chactros observed the bipedal thing. He didn't like it, and also didn't wish to burn it's pink skin. This seemed likely, as it had no protection from his divine fire. And Chactros himself was burned by the fire. Imagine the pain that one who was not he would experience. No, he would keep that to himself for now.

Chactros then, without saying a word to the pinkthing, flew off looking for all the world like a shooting star until he caught up with Astaire. The two of them traveled until the reached the source of the "noise."

(of course, if you don't want to, say the word)
The light swam through the water annoyed. The earth was bad enough, his light could not pass through it, but this too? His light traveled further into it than into the earth, but soon it grew weak and dark.

All the more annoyingly, it had distracted him and allowed the glow that he had been pursuing to speed away unnoticed. The Light followed until it caught up with it.

Was this fire? He had a vague memory of the substance. But whatever it was, it was producing illumination, challenging the glory of the light.

"What are you?" it asked.
Chactross was becoming annoyed with people always asking his name, and so he turned to the stone continent so as to leave a permanent marker so beings throughout time would remember his name. At one edge of the grey blank slate, Chactross summoned a Collumn of fire, well over a thousand feet high. It was visible for miles around, and any being that could read supernal could see Chactross's name written again and again in the flames.

An additional effect of the pillar was that it anchored the world. Where once, the Aether, water and earth were floating through the void, suddenly the pillar became the center. A focal point. The effect of this was that the Island in the Dark, if seen from the outside began rotating on one point.

"As you can see, my name is Chactross. I am the one who comes before you. I burned in the darkness, and you flew out and away from me."

(Mold land Moderate: Pillar of the earth)
Many of the spores that flew through the aether fell upon the grey continent. There they germinated and the molds started to spread and slowly began to cover the entire landmass.
This process slowly started to erode the land.

Spores that came in contact with the water began a similar process, spreading entire blankets of mold on the water surface.

Meanwhile, the mass of mold that started it all slowly started to grow...

(no idea under what kind of action this falls)
(nourish land x2 2PP)
"I asked what, not who, Chee-toes!"

"Bah, Thief I name you!" the Light replied. "No right have you, no right to use my light and play with it. Did you ask? Hmm? Even a little? NO!"

"You burn, burn, flicker, and die. But light lasts and lasts and lasts, light first and lasts."

The center of the cloud of light turned red as it reached out towards the pillar of fire. It withdrew the radiance from it; even as it burned it became dark, a lightless thing of heat and invisible flame.

Next, the Light turned to the rude creature and tried to pull the light from it as well. Let it burn, but let the Light have none of that. Yet... the more the Light pulled from the creature, the more there was. The light just wouldn't leave it.

Enraged, the Light flew away from the thing, shouting, "Thief, thief, thief, thief, thief, thief, thief!"

When it had time to calm down it began to worry. If this thing could keep its ill-gotten light, what else was it capable of? But what to do, what to do?

Distract it? Yes, it had created water to distract itself, didn't it? And now its petty entertainment had taken it into the Light's land. Yes, distractions!

Turning to the aether and the plants there, the Light saw that there was not much to distract one so simple at that. If fire flickered, maybe things that flickered would distract it?

In the aether there came to be beings of ethereal shape, great lines of denser aether that slithered on frilled form, domes of aether that undulated to propel themselves about. Other creatures too began to spread out, moving with a degree of tentativeness that the Light didn't quite like. Like the fire, they lived and died far too quickly for his taste. But perhaps they would work.


1pp, Denourish: Pillar of Fire - Xa'an removed all light produced by the Pillar.
1pp, Spawn Beast (Lesser) - Xa'an creates aether-beasts. To note, all of these would be less than a lvl 1 challenge
(OOh that's REALLY Cool. A giant dark burning pillar of fire.)

Chactross was enraged. This thing had taken his beautiful sculpture and reduced it's glory significantly. And then created tiny flying pests. A dozen flew near Chactross form. Chactross burned brighter, Creating more light which seemed to annoy whatever this annoying being, and in addition, incinerating the aether beasts.

"You are annoying. And petty. I am your direct brother, and you would diminish my works. You are a horrible being."
The sound of the call died away, and in the silence that followed, the Dream realized that it had not worked. The Gods were not coming, but were too busy bickering amongst themselves. This would not do. It was trying to decide what to do next when a bright blaze of light caught its eye - a column of fire had leapt up in the center of the world, licking the aether with tongues of flame. Then, a moment later, the blaze vanished and the fire burned as black as the Void. The pillar of black flame was at the center of this other world, and so seemed to be the best place to go. It twisted its way through the air towards the burning shadow.
The Light ignored Chactross. Brothers? With that?! The insult! The indignity! The...

... the Light wondered what "brothers" meant.

As there didn't seem to be any danger for the moment, it resumed its play in the aether. There was more about than he had remembered. Thingies were causing the astral flora to break apart and decay, and this wasn't the work of the astral fauna either. There were also... other thingies floating about. They reminded the Light of the Dream.

Speaking of which, the Dream drifted by. Curious, the Light followed. He remembered now, it had called out earlier, when he was distracted by that nasty water stuff. Hopefully it wasn't hurt.
Astaire shuddered as the god of light passed through him. How could it move so fast with nothing to propel it? He continued to plod through space towards the gate to the dream realm. Once there he peered inside. Hello? Is anyone home? He saw forms dancing just beyond the gate, but not directly behind it. This puzzled him more than the gods he had just come in contact with. All these images, but none seem to notice me. Should I stay out here or go inside and introduce myself?

A humanoid figure with no face or mass began to dance just inside the gate. Without a word Astaire rippled and formed himself to look just like the dream of a man.

'I can echo things too! How wonderful, I do not have to be creative if I do not so choose!' (It was from here forth that water formed to it's container instead of always assuming a form of it's own)

'Am I an echo? A reflection of the things around me?' Flattening himself, and folding over in half, Astaire peered at his reflection. He could see himself a thousand fold. 'Amazing!' He thought 'Though I see through me I see to me as well... An echo of a echo. Perhaps I was improperly named. I am there indeed, but I am also in there and in there's there and on into infinity. So much potential for such a simple concept! I am an echo. A-neko.'

Still smiling over his recent revelation, the godling turned to tell the dreams within the gate his new name. But they didn't respond. They just continued their pantomime in spite of him.

Slightly disappointed he drifted back towards his orbiting river. After some time swimming through space, he arrived to find small creatures consuming him and his. 'Disgusting! How should such contaminants destroy without a thought!' The process tickled the water and caused it to become brackish and impure. It deteriorated and disappeared. Oblivion. An end for something so new.

I'll have none of this! cried the god From now on you molds who feed on me will be mine! and will spread moisture instead of destroying it! I demand symbiosis from you mites of filth! but fear not, I will provide for you as well. Here!

There was a flurry and bits of mold bound together in a strange shape. They hardened and compacted around the water forming a sort of living stone. Coral! you will eat the mold as it eats you, in order to preserve my body and keep it pure.

With that he rejoined his river and rested.


1PP Nourish Land: Basic ecosystem. Currently the current of the orbital river keeps the corals from getting very big (or else they fall out). Tiny mold fish are included. Cue evolution please.
At the base of the invisible pillar of flame was a small fissure, that had existed in the space before the island appeared, two sets of muscular hairy fingers reaching through and grasping at the very earth, retreating briefly from the unexpected heat, before once again grasping the earth, this time delicate and gray they began to slowly force the fisher wider. Painfully slowly. After an even greater time, a second set of the hands could fit in the opening making the work slightly faster but not fast enough.

And then suddenly all at once the fissure surged wider, and a massive, masculine creature poured out into the world and away from the fire, only to moments later have it's very image change. Suddenly it's image was feminine. Some unknown later it flickered back, and so the process continued, constantly moving between the two forms.

"What work is this that upon my birth I be trapped in a prison. No less, a prison weaker than I! Henceforth all that imprisons shall crumble under me."

The figure looked over itself, and looked as though infuriated, "... My coat! This miserable place has claimed my coat!"

The creature then set to a long, tedious task of carefully determining the edges of the pillar, around which it slowly constructed a low earthen wall. This wall had the added bonus of circling the very whole from which he had climbed into this world.

Growing weary after all of it's work, the creature crawled into it's well and indeed back into the hole to sleep for a great while.

Upon waking it discovered itself curled around a large, metallic coloured egg which from which a pulsing, tick-like noise could be heard. Perplexed, the creature examined the egg for a long while as it fluctuated between masculine and feminine forms, gently stroking the egg and carefully placing it on a natural shelf within the well walls.

"Curious. What contraption is it? And where did it come from..." The gods attention was drawn to something unusual. Something it found threatening to its very existence.

Time moved erratically. With pockets moving much faster or slower than others, and everything capable of altering it's own time, and to Yoglith that simply could not be. Time would crumble prisons, tear apart lands, and dry rivers, but it would not be subject to irregularity.

The god fumed. He raged. And then he was struck by an idea, and silently moved to work, focusing all his will and energies into the constructions of a great object deep within his well, utilizing the power of Chactross' Inferno indirectly to ultimately channel, funnel, and standardize the speed at which time moved out of his hole, and emitting it out of the well, through the invisible pillar of fire and into the world, allowing it to spread to the rest of creation accordingly.

Even as the god once again rested, he noticed the aether beasts drifting through the air that died in the fire. Taking pitty on the beasts he willed several to change, into something less weak, giving them hard shells and wings with which to fly, and making them feed upon the least of the aether creatures. They would glow with a pale light for a short time after feeding.

PP Expenditure
2pp Create Plane (Lesser): The well of time. It'll get detailed in the wiki when I have more time.
1pp Spawn Beast (Lesser): Creating Pyre Beeltes.
3pp Create Artifact (Greater): A Divine Egg. I'll detail it at a later date as well.
3pp Create Artifact (Greater): Temporal Harmonizer. Also detailed later.
Spores began to infect the aether beasts and beetles. Once infected the beasts slowly started to deacy as mold started to take them over completely.

While this process happened, the creatures behavior would change. They would become more aggresive, attacking other creatures, even there own kind.

Creatures attacked by an infected one had a chance of being infected aswell.

(create template: Plague-mold 3PP)
(will work this out a bit better in the wiki)
As the Light approached the land below, following the Dream, it noticed that the aether touched the water and land. An insult it was, for such unpleasant substances to mingle with his delicious aether. And fire too! The insult to injury.

A suitable buffer was needed. Reaching out, the Light changed the aether surrounding the matter, fundamentally altering its substance. It retained its airy nature, but it was heavier and denser. A suitable blanket to protect the beauty above.

He made it lighter than water, lighter than earth... only that annoying fire was as light, but not as light as aether itself.

He called it "air."


1pp, Nourish Land: The area surrounding the continent and ocean to become "air." Currently this is just a very thin layer of gas barely clining to the matter, but the aether plants and creatures can't survive there, nor can creatures native to air usually breath aether.
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