Alternate creation for magic items, particularly weapons

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The Prereqs for a lot of the abilities specify specific spells, but many non-clerics/wizards have similar powers. I let pretty much any of the casting classes make what they want if they have a power related to the ability.

I do however like making it so the different sources of enhancement at least have a flavor text difference in appearance.

Standard cleric/mage made items have normal appearances. Psionic items tend to have greenish glows with energy effects looking however the viewer would see them. Truespeech made items tend to have runes floating around them that are recognizable even if you can't read. Shadowmancer items tend to be blackish, or reverse colored (red and yellow flames appearing green and purple). Dragon shaman and dragonfire adept items appearing to have energy pulsing as though the weapon is breathing the energy. Incarnum crafted items tend to have a bluish glow and look to have either spirits appropriate to the energy floating or have little soul motes. Necrocarnum items tend to look like they have spirits suffering the appropriate energy effect (shivering spirits for frost or burned spirits for fire).

Anyone do something similar?