Requesting help designing Skill Challenges

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Hi everyone, thanks for clicking!
I want to include some variety in my games, and since our third sessions is coming up, I'd like to give my players their first skill challenge. I don't have personal experience playing through even a single skill challenge, so I'm struggling to visualize how the skills might be put to use. I have searched and searched but found no lists or tables of 4e skills and common or uncommon uses for them (I realize they are rather self explainatory, but it would help me imagine more uses for the skills).
Here is what I have come up with so far:

The Context:
The Players have just delivered a magical orb to a wizard that they've never met but whose identity they learned when finding the orb. The orb is a short term quest item which seems to be responsible for the frequent ambushes the Players suffered on their trek to the wizard.

The Goal:
The wizard trusts the Players enough to tell them about the importance of the orb and/or enlists the Players to collect more important items.

Complexity: 1

Primary / Secondary Skills:
Primary: Arcana, Diplomacy, Insight, History, Religion
Secondary: Intimidate, Bluff

Diplomacy (moderate DC): You position yourself to be of use to the wizard. First success opens up the use of the Arcana and History skills (the wizard mentions he has use for people who have knowledge of magic items and experience collecting them).
Arcana (moderate DC): You impress him with your knowledge of items possibly similar to the orb. First success grants a +2 bonus to next check.
Insight (medium DC: Your First success with this skill opens up the use of the Dungeoneering, Athletics, and Thievery skills (you sense the wizard wants assurance that you are physically capable, wiley, and/or experienced enough to be useful)
History (moderate DC): You remind the wizard of an important historical example of something (suggestions anyone?)
Intimidate (hard DC): You use threats to gain information about the orb. First use of this skill grants a -2 penalty to next Diplomacy check.

Success:The wizard agrees to share information about the orb and agrees to hire you to collect important items.
Failure: The wizard does not provide much information about the orb, but still agrees to hire you to collect important items.

Is this missing anything major? Should I do this more than once with different results? Any other tips?