Need big final for my quest

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Hi everyone,

Im stuck in the middle of my campaign, and i need some more ideas and explanations and of course a big final.

Everything someone need to know:

Party: 6 toons from 7th- 9th level, adding a supporting NPC shouldnt be a problem

2 towns are involved: Tavnazia and Cathlands.

the party encountered a thief guild called Albeth. They were sended buy these guys getting the last remaining dragon control orb in the world. They managed to get it but left it behind because of fear of the dragon protecting it. (they didnt know the function of the orb)

They have the information that the thief guild Albeth are trying to attack the city tavnazia, and to destroy their poison research facility and get the informations they can.

After some explorations they landed in the mountains near Cathlands, and found an ancient temple where an ancient wyrms mind was burried, with the men who fell during the battle. They accidently released the evil spirit of the wyrm, which was onced slayed by Cathlands hero called Mahad Al sadin.

The wyrm is surly out for revenge since it was cathlands who killed it. The Wyrm is an ancient Dragon who terrorised cathlands in its early years . Cathlands was in danger again so they did everything to ressurect their greatest hero who onced slayed the evil wyrm with its 100 men (they 100 men didnt get ressurected), in hope that he could save Cathlands and its population.

-Tavnazia (party home town) is about the get attacked by the thief guild who sended the party to get the orb of dragon control. Since the party burried the orb elsewhere in the mountains, nonoe knows who the orb has atm.

- The party might have made the orb protecting dragon a bit angry. so far, they havent met him again.

- Another ancient wyrm was released by the party and is up for revenge against Cathlands.

- The orb is burried somewhere in the mountains.

Ideas and final:

I somehow need a connection between these 2 problems, since the party cant save both towns at once, and the ancinet wyrm is a bit overpowered for this party.

I could try something with the orb of dragon control so that cathlands can easily defend itself against the ancient wyrm???

Does anyone have an idea who this quest could end? I thought about a big war against these 2 evil sources, how could i add the party to this without getting everyone killed?

Everyideais welcome