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While it's not even close to April, I thought I would start fishing for ideas for a comedic adventure/campaign. So if you have ideas or stories to share, toss them out for review.

We've already begun a story line about saving a village's sheep (no really, it was funnier than it sounds). Not sure if there needs to be a follow up adventure to this but it might involve a rabbit farm.
My favorite game was one that I called the hunt for the Red Falcon. It used elements from myth adventures and the city of waterdeep. The players see a wanted poster with an unusual ammount of reward on it. The picture of the odd Broadly smiling character is of the Red Falcon. He is the local hero and he's aparently wanted for murder of a hooker down at madam eva's exotic schrubs. The Red Falcon seems to have done a good deed for evey single person they ask questions. It turns out that all these great deeds has angered the local mafia..ahem.."Business Men" and an assassin has been called in to kill the local hero. The game is actually hilarious because the assassin is the only one of the bunch that isn't an idiot in some cartoonish way. The mafia guys are all named Don of corse and the thugs are always the best dressed guys to ever shadow anybody through a slum. The red Falcon has a way of showing up just in time to need saving and then vanishing before answering any questions. The worst brunt of the Falcons accidental heroism is the deadly assasin who starts stalking the players to follow them to the falcon himself. By the way. No.. that guy who looks, talks and acts just like the red falcon.. really isn't.
Sigh.. good times...
An idea I've been toying with involves the Forgotten Realms setting and it's plethora of uber powerful NPCs that the PCs tend to run to when ever something is about to turn sour.

In a nutshell, the PCs stumble upon a major event during one of their early adventures and rather than confront the evil head on, they decide that it's best to tell Elminster (or some other uber NPC or NPC group). Naturally the forces of evil want nothing to do with the likes of Elminster, so they desperately try to stop the PCs from tattling on them. Effectively, the BBEG's goal ceases to be world domination, but rather, "Can't let Elmister find out what I'm up to!" In the course of the adventure they travel the far flung corners of the realm to by pass all the obstacles the BBEG sets up to avoid Elminster from ever knowing about the plot; make allies, who all agree it's best to let Elminster deal with the problem; and uncover ancient magic to better expedite their passage to where ever Elminster is. In the final epic battle, where the PC's finally smite the BBEG on their way to Shadowdale, the BBEG perishes with the last words being, "Well at least I didn't have to fight Elminster."

And then the finale, the PCs get to talk to Elminster and explain the insidious plot only to find out, they had already dealt with it, and the old guy doesn't have a clue about anything that's going on.
The funniest game i think i have ever player was adaped from a comic called groo the wanderer.
It was called the Amulet.
The players need to be on a coastal road near some impassable mountains. While traveling they hear a cry for help. When they answer the cry they rescue a small caravan from bandits. As a reward the robed holy man rewards the party with a Medallion. It's cheap scrap that might sell for a gold or two in the next town. He tells them they they are now one of the chosen people. As the players continue they enter the next town on the road. People everywhere avoid them. Some scowl and curse at them. Once they are near the far side of town where the inn is located they are confronted by a mob that comes up behind them. They curse them for being damned Melenthians. They begin to hurl stones and curse them. if they get a chance to say otherwise they will be told that they wear the amulet of a melenthian so they are. The players will be driven out of town. While on the road north they will meet a gypsy caravan. The gypsies insult them and are generally not nice but offer to sell them supplies. They old gypsy woman knows nothing about the amulets reputations and the players notice that she has an amulet for sale. They should have a chance to sell theirs to the gypsy woman here. After they are done they continue north and come upon an outpost. A group of Medallion wearing men greet them at the gate. They tell them that they don't allow dirty hetithians through their outpost. If they do not leave there are plenty of guards here that can make them leave. The only option at this point is to catch the gypsy woman and get those medallions back. They really need to get up this coast. They catch the gypsy woman and her wagons the next day before she enters the other town. she sells the medallions back to them. Soon after the players left the outpost it was attacked by the non medallion wearing faction. once the players return proudly displaying their medallions there will be a fight. due to the weaker faction they should win or at least get past. This comedy of errors ends in the final town where the players are to meet an important contact. They cautiously enter the town and take note that both factions walk the streets. Medallion wearer and non medallion wearer. In this town there seems to be a truce. The players go into a bar to meet their contact. If they are wearing a medallion they go into a bar where no one is wearing one. If they are not wearing one they all are. A bar fight will erupt. and spill onto the street. The two factions outside will begin to fight. The truce is over. Their contact grabs them and runs out of town to safety.
Just out of town they hear a cry for help. A holy man's convoy is being attacked by bandits. If the players save him he will reward them with a large gold ring with a yellow gem. They will be one of the chosen ones he says. .............
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