The Untold Blessed

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I ws looking through some old 3.X books and came across Deities and Demigods. That got me to thinking that it might be fun to have a campaign where adventurers are a cut above the rest because they are all demigods for some reason (not like the epic destiny). For some reason or another a score or so of people are born with the spark of divinity in a very limited way.
It means a little power creep for a campaign, but not enough to be outrageous.
Either the player or the DM after looking at the character and a history/future plan for the character selects a portfolio of one or two things for that character. Then assign a couple of simple static abilities and maybe a power for that character to go with it as well as the ability to sense events involving that portfolio that involves say 1000 people or more. I could see this as being kinda fun if the players were left out of it, at the beginning of the game they were just told to add the abilities and power to their sheet and randomly get weird input for their character.

For example some character gets labelled the demigod of storms. That character might recieve something like:
Resist lightning 5+one half your level
+1 to attack if self and target are airborne

Wind's Breath
Move Action
Target: Self
Fly up to your speed and gain a +2 bonus against all ranged attacks until your next turn.

Just something to give the characters a touch of the divine.