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I have this idea running around my head and I better put it to "paper" when it's fresh. I've been playing Warhammer online lately and it has this system of abilities that you can unlock if you are fighting for a set amount of time (like attacking straight for 20 seconds etc.). And I though, wouldn't it be great if 4e had something like this?

So far I have been DMing a game from level 1 to 4; about 10 sessions. Quite often we have experienced that longer fight become stale and boring after few rounds, when PCs run out of interesting options and simply spam at-will powers. I know of some proposed fixes to this problem, like halving monster hit points, but I want fights more interesting, not shorter.

This is the idea of morale abilities comes in. Note that this is a very rough draft of what implementation of WAR idea could look like in 4e.

Oh and one more note. As always I try to address as many issues I have with one solution and another of my issues with 4e is that power sources don't really differ from each other. So why not try to make the morale abilities be based on power sources? Lets give it a try.


After a set amount of time has passed in combat, players unlock abilities or are granted instant effects at the beginning of their turns.
Possibility 1: A DM counts rounds of combat. As soon as round 6 beings, morale abilities come into play.
Possibility 2: Each player gains morale points for performing attack actions in combat. When he or she has 6 morale points, morale abilities unlock.


An example of how morale abilities could look like.

Martial Morale Ability 6
Effect: Until the beginning of your next turn you can reroll any attack or damage roll or a skill check.

Martial Morale Ability 8

Martial Morale Ability 10

Martial Morale Ability 12
Effect: Until the end of combat, when you make an attack roll or a skill check, roll an additional d20 dice and choose better result.