Fast & Furious

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In brief: A milestone gives you all the benefits of an extended rest. This houserule will create big changes in the game. Some of those changes will work for certain groups, while others will not.

My group doesn't like handling the little details of the game world. We all agree that roleplaying out the encounter with the merchant is very dull, so I just tell them to pick what they want and work it out on their character sheets. I've noticed the same feeling when it comes to taking a rest. They're never really sure when or where they should do it, and I'm not terribly inclined to make a big deal out of it, either.

Therefore, I've decided to explore a modified version of another rule, with which many of us are familiar: No rest until you hit a milestone. In my version, the benefits of the extended rest happen instantly when you hit a milestone, in place of the normal benefits. There's no big stop in the action, hence the title of this thread.

So here's the broad sweeping changes that will result.

The encounters must be challenging. Every single fight must have the potential to kill a hero. To balance this, the heroes will have less restraint in the use their daily powers, so they'll be able to hit much harder. If you don't send them a challenging encounter, you're giving them free XP and probably giving them all of their hitpoints and dailies back. Small encounters must cease to exist.

The PCs will gain more experience. Each encounter is a higher level, so the heroes will advance more quickly. This is fine by me, as I feel the advancement is a bit slow as it is.

Healing surges may never run out. It seems that surges mostly get used in between combat, and if you get full hitpoints every other fight, you won't need so many. I'm thinking of cutting surges-per-day in half, in order to keep them as something to be valued.

More than anything, I'm worried about how it may break the game in unforeseen ways. At higher levels, with four dailies between rests, the heroes may get a bit trigger happy. I'm thinking of bumping up the milestone requirement to something higher than two encounters as the players progress through the tiers, though this really feels like punishing the players for being more powerful.

So, what do you think? I started this idea as a way to cut down on rest details, and realized that it really took the game in a different direction. I like the change, though.